November 20, 2019
Maya + Lucas || Their Evolution [CC]

Maya + Lucas || Their Evolution [CC]

– Yeah? Let’s see how cool you can be when you look at him. Hi, I’m Maya. You’re really cute! We should hang out sometime! You make me happy. You don’t pay enough attention to me! This isn’t working out. It’s you, not me. We can still be friends! Not really. Awwww! Look at him looking for a place to fit in. – Do you think he’ll sit with us? (high-pitched squeal) – How ya doin’? I understand your point, but I use my phone to video chat my old friends and to find out what’s going on in Texas. – Yeah. How else can keep tabs on all the hoedowns and cattle pageants? – (sternly) Maya… – It’s okay, Riley. I’m unaffected by Maya’s views of country life. As my Uncle Buster always says, “Be like an eagle, and soar above the mockingbird!” – You’re the mockingbird. – I know. It kills me that I can’t get to you. – Sorry, ma’am. – (voice wavering annoyedly) Ooooooooooooh. Hey, Soaring Eagle. You walking with us to the library tonight? – Sure; if that’s good with you guys. “Tales of Human Interaction.” – We’ll take it. Thanks, Quickdraw! “Not until we put down our phones, switch off our computers, and look in each other’s eyes will we be able to touch each other’s hearts.” Yeah. They’re just friends. Dude, I’m supposed to kiss the girl. Shakespeare said. Aw, look what the bulldozer did to ya. – There are other girls in this world. – There are. – And other girls, like Missy Bradford, are going to talk to Lucas. – They are. – I don’t like that. – I know. Take your finger out! – Can’t. Can’t move. Scared. Because he’s really cute. Don’t you think? – I loathe you. – Well, Lucas doesn’t. In fact, I think he’s kind of into me. Shocker. I get scared at scary movies. You’ll take care of me. Won’t you? Because… (faint chuckle) I wouldn’t want you paying for everything. Oh! Well then. I’m sorry, Missy. But… these are my friends. And I don’t like doing anything without my friends. – Boop! (Woman on TV) I think I’m in love with your other head. Hey guys. – Lucas! – Hand. – Lucas! – Grown-up voice. – (lower) Lucas. Hello. – Hey. – Hey hee-haw, You going to Tick Tock Shake Your Body Time? ‘Cause, you know, it’s not a square dance, so not gonna be a whole lotta do-si-doing. -Well then, I’m sure I’ll have no idea what to do and you can make fun of me. – You’re not playing this right. – Ohhh, well that’s certainly not my intention. I’ll try harder next time. – I will break you. – Well, if that’s what makes you happy then… I certainly can’t wait for it… Ma’am. – (voice waveringly annoyedly) Ooooooooooh. – You goin’ to the school dance, Lucas? Thought I would. You? – (makes disgusted noise) Ya hear me? Blahhh. You’ll both be there. He’ll be the one in the cowboy hat goin’ like this. (shoes tapping floor) – So you’re going to class? – Thought I would. You? – (students clapping) The hat’s just for me, isn’t it? You actually put thought into our little game, dontcha? – I actually do. – (shudders) Hart and Friar Muffins report: We started with one hundred muffins made each with all natural and organic ingredients. – And you selected these ingredients because…? – Because that’s the right and responsible thing to do. – You really believe that? – I don’t know. You spend a day with this guy! – So far we’ve sold fourteen muffins at a dollar each. – Ok, how much did they cost you? – They didn’t cost us anything to make. – Well, how’s that possible? – Well, my mother bought them for us. She wanted us to sell healthy food. – How’s that workin’ out for us so far, Huckleberry? This isn’t fair, Mr. Matthews. I had to listen to Lucas and his mother talk about (exaggerated Southern accent) good eatin’ and wholesome livin’ and the natural cornucopia of the Earth’s bounty. – Have you ever even heard me talk? – HA-HURRRRR! – Wow! – While these two just poured sugar into a muffin cup. It isn’t fair! – What isn’t fair? – That I’m not on their team! – Miss Matthews says you’re fired. HA-HURRR! – Yeah, I had that coming. Alright, you’re done, Maya. – What? – I’m taking you out. – You’re not my type. Trick or treat! – Why are you screaming? You scared us! – What are you guys doing here? Aww, cowboy’s got the blues. (singing) ♪ Campfire for one, ♪ My friends are all cows, and I miss ’em. ♪ Ha-hurr, ha-hurr, hurr, ha-hurr… ♪ – (playing harmonica) – I will never get to you, will I? – Nope. But I sure do appreciate the effort. – (voice wavering annoyedly) Oooooooh. – No going after Farkle.
