April 6, 2020
Meet Dr. Thomas Ring, Joint Replacement Specialist

Meet Dr. Thomas Ring, Joint Replacement Specialist

(upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Dr. Thomas Ring and I’m a board certified
total joint replacement surgeon at MedStar Orthopaedic Institute. The decision to undergo
a joint replacement is a very significant one. However, I know from my experience that it can be a life
changing one as well. My core clinical interests are treatment of hip and knee arthritis in adults who have those conditions. Initially that means
non-surgical treatment such as physical therapy and injections along with medications and when those are no longer effective it means discussing hip or
knee replacement as needed. Joint replacement is an excellent option for patients who have end stage
arthritis of the hip or knee who no longer respond to
non-surgical treatments. A great orthopedist once told me that everything in orthopedics comes down to pain and function so it’s the patients who
have debilitating pain and physical function that’s no longer at an acceptable level
that are good candidates for joint replacements. I also have a background
in biomedical engineering which helps to understand the
implants and materials we use at the time that it comes
to select the best treatment for each individual patient. Over the last several years I’ve performed hundreds of
hip and knee replacements for patients with a wide
variety of initial problems. In orthopedics we
frequently use technology to help us perform the surgery better and over the last decade or so a lot of that has involved
computer navigation and robotic assistants. I’ve been doing computer
navigation since 2012 and using the robotic
assistants since 2015. I commonly use the robotic equipment to perform both partial
and total knee replacement. A couple of advantages to
using the robotic equipment is first, we can do a lot
more pre-operative planning to make sure that we
have everything set up just the way we want it ahead of time and the second is it makes it much easier to work around existing hardware if there is already
hardware in someone’s joint. After having their joint replaced, the vast majority of patients
can walk long distances, they can ride a bicycle, they can swim and for skiers, if they
were a good skier before, they are allowed to go back
onto the ski slopes afterwards. Restoring people’s function is one of the best parts of my job. Two of my favorite things are first, getting
people out of wheelchairs and second, helping them get back to work. (upbeat music)

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