September 19, 2019
My PAINFUL Break Up Story (Animated)

My PAINFUL Break Up Story (Animated)

– [Narrator] I’m gonna share with you my personal break-up story,
so let’s get into it. (dramatic rumble) When I was in the 10th grade
I met this beautiful girl named Nicky and I remember
she had long brown hair, dark brown eyes, she had
one of the warmest smiles that you could ever imagine. She really was the whole
package, she was smart, athletic, funny and the only reason
why I was even talking to her in the first place was
because she was my brother’s girlfriend’s best friend. And I didn’t make a
move on her at that time because I had no
self-esteem or confidence. So I just placed myself
in the friend zone. I remember during that
first month of school so many guys wanted her but I remember two guys in particular who
really, really liked her. And they were the captains
of both the rugby team and the rowing team. And after she got to know
them she eventually ended up choosing the captain of the rowing team. And this guy was tall, he was a senior, he had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was a stereotypical good-looking guy. And during their relationship
Nicky and I became better and better friends
and she would tell me all the things that she didn’t
like about Mr Blue Eyes. Like how he wasn’t very caring,
he wasn’t really that funny and he just wasn’t that
great of a guy overall. And he also really didn’t
like how much she was talking to me, which I honestly
don’t really blame him for, I really was playing that
stereotypical guy friend who, you know, obviously secretly liked her. But after a couple of months
the novelty of Mr Blue Eyes wore off, and she broke up with him. And throughout this time her
and I became closer and closer but just as friends. And I usually don’t really
like the fairytale stories like in movies where the
shy friend somehow ends up with the attractive girl,
but the more time we spent together the more we both
started to care for one another. And eventually she started
to get feelings for me, so I somehow, some way got
out of the friend zone. But despite the very
obvious signs of attraction that she was giving off I still
was a very unconfident kid and I simply was not able
to make a move on her. I didn’t even know what making
a move entailed at that time. So she was the one who
ended up making a move on me and this move took place
on December 31st of 2009 over MSN Messenger. “Mitch, I have something to tell you.” “What is it?” “I cannot really tell you over messenger.” “Uh, yes you can, just type it in.” “It’s three words.” “Is it, I love you?” “It’s I love you, and I
have for a long time.” And that is how we started dating, over MSN Messenger in 2009. And the next day we met up
and we went on our first official date. And from that day forward we
were basically inseparable. And for the next three years
we shared a lot of experiences together, we supported each
other as competitive athletes, we were there for each
other when tragedy struck, we had a lot of first times
together, and we would even talk about our futures. Like, we would sit there and
talk about marriage, kids, living together, and it
all just way too intense for a high-school relationship. Nicky was also a very talented
rower and she was offered many full-ride scholarships
to go to schools in the United States, which
was kind of a problem for us because I was planning on
going to school in Canada. And I remember at one point
she actually offered to stay in Victoria for our
relationship and to go to school with me, and as much as I did want this I knew she didn’t really want that. So I actually encouraged her
to go away because I knew that is what was best for her. (dramatic rumble) And it’s now at this point
in the story where things start to get a little interesting
and much, much more juicy. (dramatic rumble) Just before summer began, she
committed to going to school in the United States which
meant we were about to embark on the long-distance relationship. And something that I need
to mention is that Nicky had this friend who was also a
rower and his name was Liam. And Liam kind of played
a similar role as I did in the beginning of the story,
as being in the friend zone. But the difference between
him and I was that Liam would try to actively break
us apart because he was really into her and he really didn’t like me. So when Liam found out about
us trying to do long-distance he saw that as an opportunity
to pounce on our relationship. And the reason why I know this is because I did something that
I’m really not proud of and it’s something that
I’m pretty hesitant to even bring up because, you know,
it’s pretty embarrassing. But I guess this is me
just being 100% transparent with you guys. So, this is what happened. One day, Nicky and I were
sitting beside each other on my bed and I see that
her phone was buzzing a lot. And I look over at it and I
saw all these long paragraphs. So I say to her, “Jeez,
