September 19, 2019

Muscle Aches and What to Eat

And I went to see Willie [SP] because my muscles
were aching more than my level of exercise warranted. My back was hurting a lot for no clear reason. I was bloated a lot. And I kept complaining about it. So my husband, who has very much enjoyed the
Willie program, said, why don’t you go on the Willie diet? And I must say that, in the first six weeks,
I lost eight pounds. And I don’t ache anymore. And my back doesn’t hurt. And I’m not bloated. And I think that people buy into these beliefs
about how, when you age, you have to accept that you’re gonna gain weight or you’re not
gonna feel so good in your body. And that is really not the case. So my symptoms were not that dire in my estimation. And I think that you don’t have to buy into
all this stuff about aging. And you can go on the Willie diet and feel
a lot better in your body and feel a lot healthier. Willie and I have collaborated on a lot of
clients. So, on the one hand, when people start eating
differently, a lot of new or stronger feelings can come up for them. That’s not surprising. And I can help people work their way through
that. Another thing is we all have faulty beliefs
about ourselves that get in the way of us setting ourselves up for success. So, for example, if you have a belief like,
“I don’t matter” or “I don’t deserve,” or My needs aren’t important,” it’s really hard
to set yourself up for success. So even though you have all the information
from Willie about how to eat, you may still be getting in your own way. So I can help people sort of move their way
through those beliefs and have a lot more success. And, conversely, sometimes, as a clinical
sexologist and relationship coach, I see people in my practice who say that they don’t feel
good about their body or they’re overweight or they don’t really wanna be seen or they
are having sex in the dark because they really don’t like themselves. Or there’s a certain amount of self-loathing
going on that gets in the way of intimacy. And so I send those people to Willie because
when people feel healthier and happier, they are available for healthier and happier relationships. So you don’t have to have… You know I’ve sent people to Willie who’ve
had like multiple mysterious skin irritations, you know acid reflux, Crohn’s disease, bleeding
hemorrhoids, diarrhea, you know not really helpful for romance. And she has had success with all of them and
they come out a lot healthier and happier and able to then work on their relationships. So you don’t have to be really overweight
or really sick to have success with Willie’s, the Willie diet as we call it.

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