– Okay, moral compass, I promise we won’t go after Farkle. – Good. Thank you. I’d like you to be my secretary of state. – I’m nobody’s secretary, Ranger Rick. – Hey, Hart.
– What? Secretary of state is president’s ambassador to the world. It means he thinks highly of you. It also means he’s trying to get you out
of the country. Look at that lady. Why can you only see half of her? Ohhhh. Look at these. I could never do anything near this. These people all have something to say. – Well, you only know that because they went ahead and said it. – You know? Some day, you’re gonna make somebody a wonderful fortune cookie. – Yeah. I’m gonna tell Maya I have a country-singing great-grandpa and that I actually do come from cowboys. Yeah, because I need more nicknames to go with Hopalong, Sundance, and Ranger Rick. – No. I’m done with that. I am so impressed with your rich, Texas heritage that I am officially throwing out all of those old
nicknames forever. – Well. Thank you, Maya. – No problem, Bucky McBoing-Boing. Oh no. – (strumming guitar) Hello. I’m Bucky McBoing-Boing. (singing) ♪ I got a ♪ great-grandson who’s a Ranger Rick. And a hopalong ♪ and a sundance, too. ♪ Everybody! – [all] ♪ I got a great-grandson who’s a Ranger Rick ♪ and a hopalong, and a sundance, too. ♪ I come from a long line of Clutterbuckets. – Oh, this is the greatest day of my life. Maybe we could just come back another time. Come on, we can’t start the revolution without you. – [Maya] Fine, but nobody look at me. – Okay. Nobody look at… Mayaaaaaaaaaa! Somebody told Farkle that he doesn’t deserve us as friends. – Who?
– It’s not important. – It’s the most important thing in the world. I’ll find him myself and I’d hate to be him when I do. – Am I there yet? – Farkle, don’t know what anybody says get to you; that’s what gives them power. This is where Riley and I figure out our
most important stuff. – Do you ever talk about me here?
– What do I do know? I don’t know what to do? – Start over and move on.
– This is a very special place to us, Lucas. – Do you ever talk about me here?
– You gave me bad advice! If you tell him I said that, I will jack you up, son. If we could just find out who this guy was,
then I know you’d take care of him. – What? Beat him up? Maya, all those people on the blackboard never became like the people who were attacking them by
resorting to their methods. It’s just not the first response of an
intelligent person. You’re the nothing, Billy!
– Lucas, don’t. – I thought this was what you wanted, Maya. – What? She wanted you to pop me, Mr. Perfect? Well, I don’t think that’s what he’s
gonna do.
– Yeah, no that’s what I’m gonna do! – No! That’s what he wants, he wants you to be like him. – Hm, you see, Lucas is like me. We live in a cloud of awesomeness, remember? Handshake? – I don’t like you like this, this isn’t the billy I know, and I want
to know why and I want to know now. And would you get off my back? – Come on, man. Hey, I tickled your toes.
– Well, that explains the Lucas dream. Get out of detention free.
– Ooooh. I could use one of those. Give me that and I won’t call you Ranger Rick all week.
– Here you go. – Thanks, Ranger Roy. – Let me guess… Ranger Roy is fillin’ in for Ranger Rick?
– All week. You were in on this.
– I’m Ranger Roy, and I’ll be here all week. – (Annoyingly) Oooohhh. Hi, guys. Wow, Smackle, you look great. – (Shy) *Giggles* Because they’re supposed to be that much life in her.
– And everything alive deserves to be – Cared for the right way. What if I ask the other one out? – Hello, I get the first one, how long you
want to do this?
– Well, there’s only two of them. – So, you’re going to ask one of them out?
– Maybe I will..someday. – Hey, Ranger Rick! You want to go out with me?
– What? – Do you want to take me to a movie and put our hands on the popcorn at the same time and see what happens or what? Riles, you’ve been all goofy about Lucas since you fell into his lap on the subway.
– You pushed me. – And now I pushed him. Can I at least your maid of honor? – Of course, when I marry anybody else in the world besides Ranger Rick.
