April 6, 2020

Pharmacist | NHS | What Does A Pharmacist Do

So what can pharmacists do? Because let’s face it unless you’re a pharmacist you work in a pharmacy or you visit a
pharmacy often you’re not going to know all the wonderful ways that we can help
you and believe me there’s lots that we can help you with all pharmacists train
for five years at Pharmacy school and during that time we learn about
medicines we learn about health conditions and we learn about their
treatments and because of this pharmacists have various different roles
take me for example I work in a GP practice I work in a community pharmacy
and I do a lot of YouTube and TV work this is very normal for a pharmacist
well maybe not the YouTube and TV part “Abraham, there’s a patient that would
like to talk to you about a cough” no problem really sorry I’ll be right back now you may be thinking to yourself well why do I just speak to my GP and yes you
can do that but there’s lots of different health conditions that we
can help you with for example coughs colds, sore throats, earache, tummy ache,
aches and pains and many more the list goes on and if you symptom suggest
anything more serious well we’ll make sure that you get the help that you need
as you can imagine it can get quite busy at this time of year and what’s great
about pharmacy is that you can ask to speak to a pharmacist and be seen to
straight away in a confidential consultation room well I guess you now
know a few of the ways that we can help you in community pharmacy so next time
you have a cough next time you have a sore throat next time you have any minor
ailment come in and speak to your pharmacist we’ll assess your symptoms
we’ll recommend the best course of treatment and we’ll provide you with
reassurance and I know you probably have a busy life so let pharmacist help you
where it’s convenient for you most of us have a Pharmacy nearby and most pharmacies
are open late and during the weekends always remember you’re also now see you
next week for experts advice consult your
pharmacist help us help you get it seen to hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like
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