December 9, 2019
New Ruger & Remington stuff, Proof Switch and Headache Relief?! – TGC News!

New Ruger & Remington stuff, Proof Switch and Headache Relief?! – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Ruger and Remington
drop new stuff, Proof hits the Switch and headache relief you probably aren’t expecting! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, My name is Jon Patton.
First up this week is a product that is bound to be a forehead slapper. Why didn’t I think
of that? Well here it is: Sightlines by Noisefighters. The hearing protection cushions that work
WITH your eye protection and don’t give you a headache after extended use. So what is
it? Essentially its a set of cushions that have a small channel cut out on the top to
allow the side bars of your eyewear to fit comfortably against your head. In theory this
would cut down on headaches and pain in general on your head caused by typical ear pro pushing
the sidebars into your head with a good amount of force. On the surface, they appear to be
decent quality, all made in the USA. It’s impossible to truly tell if they will be comfortable
or not, but this is definitely a great idea. My only concern is the height of the channel
on the cushion. My personal preference is to bury my eyewear against the top of my ear.
These things kind of force the sides to rest higher and off the ear to get a good seal
and control the sound levels that come in. I get it but I will have to try it out to
see if it works for me. I mentioned this to Neal Brace, the creator of the product and
he sent me this cell phone image to show that it does fit correctly for him. As far as cost
goes, in order to get a set of these you have to back the Kickstarter for 25 bucks which
almost doubles the cost of your ear pro in certain cases, but I suppose the comfort could
be worth it. If you have more expensive ear pro this is a no brainer. They have a list
on the website of a whole mess of ear pro that these will function with. I mean my biggest
complaint about the earpro that I use a lot, the Howard Leight Impact Sports is that the
cushions suck. They have some of the best sound quality, so imagine if they had great
cushions AND good sound quality. Would be pretty cool right? The long and short of this
is that it’s a crowdfunding campaign and you are not guaranteed to get the product in hand
so play at your own risk. I also think that because this is NOT gun specific, we most
likely won’t see it get shut down like we did with the Automatic Mag-loader we talked
about a while back. Time will tell if the Sightlines get off the ground. And if you
want to check out their kickstarter campaign, there is a link in the description. And in precision rifle news, Proof Research,
best known for their super high quality carbon fiber wrapped barrels, has just released a
new Rifle system called Switch. Now the concept of swapping calibers and barrels isn’t exactly
new, however, this is certainly one of the more complete and simple versions out there.
The gun as a whole weighs in at just over 7 lbs so it can be used for anything from
varminting to big game hunting and then if you want you can take the same rifle and go
shoot a precision rifle match. It’s a neat system for sure. The way Proof describes it
is like having a safe full of custom rifles rolled into one. I’ll try and break it down
the best I can. The core of the rifle is the Big Horn Arms action and floating bolt head.
This allows the end user to swap the bolt face for the various calibers in just a matter
of minutes. And although it’s a little more complex than an AR15, it’s still a relatively
easy process to swap calibers. Once you’re down to the bare action, you screw in the
barrel, check headspace, then tighten down the barrel nut and cap it off, and then you
re-check the headspace once more to confirm. From there it’s just a matter of reinstalling
the bolt, stock and bottom metal, and of course, using the appropriate magazine. Proof has
a really good tutorial video if you want to see an in depth look at how its done. The
thing that I think is special about this system is that not only are you going to have barrels
available from the get go, unlike with certain semi auto attempts at multi caliber systems
but you have them available from one of the best barrel manufacturers on the planet. Off
the bat, you will be able to get this in 8 different calibers including everyones favorites
223, 308, 6.5 creedmoor and a few others in both carbon fiber and steel offerings. How
much is it Jon? I can hear you asking from here. Yes this is going to hurt. The base
rifle is $3,999. The barrels are not listed on the website for sale yet BUT going from
their other offerings, the carbon barrels will go for about a grand and the steel ones
for about 500 bucks. And that is not including the optic or any other accessories. This is
not cheap. But that was never the idea with anything proof research makes. I would LOVE
to see some independent accuracy testing to see just how good these things are when you
swap from barrel to barrel. They guarantee ½ MOA groups I’m curious to see if that will
hold up. I’m also curious to see what you guys think of a multi caliber bolt action
system. Would you get into something like this over buying multiple rifles? Jamming more in this week the Big R is trying
to stay afloat with a new gun. Dubbed the R1 Limited, this new double stack 1911 is
exactly what it looks like, a competition ready 1911. The basics are fairly simple chambered
in 9mm, 19 round mags, huge magwell, aggressive VZ G10 grips, 5 inch barrel, fiber optic front
sight, adjustable rear, ambi safety, and PVD coating. All for the MSRP of 1250 dollars.
Ruger, in an attempt to get into every week of TGC news, has released some more incremental
additions to their line up, in regards to wheel guns, the SP101 can now be had in .327
Federal, the Gp100 can now be had in a 7 shot version in the 2.5, 4, and 6 inch versions
and the Redhawk can now be had with a sleeved barrel which is said to increase accuracy,
unknown about that. Beyond that, they’ve update the Ruger Number 1 to be available in 450
Marlin and they’ve added 2 new versions of the 10/22. One with a scope and case and one
that’s meant to be a competition/target type rifle with a fancy wood laminate stock and
lightweight tension barrel. It seriously seems like they are adding new stuff every week.
I don’t hate it because it gives us new stuff to talk about AND it seems like they have
their finger on the pulse of what their customers want. Its very rare for you guys to get upset
with a new product from Ruger. Our friendly fire question this week comes
from the TGC Nation facebook group. Andrew Wasserman asks, Should non military and first
responders be able to own body armor? The simple answer is Yes. Everyone should be able
to own it. We should also be able to own armor piercing ammo across the board.
Let’s take another one. John Skov asks what is a good amount of ammo to keep on hand?
How many different calibers do you keep stocked up? I’m a bit of a different case because
of what I do for a living. Right now I have about 25 different calibers on hand and of
those I have good quantities of probably 10-15 of them. I would say for the non-ridiculous
gun guy, having at least a thousand rounds of any main caliber you’re shooting is a solid
way to do things. Obviously when you get into more expensive rounds like 300 win mag and
things like that, it becomes a lot more difficult to invest several thousands of dollars into
keeping that quantity on hand, but you get what I’m saying.
My question to you guys this week, what is the best gun related product that you’ve bought
this year? Sound off in the comments below and if you want your question answered here
on TGC News, you can send that to me over on
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a single episode and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see
you soon!