who’s writing, like, this “long essay to you?” And she says, “Oh, nothing,
it’s just rowing stuff.” And she really quickly puts the phone away but as she was doing that I
could see that the messages were from Liam. And then once she put her
phone away she started to act really weird and distant and quiet. And I had known her
for long enough to know when something was wrong, and
something was definitely wrong and she wouldn’t tell me what it is. When Nicky left my house I
did something very shameful and I logged onto her Facebook account to see what was going on. And this is when something
absolutely crazy happened. Keep in mind, this is in
2011 and Facebook was still kind of new, and there were
still a few bugs on the website. When I logged onto her Facebook account she was also logged in and
I could see that she was in the middle of a conversation with Liam. But the weird part was that I could see everything that she was doing. So, imagine you are watching a
livestream of your girlfriend on Facebook and you could
see who she’s writing with, you could see where she’s clicking. You could see absolutely everything. But before I could really
see what they were writing she clicks out of the conversation,
goes to the chat history of her messages with Liam and deletes the entire conversation. And then 10 minutes later
I get a text from Nicky saying, “I need to talk
to you about something, “are you free tomorrow?” (dramatic rumble) And when I read that text
my heart sank, it was like my sixth sense was
telling me that something really bad was about to happen. I said, “Okay, meet me at 11 a.m.” So the next day comes
around and I’m sitting on the bench at my park waiting for her, and I was just trying to
prepare myself for the worst, and then all of a sudden
I see her car pull up and the moment she got out of the car and made eye-contact with
me she bursts into tears. Like, I’m talking, tears
are rolling down her face. Her face is swollen and
then she runs up to me and gives me a big hug and
neither of us said anything for a long time. So after we both had calmed down a bit I asked her what was going on. And she told me that she
had come to break up with me and now that she was there
with me she couldn’t do it. And she said to me that she
wasn’t even sure even if she wanted to do it, which
made it even more clear that certain people, or a certain someone, was convincing her to do it. I’m not gonna go into too much detail about our conversation but the end result was Nicky not knowing what she wanted and we both were just really confused. After a few days of talking
we ended up deciding to stay together and to try long-distance. But after that day at that park something really
interesting happened to me. When she told me that she
was thinking of breaking up with me, the thought of a
future that didn’t involve her was planted inside my brain. And over the next few months
that seed started to grow. Back then, I had this
huge fear of losing Nicky and being alone, we
both had relied so much on each other for our
positive emotions, like love and happiness, and I think
we both were really scared that we wouldn’t be able
to find someone better if we broke up, and this was
especially a problem for me. But when my fear of being
alone and losing her became a reality I realized
that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Now, of course I was
still really upset and sad and probably borderline
depressed at this time. But I was still alive and
breathing, and I think a lot of people today are scared that they’re not going to be able to go on and live their life if
they lose a certain person. Most people today get into
relationships based on fear. We fear the thought of being alone or we fear the thought
of being 40 years old and being that weird,
older person at that bar still looking for love. And we fear this so much
that most of us end up settling for someone who we
may not even be the right match for, or maybe we’ll get to the
arbitrary age of, say, 30 and then we decide it’s time to get married. And we just stay with the
person we are with at that time because it’s convenient. In my video about how I became popular I briefly talked about
taking responsibility for your emotions. If you are not experiencing
happiness, love and self-worth from just being by yourself
then finding a partner is not going to solve this. It could give you a temporary
happiness, maybe even as long as five or ten years,
but those toxic, dependent roots will still remain inside you. So if you’re still watching
this, ask yourself, why do I want a relationship? Or if you’re already with
someone ask yourself, why am I with this person? And be really honest with
yourself, because I really do believe you can’t
have a great relationship if it’s based around fear. If you wanna learn how
to get over a breakup then click the link on the
screen to my worst breakup video and I’ll see ya there.

