February 27, 2020
Managing Type 1 Diabetes: Nate’s Story

Managing Type 1 Diabetes: Nate’s Story

When our pediatrician gave us the pretty
formal diagnosis it was gut-wrenching. What kind of challenges he would face
you know and our family would face for the rest of his life. Nate was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January of 2013. He had been sick for
a few weeks. Just with internet searches, just with his symptoms. We had kind of
come to the realization it could be diabetes but still we had no history of
diabetes in the family so it was something that just kind of came out of
nowhere. I like to think of diabetes as one of those things where it’s like you
have it and you can’t really get rid of it but you can still live with it and
have a good life with it. Every day usually I have to think about my carbs
on what has more carbs and what will make my blood sugar stay what it is or
will make it go up and then go back down It is something that changes daily. It’s
a disease that has a mind of its own a lot of times and you have to be able to
be flexible with your approaches. Carb counts and with times that they do doses
and with sleepovers and with sporting activities. So many spinning plates at
one time and it’s and it’s real easy for you know to watch one of them fall but
you have to be okay with, it fell that’s fine we’re gonna get picked back up and
we’re gonna try it again. Nate’s mom is absolutely right. You know
it’s a, it is a very commonly a moving target, very difficult to hit. Consistency
is a good rule to follow but really following that rule is very difficult so
one thing family should understand is that you know this fluctuation in blood
sugar is very consistent with the diagnosis and does not mean that they’re
doing anything wrong. It’s just is part of the disease process and we understand
that very well we like to make sure families understand that. We recommend
that they are seen every three months to maintain good control of blood sugars
and adjust insulin doses and medication doses. Every three months is a good time
to touch base with families it’s always It’s always good to be able to go to talk to the
professionals and just have a reassurance. What I love about dr. Oden is he treats the child as an equal. He wants
to make sure that the kids have ownership over their disease and that
they really do truly feel comfortable asking him questions. I followed Nate for at least four years. He’s been a great kid. He’s got a great
personality, his family is wonderful. They provide him with a lot of support. They
are also very involved in the community with diabetes and I think that makes a
big big difference for me. Nate is a mess. He is a wonderful, big-hearted, outgoing,
thoughtful, courageous hero of mine. My husband and I are just really proud of
the man that he’s becoming. I will say, again, diabetes it’s a challenge that you
have to live with but you can overcome the challenges and figure out ways to
get past them.

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