February 28, 2020
Pain de campagne

Pain de campagne

Good day, today we’ll making ain de campagne, an airy bread. We’ll making in two phases. Initially, we’ll make a starter. We’ll use wheat flour, rye flour, equal parts, yeast and water. We’ll combine this and let it rest for 6 to 12 hours. Then we can finish it. Add the flour, the yeast and the water and knead until it has become a whole. Combining does work better on the counter top. It ccould be that you have added too much or too little. If so, add some flour or water. It should be a rather soft dough. Place it a bowl and wrap it with plastic. Let it rest for the necessary hours on room temperature. The starter has risen during the night and as you can see it has increased in size. The advantage of working with a starter is that it gives a typical tase to the bread and extra air. I have already placed the wheat flour in the bowl, add the rye four, yeast and water. Later add the salt. The starter is a bit sticky. Don’t add all the water just yet, leave some. Genty mix for 2 minutes, afterwards firmly knead for 5 minutes. The dough has kneaded for 7 minutes. After 2 minutes geny kneading I have added the salt and a bit water. It’s rather sticky. Divide it into two pieces and place them in two bowl which will be gently smeared with oil. Let the dough rest for an hour. After an hour, the dough has once again increased in size. The oil will prevent the dough for sticking to the bowl. To avoid the dough sticking to your hands, lightly smear them with oil as well. Remove the dough from the bowl. Place it on the counter top and press down sothe iry can escape. Fold it four times. I have a rising basket, which I have covered with a hair net. I’ll sprinkle it with rye flour. Place the dough with the good side, facing downwards and the size with the folds facing up. Let this rest for another 60-90 minutes, until it has doubled in size. In the meantime we’ll preheat the bread. The bread has rested an increased in size. I have parchment paper on my baking plate and I have preheated my oven to as high as I can,which is 250 degrees Celsius. After placing, reduce the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius. Gently let the dough fall on the baking plate. Sprinkle it with rye flour. Cut it. And place it in the oven. Pour water on the bottom plate to create steam. Reduce the heat and bake for about 40 minutes. Baking time is done and the breads are nicely golden brown. I could have cut this one a bit deeper, so I it would have burst open more. But they are nice and should sound hollow. Bon appetit, please leave a like and or suggestions. Until next time.

11 thoughts on “Pain de campagne

  1. Heel mooi recept. Vind het alleen lastig ollm brood te timen als ik het als vers met ontbijt wil. Daarom eet ik het vaak als lunch omdat het de volgende dag nog een paar uur moet rijzen. Of ik moet heel vroeg wakker willen worden…

  2. Hallo Leo,ik heb je al eens op fb gevraagd of je ook een keer een echt limburgs brood wilt maken nl een sterrenbrood.
    Zelf heb ik het al proberen te maken.Helaas zonder succes.Ik heb 1/3 roggemeel,1/3 tarwebloem en 1/3 tarwemeel gebruikt.

  3. Hoi Leo, dank voor al je fijne recepten!

    Bij bijna al je recepten heb je het over "laten rusten/rijzen onder plastic". Wat voor iets gebruik je hier voor, want ik vermoed dat je daar geen huishoudfolie bedoelt/gebruikt?

  4. Goedemiddag Leo, welke kitchenaid gebruik je heb al gekeken maar zie verschillende met inhoud van 6.9 liter, heb nu de masterchef maar is niet naar mijn zin

  5. Dag Leo, welke kitchenaid heb je, professional serie en model? Kruipt de deeg niet omhoog de haak op bij bvb. 1kg bloem?

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