September 19, 2019
Migraine Relief — Home Remedies for Headaches

Migraine Relief — Home Remedies for Headaches

Thank you Susan for prompting us to create
this video in response to your concern about having to deal with both tension and migraine
headaches. Being a migraine sufferer myself I’ve noticed
that on certain days the muscle tension that my fibromyalgia brings has a direct impact
on my propensity for migraines. From my personal experience and my studies
as a massage therapist and nurse I’ve learned that migraines can begin from a variety of
sources such as stress, lack of sleep, loud music, smells and even certain lighting.
One the most complained about sources of migraines that I see in my massage practice comes from
tension. Treating tension headaches & ultimately migraines
can be done easily at home or even at work with some basic hydrotherapy techniques.
When I do get the occasional headache the following 2 techniques seem to do the trick
for me. Let’s start with the tension headache.
To relieve a tension headache here are a few simple steps using hydrotherapy.
Step 1. Start with 2 large bowls of water, 1 with ice water & 1 with hot tap water.
For safety sake make sure that the hot water doesn’t exceed 110° Fahrenheit.
Step 2. Soak a small towel in each bowl. Step 3. Begin with the hot towel wringing
it out and placing it on the back of the neck for up to 5 minutes.
Step 4. Follow this with the cold towel for another 5 minutes.
Step 5. Repeat this process up to 3 times for maximum relief.
Not only does this technique help to relieve the headache but the pumping action vasodilatation
and vasoconstriction achieved by using contrasting temperatures also flushes out toxins.
Now on to migraines. For migraines the process requires 2 large
bowls of water again 1 with ice water and 1 with hot tap water.
This time however use the cold towel on the back of the neck while soaking your feet in
the hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Usually I’ll just soak in a warm bath with
the cold compresses on my neck and forehead. If the migraine doesn’t subside try reversing
the application by using a hot towel on the back of the neck and soaking the feet in cold
water for 10 to 15 minutes. As you can see these simple remedies as easy
as 2 bowls of water & a couple of towels could be the difference between debilitating headaches
and finding natural relief with hydrotherapy.  
Without the need for a lot of know-how or equipment hydrotherapy can be accomplished
at home with incredibly successful results. If you are on the go or at work be proactive
& make sure you take a couple of pliable hydration containers with you.
Cascade Design’s “Platypus” is a collapsible easy-to-store plastic container that doesn’t
take up much space in a purse or a daypack. Just fill them up with hot & cold water and
use them in the same manner that you’d use the towels.
There you have it 2 quick relief strategies to throw into your arsenal of effective coping
strategies. Should you like some additional pain relief
tips, then pick up a copy of our special report the Top 12 Tips for FAST Fibromyalgia Relief.
Just click on the link in the description box below to get your copy.
And keep those questions & concerns coming in so that we can continue creating the 3-minute
marvel for you.

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