100 thoughts on “My PAINFUL Break Up Story (Animated)

  1. I was BEYOND depressed when I learned my ex-fiance had met another woman and they clicked. I wanted to die every single day. I kept telling friends and family until they were sick of supporting my depression. Eventually he struck out with the other girl and came back to me. The whole time I was single, I was beyond miserable.. just HOPING by some slim chance this would happen and he'd return. You know what happened? I despised him. The deep deep love I felt was just gone like POOF. No amount of nostalgia brought it back. No amount of trying to relive the good times. That time alone taught me I COULD STILL CARRY ON and my self-worth actually went way up knowing I could accomplish so much away from him. Once your worst fear comes true you will never feel so codependent.

  2. I was so attached to your story because it is very similar to mine only because my girlfriend has moved to another country today to work for a year and it is very difficult for me to say goodbye. She is everything to me. No one ever cared for me or loved me as much as she loved me. We haven't exactly broken up, we're trying to keep in touch overseas but I don't know how long it will last.

  3. Iโ€™m always the sneaky best friend lol it seems to work and you always get laid when sheโ€™s broken up

  4. So what was the reason for your break up? Because this video ends with you saying you will try long distance with her


    Wait hold on, so you're saying she dated the captain of football team, he was a "stereotypical" handsome guy/douche, and she dated him for several months,


    and you said at 3:02 "we had a lot of first times together" (with a picture of a bed)

    Implying that she's a vlrgln……..

    YEaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa idk about that boi. lol

  6. I got dumped after 4 years, was severely upset for 2 days, and afterwards I realized I was indifferent towards her, and honestly it made things easier for us to make sure we were civil about the break up and we are now in good terms even if we're not close anymore. I don't even miss her, and honestly after just a week after the break up I've already gone on 2 dates (one got kinda spicy), I've reconnected with a lot of my old co-worker friends, and honestly everything is just way better now, and she's already moved on too, hope the best for both of us.

  7. She would monkey branch at any emotional moment and would then act as if that is not cheating. Women cheat alot out of so-called "security" for their own preservation. This is why you can not let a woman in your life intimately because they will just use you for whatever they want/need! This usually comes in the form of resource/money needs. There is no real trust in personal relationships period! You should not waste your time, money or emotions at all. It is best today for men or women to understand you are always alone but lonliness is a state of mind. You can trust yourself while you can not trust others with your life/future or financial resources. Trust and believe in yourself and protect yourself from present day legal predatory institutes like marriage. True equality happens when there is equal accountability and that does not exist between the sexes.

  8. people live in cycles, unless you change.

    Seems she did the same to you as she did to the guy before.

    She she will keep doing this for her while life

  9. I see your from Victoria. I'm an Aussy been living in Tofino, However I just lost my girlfriend because of my anxiety and depression. Now im back in Aus.
    Things are looking up however, and I have really enjoyed your vids lately. Thanks Mitch Manly

  10. My fiancรฉ broke up with me…. We were having a long distance… I was packing my suitcases… And then she told me she didnt want me in her life anymore….

  11. 5:44 This is complete bullshit. I have enough knowledge about the subject to tell you that this is 100% impossible.
    The location of your mouse courser is not even in any way transmitted to facebook. Even if you would access a running session of onother person. The website (in this case facebook) cannot get the information of where your mouse curson is. Just because your browser simply doesnt transmit it. No way! So its Impossible that he was able to see the cursor from another computer. This is only possible if you use a trojan horse or remote control software. This software then captures the whole screen. This is a constructed story. So laughable how everyone buys into it without questioning.

  12. I still remember the first time a girl broke my heart. We were neighbors and friends. We had a gang of friends and we all knew each other. I was 12 at the time. She called me one Saturday morning, after dating for about 2 months,to tell me it was over. Man,I couldn't believe it. I was depressed for almost 2 weeks. Then I find out that the guy she left me for was 19 and had 2 babies with another chick! She calls me back one day and tells me she misses me. I told her I couldn't and moved on.
    I didn't love anyone until I was 20 years old. All through high school I was a player,I could pick and choose who I wanted. I dated a lot of chicks.
    Then there was this one I met when I was 17. My best friend introduced me to her and I was sprung. We made it official and we had a baby right out of high school. I was still playing and she would cry and beg me,asking me why I couldn't be faithful. She would cry so much that one day,I looked at her as she was sleeping and I asked myself "why don't I love her?? She is everything I want. From now on,I will love her and do anything she wants" (biggest fkn mistake I ever made)
    Once I did everything she wanted(stopped smoking weed,stopped skateboarding, stopped talking to friends) the crying stopped. Then she started talking to exes and old friends and before I knew,she was going out clubbing with her whore friends. She started cheating (this is why you NEVER give a woman what she asks for) she took me for granted.
    Now,I was fully invested in her emotionally, I loved her every bone and characteristic. Now she started her fckery. The complete opposite of what she did when I didn't do what she wanted.
    There is no happy ending. You're bad?? She's good. You're good?? She's bad. There is no winning situation. Just fck these bitches to sleep. Disney love stories are for the movies.

