February 21, 2020
Ovarian cancer pain

Ovarian cancer pain

Can Ovarian Cancer Hurt? In what ways can an ovarian cancer hurt? Watch this video about pain in ovarian cancer! You will find all the answers to these questions
and many more! The ovary is a structure that is literally
hunging from the fallopian tubes and ligaments that attach it to the surface of the pelvis Through these estructures ovary gets the blood through
the arteries something that is essential to properly oxygenate If the tumor is of a medium-large size, ovary
can be twisted with the movements, of the woman strangling the blood supply and, therefore, starting
to suffer from lack of oxygen, which can cause death of cells in the ovary When this cell death begins, the ovary starts to hurt It is a pain that increases in intensity,
often encourages visit to the Emergency Department Ovarian cancer can spread through the peritoneal
cavity, that is a virtual cavity lined by the peritoneum to enable frictionless movement of the abdominal
viscera If cells of ovarian cancer enter the
peritoneal cavity directly because the tumor has grown and has broken the peritoneum covering the ovary, these cancer cells start to swim and can be placed anywhere in the abdomen Groups of cells will grow
and will even cause symptoms of peritonitis with diffuse abdominal pain

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