– What, you’re just going to date him and then throw him away? – Hey Whack Job?
– Yes? – He doesn’t want to go out with me. He’s not going out with me, he’s never
going out with me. Should I be scared?
– Of Ranger Rick? Sure, honey you be as scared as you like. You know what the best thing is about going out with Farkle?
– What? – No matter what happens, I won’t get
hurt. What could possibly go wrong? – Lucas? – Go over there, Riley. Be with your best friend Okay, I get it. Now what is so important? – You want to see a rope trick? – Will you stop just distracting me with that, it’s not like actually believe you’re a real cowboy. — Yeah, ’cause if i was, then I could do this. I saw go give birth.
– Hi.
– Hi. – (Outraged) Wait a minute! Lucas, you got an opinion on this?
– Yeah, what yo got, Mr. Moral Compass? – Did you just call Lucas Friar your moral compass? Ah, they called you moral compass…Okay. – Something bad is happening, Maya. – Yeah, it occurs to me you’re trying to tell us Ranger Rick was a little different back in Texas. – A little? What do they know exactly
because i want to say anything wrong. They know you’re a year older, right?
– Yeah. Now they do. That’s all you have to do, Lucas. You hear me? I just called you by your actual name
for the first time ever. That’s how important this is to me, because it’s
important to her. – You know who I am. I’m Ranger Rick. – Were you thrown out of school?
– Yes.
– For a full year.
– Yes. – I finally like you! – You told me you wanted to be a
veterinarian, you told me you gave birth to a horse. – That had to hurt. The only two who washed the car in six minutes and eight minutes exactly where RIley and– — Lucas? Could it’ve been Lucas? Lucas? – Yeah, Lucas! Oh Huckleberry, Huckleberry, whatever bad things you did at your old school, you were still such a Huckleberry. – Why? You need water to rinse off– So just between you and me, what did Ranger Rick really do? Did he tip over a cow? Put eleven gallons in a ten-gallon hat? In the end, you’re gonna be the one on the floor, and I’m gonna be the one who walks away. (Intrigued) *Ooohhh* A buffalo nickel. That’s what you’re putting in the time capsule?
– Yeah, my grandfather gave it to me for…anyway… my grandfather gave it to me. – No, no, no, no, no, for what? Pappy Joe gave it to you for what? – Don’t call his grandfather Pappy Joe.
– It actually was Pappy Joe. – You knew that?
– Ah it would’ve been anything I’d said. Why’d he give you the nickel? Why? – Nothing. He gave it to me for being a good little boy.
– No, no, no, no, no, tell us. – I was a little kid, I went to a kitty
rodeo and I was the only one who made it the whole eight seconds.
– You rode a bull? – It was sort of like a bull.
– Here comes funny. – I rode a sheep.
*Laughter* Okay! I’ll go first. – You putting in your sheep nickel, Billy Bob?
– No. I changed my mind about that. I’m not
putting in a reminder of when I gave up on a dream. – Your transfer slip. Hope is for suckers. I’m not going to be the cause of this.
– Too late, Huckleberry. – Hah, Huckleberry.
– You know why it happened, Maya? All you do is call me names. I finally
struck back once. – This has nothing to do with you who I I will deal with later.
– (All Boys) Yee. I’m moving my seat.
– Yeah, you just do that. – Mr. Friar?
– I’m sorry, I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally called her a name. She’s called me a thousand names, I called her one name. – Move. – Do it. – He’s under my protection. You want to tangle with me?
– Not yet. Lucas called me a short little stack of pancakes. And Riley didn’t say I wasn’t. And I don’t want to be a short little stack of pancakes! – Oh boy.
– I don’t think I’m gonna grow anymore. – Now, here we have two friends at war. Why? Who fired the first shot?
– I called Maya a short stack of pancakes. – Okay, now was that really the first shot or did Maya call you anything to make you say that to her? – She called me Huckleberry.
– There’s also a possibility I may have called him Ranger Rick once. – Once? – Oh yeah, Ranger Roy once, Ranger Rick is every day. – Oh, don’t forget about Bucky McBoing Boing.
– Oh, that was a fun day! – Oh, and she comes up to my face and goes Hahurr! like it’s the way I talk. – Huh, okay now why do you do that?
– Because he lets me. – Oh, well why do you let her?
