September 19, 2019

My Boob Aches Dude | Naked and Afraid S2

I’m asking maybe more than she’s capable of
doing, but it’s, but really what I’m asking is
for the both of us. I really want you,
I really want your support on this. I really think that we need a stronger shelter. I’m not giving you’re support. I even tell you to go get palms
and I will get the wood. My partner is very book smart. He is incredibly knowledgeable,
which is a huge benefit out here. But here’s the real deal. Until you come out here and experience it,
all that knowledge means nothing. I have implants and
when I laid on my boob last night, I felt liquid come out of it. Maybe you just, maybe it’s just nothing,
don’t think about it too much. It hurts. She just got over her sickness
and now she popped her breast implant. I really got high pain tolerance,
so I can handle it, but it just hurts. If you leave me I don’t know what
theI’m gonna do. I’m not gonna leave you here. I know this kind of thing can be dangerous. But I failed on my last challenge,
so I wanna redeem myself. I’m gonna try and stick it out as long as
I can. Damn, the rains back in. To help fortify our camp. Yeah. Let’s do this. Oh. OK. You gotta get the whole…
we gotta get like… Well I’m gonna carry what I can,
I’m heading back. Yeah. So. Bummer. Yeah, I’m just really hoping Amber would put,
put out some more work, she’s acting really nonchalant about camp
chores. Come hand me this one, I should only carry
one. The crocs will get it? Well the more I bend, it pinches my boob. He’s like there you go,
pick up your two bundles and I’m gonna carry one. We should have got more workload done. Every thing’s gone wrong. You can carry two now, we’ll switch. How many pounds do they make you ruck in the
army? Er, my body weight pretty much
and I’m used to it. OK cool. Just checking. See this is what I mean, you’re a man,
OK, so you should be carrying the bigger load. I’ve done a lot more with my life than you,
I’ve worked harder than you. I know, you worked very hard. You didn’t boil the water. You know, I didn’t see combat,
I didn’t see combat like you did… I’m now saying that,
let’s not compare anything. I didn’t fight for my country, you know. What I’m trying to say is, at all.. And I never had to face challenges like you
did. You just need to stop acting like a kid. I appreciate you don’t call me a kid
and keep throwing your experience, I appreciate your experience but every time.. You’ve been acting like a kid,
what do you want me to call you? You’ve been been acting like a young child. He is a hot mess at times. See I just don’t see what point
your getting across with that name calling, you immediately went to the name calling,
and that kinda hurts, you know. Is, when you act like a kid
you should be called out on it. See look, when do I act like a kid though? Oh dearwe can go through
the conversations honey, come on. OK, yeah, yeah, you have all this stuff,
stuff over me and… but you know, the negativity’s really getting to me.

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