December 9, 2019

100 thoughts on “Morgan Wallen – Whiskey Glasses

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    Thanks j. 🎉😭🎃🎃😆☺️🔥🌲😉™️➗🇱🇷♥️🎈🛳⛴

  2. Love the last scene where He leans on a wall outside the club, I done this so many times as I'am about to walk home at 1:30 am, to my house, alone in the downtown darkness, getting ready to walk across the rail-road tracks, toward home, Linda in Oklahoma. 😉

  3. ETC…….& as I leaned on the outside wall at my favorite downtown club after last call, with my beer goggles on, wishing I had met that special Man that night, but that Knight in shining armor never showed up that nite, so then I walked thru the downtown darkness towards home alone, (walking thru downtown in the middle of the night with yur beer googles on is a very relaxing time, as I walked thru the shadows enjoying the peacefulness), alone again. 🙂

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  5. Saw him in concert October 5 with Luke combs at wells Fargo he was better than luke in my opinion it was my first concert because I have cerebral palsy and I don't get to go to many concerts wish I could meet him sadly that won't happen by the way I'm 19 and in a wheelchair

  6. I just saw him three days ago! With Jameson Rodgers and most of all Luke Combs!!!!! 😫❤️ had such a great time, even though I couldn’t see shit cause of how short my friend and I hahaha

  7. Line em' up!!! Knock em' back! Fill em' up! Right there with ya Morgan!!! You ever need a dinking buddy… ; ) #justsayin

  8. I love this song. It really grew on me. It went from being one of those songs where i was just like "This is a random new song by some guy I've never heard of, and this random song probably won't become that big of a deal" to me now getting excited when it comes on the radio. I hear it a lot of mornings on my way to school.
    Although I certainly didn't expect the video to start out with the girl hitting him. But then the look he gets on his face afterwards…😍
    Also, I feel like I will probably get tired of him singing about getting drunk at some point It's bc I'm very against getting drunk, never have and don't want to. Nothing good can ever come of it. But, i haven't gotten tired of it yet, so for now I'm just loving this song.

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