  13. In 5th grade I met this girl named ariana and I really liked her. So I took the friendzone like you did then I was really scared to ask her I she wanted to go out with me. So then she moved away from my school and I blew my chance. But 2 years went buy and my friend that I talk to gave my insta to her. So I was shocked I didn't think I would talk to her again. And in my head I thout "hey maybe she's still single". But then I asked what she did in summer and told me she went to go see detective pikachu with her friend and that her friend asked her out. And she yes so then I kinda sunken in to darkness knowing at 13 I never had a girlfriend and I never will was saying that's amazing I'm so happy for you. But really I was sad depressed and knowing that I'll never find anyone like her every agian she's funny she's beautiful then flowers on the earth and I loved her. But some dreams just dont come true.
    Edit: do you think there's a chance I could get with her?

  14. I got heartbroken at age 17 now im 25. I haven't dated no one in those years. I think its because im scared to get hurt again.

  15. Oh my god so sad… I am literally crying for you because you split up with a childhood crush you met in year 10 So sad…

  16. Bruh… i did this facebook thing too!
    She texted with another guye for days… i was able to see eeeeverything they wrote

  17. Don't waste your time. If you even slightly question your relationship, just cut that shit off. A 6 year relationship and 4 years of that 6 married and 1 kid later. Shes off experimenting with a woman and I'm 6 months in and still up at 1 in the morning finding ways to still feel sorry for myself after I beat my dick like it owes me something. I would never go back and change anything because I love my Son to much. But I just wish he could have grown up with a Mom and a Dad happily together.

  18. wait the same thing happened to me like RN and we broke up and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be bc i gave too many chances to someone who didnt give me attention, love, or happiness. he made me sad and broke my heart too many times๐Ÿ˜”

  19. I just want to share my story with someone: We were together for 8 months and somehow I got a contagious disease and we couldn't kiss but we still hung out together. Then we went on our separate vacations with our families and the first few days everything was normal but then she ghosted me for like 10 days and then I found out through her bff that she wants to breakup…So we met broke up and "stayed friends" only to find out she has a bf like 5 days later….we got distant as it was weird and she was kinda rude to me and I was heartbroken as I completely adored her…I thought I meant more to her…

  20. what about person like me late 25 single never went ona date never had nobody lonely asshole Phd student rejected 100 time called as despo , creeper and weird i never disrespected anyone in my life was a army scout and still gets regected without wowmen even talking to me do i look like a kid ? what am i doing wrong and allthese motivational bullshit videos make it more worse make me feel kill myself right now like shoot myself and done with it

  21. Ok you got a nice Player girlfriend .. fuck that slutty bro keep youre energy to something useful .. and be gratefull that you learn something of it , its time to be better on youre next girl , and to be prepared too if something happens.. you deserve better and you will find it if you are good with youre self.. keep it up and good luck my friend ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ sorry for my english btw โœŒ๐Ÿฝ

  22. You yes you!!! Listen, 2 month ago, my girlfriend broke up with me. And yes, i know how your feeling, i know it's

    indescribably terrible. After 2 month of not believing people that it will get better, it got better ๐Ÿ˜€ and you will feel better too, no matter how complicated or incomprehensible your Breakup was.

    I didn't wanted to live anymore, and the thing that helped me the most was to talk to other people, who are in the same situation that I was in.

    Talking really helps, and if you do not care that my English isn't that great then you can always just text me to talk to me.

    What a beautiful thing it is, to be able to stand tall and say, " I fell apart, and I survived"

    If you want to talk to someone: Thats me on instagram: daniel05021999 !!!! <3

  23. There are some things wrong in this video, especially the final minute. I have been alone my whole life and trust me, you have no idea what that is like.