– Yeah, I’d like to know that myself. And all he did was call you a short stack of pancakes and you’re mad at him?
– I’m not mad at him, I’m mad at her. (Yells) She cheated! (Shocked) That was loud. Come on, guys. Separately you’re the best individuals I know. I miss you. Please, come back. – Maya? – Yeah, I think I’d like it better if i was
doing well because I was doing well. There you are! – Welcome back, guys. – Oh, you don’t understand my question? Well, perhaps my good friend, Miss Maya Penelope Hart, could help me out! – (Sing-songs) Penelope.
– (Growls) Farkle!
– It came out. It just came out. It came out. It just came out. – Penelope?
– Really, Huckleberry, you wanna play with me right now? – No.
– ‘Cause you’ve done quite enough, haven’t you? – Maya!
– (Stern) Maya. – Mr. Matthews… – Well, that’s a shame because this world’s gonna belong to you soon. – Uh, the one you messed up?
– Yeah, thanks anyway. Well, maybe we don’t have a vote, Lucas– — Did you just call me Lucas? – I’ve always known your name. I like us all very much. The rest of you are going to spend the
afternoon thinking about that with the exception of Lucas the Good. – Oh boy. Is that gonna stick?
– I’m already making t-shirts. – You put me in a real bad position here, sir. I gotta do something. – You can fight this, Lucas.
– No, I can’t, sir, everyone’s looking.
– Okay, do what you gotta do. – Detention.
– Oh, thank you, sir! – Feel better, Huckleberry?
– I’m just like you now. – Yeah, we’re exactly the same. Lucas? – I never do anything, Riley. Yeah! If there’s no good kids out here noticing us, then what’s the point ?
– You questioning my leadership, Hopalong? – Okay, these names you’re calling me are killing my street cred.
– Aww, and what would you like me to call you? – I’d like you to call me Mad Dog.
– You don’t seem like a Mad Dog to me. – Well, what do I seem like to you? – You know that lamb that Mary had?
– I don’t like the way that this is going. (Battle Cry)
– Wait! Duck. Okay. That’s okay, thanks.
– Uh, I don’t know, Maya. You may want to consider this one. – You got a bike that goes with that outfit? – 1800 CC TwinCampBot Fuel Tank Wide Glide. What do you ride? – He rode a sheep. – 62-pound, quad hoof, white fleece, the kind you count before you fall asleep, Bah, Bah. – Wanna race?
– No. Well, this dark-haired girl and this blonde girl both like the same boy and they all stay best friends. Could that really happen?
– Nah. – Okay. So, Joan of Arc, I think she was kind of amazing.
– Lucas, what is it that makes people like her and you have faith in a higher power? Riley of Arc is trying to push me there,
but I’m just not the type of person that likes to be pushed, you know. – Yeah, I’ve noticed. I don’t think you can be pushed into something this important anyway, even by Riley. – Yeah, Joan of Arc thought she had a voice in her head. – Yeah, look, don’t expect it to be big, loud, and obvious. For me, most of what i believe comes to me when it’s quiet.
– Yeah, I don’t get a lot of quiet. What do you do?
– I don’t know. You just…you just listen. I said a prayer last night.
– Can I say yay?
– It was real quiet. You want to know what I think about you?
– No, I do not. – But I wanna tell ya.
– I don’t think you need to. – I’m gonna do it anyway.
– Don’t do it.
– It’s been a while. – I’m asking you not to do it. – I’m gonna do it. You wanna run or you wanna straighten the face? – Well, I wanna run, but how would that look? – (Musical notes) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hurr. – You guys wouldn’t judge me if I run, right?
– (Musical notes) Ha, ha, ha, ha, hurr. – Come on, man, there’s always another option! HA-HURR! – Feel okay now?
– Hm, that was good. – What’d you get, Huckleberry?
– I got “Most Likely Okay to be with Anything that Ever Happens.” – How do you feel about that? – Well actually, I’m okay with it. Oh! – Hey, Maya, Lucas, congratulations on winning favorite
couple. – I feel different – How is that possible?
– How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple? – Everybody does. – But we’re so much alike.
– And they’re so different. – But we’re like a summer rain.
– And they’re like fire! Maya?
– Lollipops and circuses and things that rhyme with that. – No! This is your solution, Maya? – (Shy) Hi.
