September 19, 2019
Midmark Procedures Tables and Patient Safety

Midmark Procedures Tables and Patient Safety

There are many factors to consider when it
comes to patient safety. During the procedure, positioning is paramount, especially if patient
complications arise. Using an exam table for procedures limits movement to the upright
or supine positions. But, a procedure table can be quickly adjusted into a full range
of positions, including trendelenburg which can be beneficial when faced with a patient
in shock or patients experiencing hypotension or fainting due to extreme distress or trauma. Table accessories such as security straps
and safety panels provide additional support to patients who may have been sedated throughout
a procedure. Specialized headrests, like the u-shaped headrest for patients in supine or
prone positions, ensure there are no breathing obstructions and promotes proper alignment
of the patient’s back and neck, reducing discomfort and the risk of injury. But, there is more
to consider when thinking about safety.

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