November 17, 2019
Migraine and Headache Symptom Treatment

Migraine and Headache Symptom Treatment

Hi I’m Dr. Jeff Turner with Texas
Migraine Clinic. If you experienced head or facial pain, or related symptoms such
as TMJ popping or clicking, arm numbness, or tingling, or any other mix of symptoms
that are confusing to you, it’s beyond rare that we can’t figure
out your problem using our evaluation system algorithms. Our saying is it’s
always worth an evaluation to attempt to sort things out. Note that we have
consistent success reversing all sorts of different head and facial pain
problems with a natural system that’s both fast and lasting, and it doesn’t
require medication, injection, surgery, or ongoing therapies. It’s routine that all
symptoms rapidly become less frequent, less intense, then progressively absent
all together as healing occurs. To help you determine your candidacy for this
approach I suggest taking the quiz below this video. Thanks so much

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