100 thoughts on “New Ruger & Remington stuff, Proof Switch and Headache Relief?! – TGC News!

  1. Best gun thing I bought this year was my deltapoint pro from leupold. I put it on my henry frontier 22 while I'm waiting for my slide to come back. Fastest and most fun plinking I've done with Dolores. Might have to get a somewhat cheaper red dot just for the lever action when I put the leupold on my pistol. Actually, let just build a full "tactical" lever in 357 or something epic like 460sw. Red dot, laser and a bayonet for good measure. Solid bronze stock to be used as a club while you reload the tubular magazine. Oh, can't forget the paracord wrapped lever… With dog tags hanging from the ammo belt sling.

  2. Only down side of Ruger's new offerings? I have to buy two more 10/22's. I should really seek professional help regarding this 22 addiction I have.

  3. I still fail to see how it's much different than a Savage, despite the obvious quality differences between proof and savage. I mean I can get Proof barrels for my savage and different bolt heads and essentially have the same thing.

  4. Best gun product this year by far is the It is really cool and very user friendly.
    Thanks for the vid and info. God Bless

  5. Best gun product I purchased this year was a trijicon acog. I wanted one forever and found a deal at the first of the year I couldn’t pass up.

  6. A new gun is not going to save Remington. What they have to do is improve quality control. People are tired of remington quality slipping. I bought a 1911 R1 shortly after they came out. It had a malfunction before the first 7 rounds were fired.

  7. I got a new Aero Precision enhanced upper and lower for my first AR build.The amount of specialty tools
    used to assemble the gun greatly reduced the overall cost of the build.How about a Not a Review on them!

  8. Proof makes an expensive but nice rifle, Remington tries to survive with an outdated idea they plundered form Para Ordinance. Next week's headline topics : "Water is wet and the ground outside is dirty."

  9. Best gun product: Concealment Solutions pocket holster for glock 42. It has a plastic molded insert for superior retention, and stays in the pocket during the draw, due to beeswax on the leather. It's very high quality!

  10. Custom built upper from SIONICS Weapons Systems in Tucson, AZ. I used the discount code from MrGunsNGear's review .

    It may not be directly related to guns but I'd also have to say the yearly update/resupply of my trauma kits. Medical gets overlooked far too often and I have to say that I've used my various trauma kits far more than any other EDC item.

