February 21, 2020

‘Pain Management’ Behind The Story: 68 Whiskey Ep. 5 | Paramount Network

– Here we go and action. (guns firing)
(rock music) – Everything that’s white hot is gone. – No evacs until further notice. – Where the hell are we
supposed to take our wounded? (helicopter whirring)
– It’s a mess right now. We got bombs going the whole time. Hazara, he doesn’t believe
me that something’s wrong. – Sir, your wound has opened up. – Oh, no, I’ll be fine. – No, no, I think we need to go back in and see what’s going on.
– I can perform surgery with a topical wound.
– This is not a topical wound. – It most certainly is. – He doesn’t understand
until he finally is like, “Oh, you need to help me.” – Shrapnel lodged between
the forerib and the scapula. – You’re gonna have to get outta there. – Sir, that’s surgery.
– If you’re to be a doctor, prove yourself, right?
– She ends up doin’ it. It was an amazing experience.
– Wow. – They had a double for my hands. I’m like, “Guys, I got this,” and I actually learned it and I did it and now I know how to save
people for real. (laughs) (rock music)

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