February 21, 2020

Nudge: A healthcare app for Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a global epidemic. Effecting over 8% of the adult population. That’s a lot. Adding up to 350 million people worldwide. What’s more, 90 percent of all cases are Type 2 diabetes. The kind of diabetes that can potentially be avoided. The global cost of diabetes treatment adds up to over $548 billion annually. And the number of cases is expected to increase by 55%. The good news is, this disaster can be avoided. In fact, more than half of all type 2 diabetes
could be prevented through exercise and better nutrition during the pre-diabetes stage. When someone is diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, they are asked to follow a strict diet and
drastically change the food they eat. But, for many people, changing their diet overnight
is a major challenge. In fact, only 1 in every 100 people who go on a diet succeed in achieving long-term results. This is why it’s critical to learn new ways to eat healthy. Because we are what we eat. But, we eat what we buy. We need to address this issue at it’s source. The first step to better nutrition is making better
choices at the grocery store. So, we created nudge. A service that helps you make small steps towards your larger nutrition goals. Nudge is like having a personal nutritionist. Disguised as a shopping assistant. It coordinates your family grocery list from week to week. Keeping track of what your family buys. And keeping everything organized. Meanwhile, in the background, it’s looking for purchase patterns that could be improved. Not sure what to buy? Just scan an item with your phone and nudge will help figure out your options. It tells you how well a certain items suits your personal nutrition goals. And suggests healthy alternatives that might be even better. Not sure to do with Quinoa? Don’t worry. Nudge also helps you learn how to prepare healthier meals with easy recipe ideas. As you continue to shop, nudge guides you from section to section, and even tallies your shopping total for quick and easy checkout. But the real magic of nudge is what works over time. With every shopping trip, it helps you make small, incremental changes that accumulate, make lasting shifts towards better nutrition. Best of all, nudge considers not just your nutritional needs, but the needs of your whole family. Tracking your improvement, and giving
you all a sense of progress. After all, good nutrition is a family affair. And eating healthy isn’t just a solution for diabetes. Good nutrition is for everyone! The nudge service consists of a mobile app which works with your local supermarket to improve your shopping experience. Providing easier checkout and informative receipts, as well as inspiring you with healthy recipe ideas.

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