  24. That's why I'm single ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธno trust ppl love ur self first and the world ๐ŸŒน

  25. I just got out of a 2 and a half year relationship she was my highschool sweetheart you know you dont always stay with them but i thought we could make it but she broke up with me 3 time before i broke up with her but all those times she always asked for us to get back the third time we broke up because i asked her not to talk to a guy i knew about our relationship because i knew how this guy was and she said she will but a week ago we were going to go eat and she left her phone in the car and i was just curious about it so i checked it and happened to find out she was still talking to him and went out to eat with him without letting me know so i told her what i did and she got mad and she said she was getting bored and stuff and i always ask do you want to go somewhere like bowling skating mall or just go out to get tacos even lets go out of town but she would always say no but i will try to persuade her but still didnt work but i ended our relationship and she kept callijg me trying to apologize saying sorry for keeping secrets and i just in my mind thinking how did she have the courage but it all over now and i am stuck waiting to go in to the military and she is now in college i wish her the best but she was my only friend and now i am alone

  26. Now, we are in the same situation. It's been nearly 12 years that we are in relationship.
    We both still love each other so much but there was some happened in our life that we might not be together again.
    And we ๐Ÿ’ฏ know that we can't live without each other.
    It is literally very hard decision to take. I am pretty sure that I can carry on my life with out him. And hoping that he wants to give a final chance to our relationship ๐Ÿคž
    I am nothing without him and I know that he is nothing without me.

  27. Thanks for sharing this. I feel like Liam deserved a good kicking and that his interference in the relationship was the biggest problem. I also think itโ€™s good that you were able to reevaluate your dependency on your partner and thereby address your self-esteem. Liam though…he deserved a couple of black eyes and a good old fashioned โ€˜f*** off you interfering c***, find your own f***ing girlfriendโ€™ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. I have mojour anxiety and I friendzone myself to this girl named aleiah and I have known her for 3 years now and we have so much in common but Iโ€™m too anxious dm me on Instagram @ryderthememes for any tips

  29. ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ขthis is so sad this happened to me the same way man I'm so sorry that happened to you ,๐Ÿ’”

  30. My grilfriend broke up with me and she said she is still loving me, but she thinks it would be better for both of us to break up… what does that mean..?

  31. I've done the log into friend account before I felt pretty bad but they didnt say anything terrible also dont worry I've been single for 2,3 years now it's pretty lonely

  32. lol i can relate to this vid alil haha…. I live in Canada while my ex moved to US to study… I broke up the day before his flight because of a message "i will stay but if a good one comes i will not let her go i wish you do the same thing too" i died for sec lol …. there i realized i was never love in the first place but only liked. This was the guy who can't afford to buy cooking oil but an engineer and pursuing PHD in US… facepalm LDR doesnt really works well, hope brings more pain too weak for it.

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  34. I hope Liam gets scratched in the face by an angry cat, then a bottle of hand sanitizer gets poured on the scratch marks on Liam's face.

  35. PLEASE READ!!You re not ugly.Girls are doesnt flirt ugly guys and ugly guys knows it.You re standart.So you re not Handsome or ugly.Girls are flirt with you for their ego and preparing for dating.When they saw more Handsome guy than you and if this Guy flirt with her she leaves you.

  36. My big in the fraternity has this friend and I met her through him. At first I thought they were a thing but she said they were just friends. She was the one who liked me first so I just went along with it since she made the move first. I'd go to her house and we'd go one some dates for the next 5 months but our fraternity formal came along and I asked her. She said yes but the fraternity refused to let me take her because they feared she would cause drama with other guys. The head my my chapter told me this and also said some mean things about her. I grudgingly didn't really stick up for her and when I told her she couldn't go to formal by the fraternity she was very upset and angry with me and the fraternity. She called me a pussy. She drank herself sick that night and she refused to let me in her house to see if she was ok. A couple weeks go by and I had no date for the formal so I just didn't go. She texts me back saying she's ok now and that we should try dating again. By june I was finished with my college degree and we live in different states so we each saw each other another time. We hugged and kissed but things seemed like they were left indifferent. She apparently got exposed sleeping with her ex by a friend of hers and when I saw that I was broken. She had also deleted pictures of me and her on her instagram. Has she moved on from me totally, is she still wanting to be friends, or does she still deeply care about me?

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