– (Shy) Hey. – Hi.
– No! – Maya, you’re the most secure person in this room. You have a great life, why would you change? I mean, okay, not great life, I mean your family life could be you know, better, but at least at school you’re uh, you’re here a lot! Right? Little help, please? Donnie Barnes?
– I think people should be the best person they can be. – I agree. Riley Matthews is the best
person I can be. Maya is gone and you’re never gonna see her again. La-la-la, la-la-la, world peace…and bunnies! Alright, you all say I’m most likely to be okay with anything? Well, I’m not okay with any of this. I’m
not okay with all you guys not realizing that what you say about people matters. And I’m not okay with you guys thinking that what people say about you matters. Why would you be dancing with me if you’re officially a Huckleberry? – No, I’m not, I’m not dancing with you. – How you doing? – I hate to break it to you, Cowboy, but you’re still dancing with me, and Riley’s dancing with that guy. Are you finally taking him away?
– If he goes, we all go. – I’m here so it’s not just the girls. – There are no secrets in our group.
– Nothing can come between (Bell) okay. *Cheering* Lucas, take a hint. Pfft. – Wow! Well I don’t want that for Maya. I want Maya to be happy. – Hey, Maya, looks like Lucas here is getting all fired up on your behalf. – Thank you, Lucas, but it’s just an art class. – I feel bad. They’re taking away something you’re very good at.
– You’ve never said that to me before. – I’ve said it.
– Yeah, but not like straight to my face when you look at me. I can’t remember you actually– — You’re a great artist, Maya. – Well, he looking at ya now! – You have a real talent. And I want you to be able to get better and share it with people. – Now they just looking at each other not saying nothing. Are they saying anything? No? I wonder what they thinking. – I don’t want them to take away your
art class, Maya. – Bay window. Bay window right in five hours. – Okay.
– Who’s going to do something about art class? – I’m sure that will be Riley. – Nope. – The Blonde Beauty.
– Lucas talks about himself like that? – He was talking about you.
– Oh. Ohhh. – He said you were all full of fire. Miss Hart, I am told that you can sing.
– I can warble a tune. Do I look sleepy to you? Teacher: In front of you, each team will find a beaker of a clear liquid solution.
– Oh, he’s like a sleep machine. Teacher: And next to that, and here’s
where it gets exciting, a mystery marble! – Good night! – Okay, you get that?
– I have to do something? – All you have to do, is come in this
afternoon and drop a marble.
– (Whines) I have to drop a marble? – I will pick it up and hand it to
you. – I have to take it from you?
– That’s it.
– How’s my hand supposed to get to the beaker? – You know what? Let’s just move the beaker to the very edge of the desk so you don’t even have to lean forward.
– I have to put this in that?
– That’s it.
– (Whines) It’s too much. – This isn’t just about Farkle. It’s about all of you. – Yeah, Lucas. Didn’t you tell me to drop the marble?
– Yeah, I wanted us to do well on the midterm. – Because you have no faith in my
scientific ability.
– Because you fall asleep in my hand! I was waiting for you, partner.
– Did you just pat for me to sit down? – No, no, no. I was just patting for a better place for me to sit. I can’t see you
– Yeah, all this stuff is in the way. Why you smiling at me so pretty?
– Because I want the last thing you ever see to be nice. Maya, no one in your life you want to forgive?
– No. – Don’t think now would be a good
time? I tried. Made it real clear. Wanna hear it? – If you’re alright with it. In school, I’m learning about forgiveness. What you did makes me have a lot of angry feelings inside of me. I don’t want to be angry anymore. Why did you leave? Did I do something? Make me understand what I did. Your
daughter, Maya. AHHHH! Why are you my second, Huckleberry?
Shouldn’t you be over there with Riley? – Well, it was decided that if things get
out of hand I was the best choice to contain you. – Oh, you think you can? – Yeah, but iIll probably pay for it pretty
good. – No need to contain me, Lucas. I’m fine.
– How are you fine? You don’t look fine. Why would you not tell me about this?
– I should be able to fight my own battles, Lucas. – No, you shouldn’t. And you don’t have to, Riley, that’s the point of having friends. And did you really think there was anything you could put in this window to keep me from helping you? – We don’t like it when you get like this. Tell him, Maya! – Um, Lucas, pick up that bed with one arm. Quit looking at us, Huckleberry.
