November 19, 2019
Muscle Recovery | 5 Ways to Reduce Soreness

Muscle Recovery | 5 Ways to Reduce Soreness

I tell my athletes put in the same
effort into recovery that you do into your training session. There’s different
tools and strategies that we use to try to speed up that recovery process. Number
one sleep trying to get eight to ten hours of sleep at night. Every minute of
sleep before midnight is worth two minutes of sleep after midnight. Second
thing we do is self massage so using foam rollers sticks tennis balls
softballs things like that to do some self massage workout knots that they may
have built up through practice and competition. The third thing we talked
about would be stretching whether that’s dynamic stretching or static stretching
going through ranges of motion to make sure that we ensure tissue quality and
tissue in length getting it back to its normal length it’s critical. The fourth
thing would be hydrotherapy returning the shower to as cold as they can take
her for 30 seconds and back up to high and that contrast back and forth really
helps to flush and get rid of soreness. The fifth thing would be nutrition what
we put into our body can help us rebuild repair and recover for the next workout
and the timing of when we take that in really help speed up the recovery

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