February 21, 2020

67 thoughts on “Nightcore – Ghosts & Zombies | Lyrics

  1. Love it…. ❤️You are amazing….. I love your nightcore and I love all your nightcore….. You are so perfect for me. 💖💖💖

  2. As always your videos are incredible, cute and perfect my dear!! 💎💖💎 Love this so much 😁💕💕💕

  3. seeing you putting so much effort into your videos and also interacting with you viewers in your comments really makes you my most favourite nightcore youtuber! 💜✨

  4. Hey guys, this is my song (Petty Party). Thank you guys so much for listening and enjoying, and thank you Nightcore for sharing and putting so much work in into this!!
    We just released an album under the same name (Petty Party, Ghosts & Zombies) on all streaming platforms. Thank you all again ♥️♥️

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