– I’m sorry, Maya, you look good.
– Oh, thanks. – You couldn’t watch him because you were afraid something would happen to him. Because you like him. You make fun of him because you like him. Are you seriously not gonna talk to me? – You could’ve gotten hurt on that stupid bull. What do you think you getting hurt would have done to the people who–
— Care about you? I think you were gonna say care about you.
– I’m not talking about me, you think I’m talking about me? talking about me – Yes, I do.
– I’m talking about everybody here. – You didn’t want him to get hurt because you care about him.
– I care about all of us. – You care about him.
– I care about all of us.
– You care about him.
– I will kill you. Maya likes you.
– Riley! – She’s been hiding it all this time. It’s
why she could watch with the rodeo. -What are you doing?
– I saw you, Maya. I saw how much you cared. You like me?
– No. – Maya, why didn’t you want me to ride in the rodeo? – Because, I didn’t want you to win and get all conceited. – I don’t think that’s it.
– (Mimicking) I don’t think that’s it. – I don’t talk like that, I just don’t. Why
do you see me like that? – Of course I don’t see you like that. Can we just–can we just look at this for fire, please? – Yes. – Stop. – Can we just stop. I just want everything to stop. – Maya, why do you make fun of me?
– Because you’re easy to make fun of. – Okay, then stop.
– Because you’re a Huckleberry, because you’re a Ranger Rick, – Would you stop?
– Look, if I had feelings for you don’t
you think I just come right out and say it? Well, I don’t, so what I do say is Ha-Hurr– – Why did you do that? – I don’t know, I just wanted you to stop.
Please don’t tell my sister. – You couldn’t think of another way to
stop me?
– Not at the time, no. I’m sorry. – You don’t have to be sorry, Huckleberry. Of course I like you. You’re a good guy. If got hurt, I don’t know what I would’ve done. I like this little ferret. Hi.
– Hey.
– Hey.
– Hi. So this is our new relationship? – Yeah, how’s it going so far? (Zay) Weird, man!
– You don’t have to watch. – I can’t look away. – How’s it going?
– Look at them.
– You think they like each other? – I do. But I think they liked each other
better when she was yelling at him all the time. – What about Riley and Lucas?
– I only knew Lucas before I came here, then I met Riley and she’s just like him.
– How? – Well the thing we all knew about Lucas is that he would do anything for his friends, and I never thought they could be anybody else like that. But Riley is.
– So you think they are like
brother and sister? – No. I just think they have a lot in
common. I mean Riley would do anything for her friends, too.
– Yeah, and I think she did. – So, what are you thinking? – Oh now? Oh it’s so funny you mentioned that, actually, right now, in this exact moment what I was thinking, what was running
through my head, was actually, if you don’t start talking to me, I’m going to pour this movie right over your head, so why don’t you give me the best you got. – Did I ever tell you once I delivered a
baby horse? Actually, it looked kinda like this. The miracle of life. – Say me now.
– Me now.
– You have every right. (Lucas) We’re changing the bay window? – Oh, look what you did, you made HeeHaw show up out of nowhere. – Lucas, how does this affect you? You didn’t grow up with us. – Yeah, I didn’t have to. I know this place has a lot of meaning to you. That makes a special place to me..because both are special to me in whatever way you will eventually tell me. – (Sing-song voice) Lived Bucky McBoing Boing Ha- Hurr! – Will you please, be kind. Maya, we’re not going anywhere.
– Not in high school, not anytime. It’s always gonna be us. Hi.
– Hey, Huckleberry. – I’m not! – Okay, want to pick a card for us?
– Yeah: How would you describe your personality- library or campfire? Oh, well you know.
– Huckleberry, it’s just a game. Is it possible to love two people at the
same time? This spot taken? – I was saving it.
– For who? – I don’t know anymore. – Hey, Lucas? – Yeah? – Have I ever said anything nice to you?
– No. – Well, It’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here. – Well, that kinda makes up for everything. You both mean the world to me and I would never do anything to hurt either one of you so i choose to stop. You won’t
decide, so I did, and I decided that we’re just friends. That’s all we are. I don’t need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now. – Still like him?
– Yeah. – There was this campfire, you see. You and me? I was in a faraway place, there was a
million stars in the sky. What do you think? Still like us?
– Yeah.

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