    Keep up the good work my friends.

    Side note – I hope we're back on speaking terms again. ~Bert

  11. The Cloud Defensive LCS Mk. 2 mount is really nice for any tape switch on a rifle, especially the AR15. The cable management you get out of it too is awesome. m/

  12. It's not really a gun related item but I'm primarily using it as one. The best gun accessory I bought this year is a collapsible wagon. I keep in the trunk of my car and use it for hauling my gear from the car to the bench at the range. It's especially handy when I'm taking multiple long guns or a bunch of gear for a tactical shoot.
    I've bought a bunch of stuff for the shooting sports in 2017 but this wagon is the one I appreciate the most.

  13. Best gun related products: FrogLube CLP. This stuff is awesome and you won't stink like an old oil barrel after you use it. MagLula loader for my AK mags. I can actually use my thumbs after loading them with it.

  14. The best gun related product I've bought is… not a Glock
    Glock guy: for that amount of money you could've bought a Glock

  15. Its always "hey look a new product thats cool! Oh wait its expensive as hell.. Oh well, I can get something else I guess." Who has $5000 bucks to just blow off on one gun. Not anyone nowadays

  16. 7 shot Gp100?
    First thought. About time!
    Second thought. I want.
    I got a 6 inch model already, want a 4 inch model, the 7 shot model would be enjoyable.

  17. Remington, drop all pistols except the 1911, drop AR15 rifles in favor of lowers, and other parts, concentrate on the ACR.

  18. Best gun related thing this year? I bought an ar15 kit to finish off a polymer lower I got for cheap from a buddy, all to put together my first rifle. Everyone's gotta start somewhere

  19. Best gun related product this year:
    I have a tie for first place on that list
    – Mitch Rosen holster with loops that snap instead of the belt slots (no more undressing to remove holster)
    – Sig P320C (that goes in the Mitch Rosen holster)

  20. best firearm product I bought this year….honestly, some offset iron sights from Cobra Tactical, really cheap, really well made, and made in America….I mean, in a "bang for my buck" perspective; probably the best thing on my rifle….

  21. It's so simple, you just have to completely take apart your gun, and your bolt carrier, and then swap out these parts, then get out the torque wrench, headspace checks (for each caliber), and gunsmith vise that you've got in your backpack and reassemble it all. And then carry a set of magazines for each barrel. It's like magic!

  22. Switch barrel gun are a cool idea but, are the same as ARs, at some point you get too lazy to even push the 2 pins and end up getting/building another lower so you don't have to, switch barrel bolt gun same thing…

  23. My best purchase was a Lee Classic Turret Press.
    I am now not afraid to shoot more expensive/exotic ammunition now that I can just make it on the cheap.

  24. Cant argue with having options. I wear 3M comtac iii with gel inserts while hunting here in Texas. Never had any type of issues with head aches, with or without glasses. Best thing i bought was a galco shoulder holster for my G43 and G19 works great for road trips. Oh and keep the vids coming brother love the channel 👍

  25. Best Gun Buy This Year By Far, Ulimate Cliploader UCL22 Mag Loader

  26. Best gun related product this year? The ham sandwich I bough after my last trip to the range, it was delicious. My Holosun 503G is a close second though.

  27. the McFadden Lightnin' Grip loader has made all the difference for my AR 22 with a binary trigger. Reloading is now 1/10 the time which means I can shoot more.

  28. Best gun purchase this year: Alien Gear IWB 4.0 holster.

    Interchangeable bolt action barrels… meh… would rather make smaller investments in multiple firearms and if I need to dump one, I can or give to my boys for hunting, etc.

    $4k for a “platform” is WAY too much when you can spend less and accomplish the same. Even if you had have 9 extra barrels (10 calibers) you’d be $8500 in. Telling me I can’t get 10 guns in same calibers for less than $8500??? Watch me…

  29. Remington round-up: 1) You forgot to tell about the mag-fed 870's; 2) A "Limited R1" absolutely must be in 40S&W or it is just a 3-Gun toy. USPSA Limited division basically requires 40S&W or go home. To come out with a double stack 1911/2011 called "Limited" and to not offer it in 40 is STOOPID!!!

  30. if the earpro lifts the glasses arms up it will pull the bottom of your lenses closer to your face closing the gap by your cheeks, thus improving the protection given.

  31. Proof research = no thanks, for that price I can buy a semi auto with 1/2 MOA accuracy. For less than that, I can build one and have more fun doing it.

