April 6, 2020
Pijat tradisional _ Seluruh badan terasa nyeri part 1

Pijat tradisional _ Seluruh badan terasa nyeri part 1

Okay good night friends On this occasion I massaged with complaints Feels pain all over the body. He said This can be caused by being too tired Or maybe because of the change of seasons It could also be for other reasons Thanks to friends who have watched my video Also those who have subscribed to my YouTube channel Thank you That feels pain In the bones or in the whole body? In the body feels all pain What is your appetite? Do you eat or not? If you like hooked, as usual But on the body Feels weak, tired of everything It’s been a long time like that? Around one week As usual I say to friends That my massage is only for health Namely to massage the tense muscles So that the muscles and sagging Later it will feel comfortable Is your body hot or not? No This is my reflection first so that his feet Maximum results. Friends Because the center of reflection All diseases are in Or the point of reflection is on the sole of the foot Make friends who are Not yet subscribed, please subscribe Turn on the bell too To follow the next videos from me Namely about the problem of massaging massage Traditional massage Which has existed since long ago The goal is to relax tense muscles So that blood circulation becomes smooth Like that, friends Do you shiver at night or not? No Only my neck feels stiff Also, when I wake up I feel tired Do you often work overtime? Never I’m looking for muscle tension. Friends Usually For complaints of pain There is tension, muscle tension Emphasis is needed So that the tense muscles become loose So that it will become smooth circulation of blood Does it feel or not? Not strong enough or not? Feels. Already hold this Not less strong? No Is this enough? Are fit In this back area there is also muscle tension Tired of all this body Lots of muscle tension Thanks again Make friends who have watched my videos Also that already supports my YouTube channel Sorry if there are requests that can not be fulfilled The head is also said to be somewhat dizzy Can be caused due to shoulder muscles Tense up Because the shoulder muscles here also run to the head Then the emphasis needs to be done Also needs to be relaxed Okay, so friends that I can show Hopefully this video can be useful Thank you for watching my video Those who haven’t subscribed, please subscribe Like, share And also comments

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