November 20, 2019

Mega Crack For Immediate Upper Back Pain Relief From Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor

Hey. It’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein from Doctors Adolph
and Kalkstein Chiropractic. Your Baltimore area chiropractor. And we would’ve thought that Jane would’ve
learned her lesson about cracking her own back but she comes to me and says that she
was in New York this weekend, and she slept funny on the bed, and she’s having some upper
back pain. And she said she tried to do this. She cracked her own back but she’s getting
the wrong thing, if you’re still having pain, right Jane? Yeah. Where does it hurt? Right here. Yeah. So we’re going to show you how we treat Jane,
how a professional takes care of cracking your back. Jane, I want you to sit here for me and your
legs going on the paper. Good. I want you to come around right over here
for me. Now hands on top of your head Jane, I’m going
to get rid of your pencil so you don’t stab me in the leg. Okay. On top of your head Jane. Elbows, interlock your hands. Roll back to me. Okay, so interlock your fingers for me, and
open your arms up and relax your head back. Take a breath in, and out, and let this just
drop back. There we go. Alright. Now come on back through here. And we’re going to do one more things for
today, and she’s got some first rib dysfunction. Here you go, on your back next to me, alright. How’d that feel by the way? Great. Yeah? This side or the other side? Other side. So you put this hand here, Jane. This is first rib; you guys have seen this
one before. Turn your head this way Jane. Reach this arm around, grab my opposite shoulder,
hold on, and now you’re going to let that roll back. There you go. Alright guys, so that’s how professionals
take care of upper back pain. So if you’re dealing with upper back pain,
stop cracking yourself, see a professional. Thanks for watching everybody, we’ll see you
next time.

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