December 8, 2019
Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches

– Migraines are a common
problem in this country. Millions of people get them every year. And women get them three
times more often than men. – But as Channel 3’s Irene
O’Connor is telling us, there’s some hope. A new treatment has people
coming from around the world to West Hartford. – Other days, I would wake
up early in the morning, horrible migraines. – [Irene O’Connor] For Lisa Aleo, her migraines took her
out of her daily life, many times not being able to
function for days at a time. – [Lisa] It just got worse
to where I wasn’t able to continue my normal routine, take care of kids, have any kind of social life because the migraines ruled the day. – [Irena] After just taking over-the-counter medications for years, she found out about the Hartford
HealthCare Headache Center in West Hartford. – [Doctor] Close both eyes again. – People come to this center
from as far away as Europe and the Dominican Republic. Now, a lot of people think a
migraine is just a headache, but it’s much more. It’s a neurological condition. – People have a
moderate-to-severe headache that will affect one or both
sides of the head or the face, often with extreme sensitivity
to light or sounds, and can also end up
having nausea or vomiting with the headache. – [Irene] But now, a
new class of medicines that are injected monthly are giving people like Lisa with chronic migraines… hope. – [Doctor] Looking at the frequency and the intensity of attacks. – [Irene] They’re called
calcitonin gene-related peptides, or CGRPs. – This is a brand-new class of medications that’s specifically
designed for prevention, for treatment of migraine. – [Irene] Lisa also uses Botox injections for treatment of migraines, but she says this new medication
has been life-changing. She says she still gets migraines but much less frequently. – I will step back into my life. I will say yes to a social event. Yes to friends, family, doing things. – [Irene] Irene O’Connor,
Channel 3 Eyewitness News. – [Reporter] Irene, thank you.

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