February 21, 2020

Pijat tradisional_Pijat Wanita Badan Pegal

Well, Good night Friends This time I massage The woman whose body Aching aches, aching feet And Thank you for watching my video You’re welcome For those who have already subscribed I, will be a little Share Or deliver My opinion About Massage A woman There are pros There are cons For personally Actually me It is okay Because Someone’s coming To my place Get a massage Do I have to differentiate Between sexes And I felt no Breaking Something that Not good That means If I massage yes indeed Only a massage, nothing Other intentions Thank you for those who support My channel And sometimes someone massages a woman I ask Why not massage with Female masseur? The woman’s answer Because of that massage Depends on match And the woman Suitable massage with me Should I reject it? Like that, friends Sorry for the no Please Watch my massage video Who massaged A woman Okay friends I need it Tell friends And don’t get bored, I’ll tell you That My massage is only for health Not for other purposes Namely for Massaging the area that area Need a massage And this was ordered Don’t be loud loud The massage The message is like that So, I massage it rather slowly And for this area And here is the path To the feet Need to press Rather A little hard For circulation Blood is smooth Assalamualaikum, Waalaikum greetings warohmatullohi wabarokatuh How Mas Want a massage Still a long time? One more hour What time is it His back muscles On stiff Emphasis is needed So that Blood circulation To be smooth Later at nine thirty sir yes Okay I’ll be here again later OK, yes What I can publish Sorry If there is a shortage Meet again in the next video Thank you for watching And already subscribe My channel

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