  32. The SP-101 in .327 is not new. Ruger has had model 5773 out for a while, which is the SP-101 in .327, 6 shot, with a 4.2" barrel. Bought mine Jan 2017. Model 5784 is new, which is the same thing but with a 3" barrel.

  33. Best gun product I bought this year was the magpul MOE fixed carbine stock , I live in NY so no adjustable stocks. I like it because it's sturdy no wobble and good length.

  34. Proof comment, yes i was going to build a rifle just like what proof was offering in big horn or impact precision action, a few of my other PRS shooters have already done so. we priced our build at $3700 so $3999 is not out of the question. If proof made this in a left handed option i would consider. $5000 for a bolt gun is getting pretty high IMO this keeps it under that.

    Being able to change calibers and bolt faces is a huge advantage bc it saved you gun smith fees for barrel swaps. also lets say you started shooting PRS with a 65 creedmoor but you started to reload at which point if you had a removable bolt face and a barrel you can thread and head-space yourself you can then switch to something like a 6mm dasher, 6mm XC, 6mm BR, etc… this opens many doors in the PRS competition world.

    For the intermediate/pro PRS competitor this makes sense bc we burn barrels out faster then others.

    again big horn actions are top tier

  35. The Remington R1 Limited is just a ReBranded Para Ordnance Hi Cap Pistol! It is a shame that ATK the Parent Company decided to close Para.

  36. Hands down, best gun accessory I purchased this year: Maglula UpLULA loader

    Edit: forgot i bought my Walther PPS this year also

  37. Best gun related product this year was my Canik TP9SF Elite, love that gun! Runner up is my CZ 452 .22lr Rifle, it shoots one hole 50 yrd. groups all day long.

  38. Bought a sideshot scope cam.. best investment ever. If y’all are curious about it, check out shooter300 on Instagram for it’s vids

  39. The Remington pistol looks like the ParaOrdnance Pro Custom 14.45. Since Remington purchased Para in 2012 and integrated it into Remington in 2014, I wonder if this is just the Para gun rebranded? Hopefully its quality is closer to Para's levels than Remington's.

  40. Maybe if Remington changed their big R logo, and the obnoxiously large Remington logo on the side, people would be more accepting of owning a remmy. Remember people, looks matter nowadays.

  41. As far as the switch rifle goes, you would have to need multiple high end guns for it to be worth it.

    Personally, I prefer a different stock and scope for hunting vs target shooting, so I might as well buy 2 guns.

    Also, I HIGHLY doubt you will maintain 0.5 MOA with a barrel change system.

  42. Best gun related product this year was a Dillon Super 1050 with a Mark 7, set up for 300blkout & 9mm. Also my SIG RATTLER 300blkout with the 5.5in barrel.

  43. My friends would be shocked for me to not say my Echo trigger…instead it's that Gerber mini AR tool that fits in most AR grips. I just love that thing.

  44. Is .327 making a comeback? I read about it when it first came out, but after a couple of years, manufacturers seemed to drop production of firearms for it.

  45. That Remington pistol is just a rebranded Para 2011. Remington bought Para Ordinance a couple years back. I have the exact pistol.

  46. Huh….I spend 50 cents for 3M ear plugs which are far more easy to use! WTF? Proof research? No thank you! I love my bolt actions but not really need the fun" of inter-changing everything else!

  47. Switch calibers is outstanding. But not for a casual or someone who shoots a couple times a year. Then again those shooters don’t really care about the ease And smoothness of their action. Someone who shoots hundreds of rounds a week and 200 round matches. The switch caliber is great. You can have a 260 AI pushing 147s at 3000 for comp and a 308 for practice. No need to burnout you comp caliber barrel. It has a niche. A niche that many won’t understand. But hey, those shooters are spending money on Proof anyway. Bighorn actions are excellent and smooth.

  48. Let's see here…MSRP of $3999 for one gun, not including any extra barrels that can supposedly shoot .5 MOA….So add Idk $1500 more for the cheaper steel barrels(which I'm sure are still top notch I would think.) OORRR…We could just buy 4 or so Howa rifle packages or even some Ruger American rifle packages with mid tier scopes on them and at least 300rds of ammo and a yearly range membership and still have enough to take your old lady and your happy ass out on a night on the time for some Hibachi or a steak dinner….I think I'd opt for the second ehh.

  49. The switch rifle would have to be significantly cheaper than the cost of two individual rifles for me to even consider dealing with the hassle of switching barrels.

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