September 19, 2019
MALACHITE Crystal: Reveals Hidden (Secrets) – Heals Painful Emotions & Heart Chakra

MALACHITE Crystal: Reveals Hidden (Secrets) – Heals Painful Emotions & Heart Chakra

hi in this video I’ll be talking about
this beautiful beautiful stone that I own called malachite malachite was my
number one most favorite stone a couple of years ago I still love malachite
because it taught me a lot of things about myself actually this stone is the stone that
begun the process of me really understanding what it meant to use a
stone for healing purposes at that time I was kind of unconscious about the
properties of stones or the healing properties of stones but malachite was
the one that kind of gave me the first understanding of the power of stones a
a spiritual tool for healing guys take a look at this isn’t this beautiful just look at this egg this is my
malachite egg actually it’s so funny because my dad
gave me a bunch of malachites he didn’t even know how precious these things were
to me he just bought me all these necklaces and he gave me this stone he gave me this bracelets so today I’m
basically decked out in green malachite bracelets green you know the chain so
beautiful I mean oh guys you have no idea this is one of the most healing
stones for the heart I mean I’m always talking about healing
because healing is very essential in everyone’s life you know and it’s
important to know that I talk about my stones but this is always in personal
reference to how beneficial they are to me I know there are books out there that say
that stones have particular properties and they could well be true and in many
cases if you’re a beginner it’s true but because i like to tune into my stones to
find out what they mean and what significance they have oh by the way
before I say anything this kind of has a black C on it do you see this and since
my name is Caroline I feel that this stone was made specifically for me
because it kind of has a C on it right right yeah
so well I guess it was made specifically for me so anyway I’m like i was saying i tune
into my own stones to find out what they mean for me or to feel out the energies
and to understand what purpose they have for my life and this particular I mean
malachite for me was a stone that brought out the the deep and hidden
things that were inside me that needed to be dealt with malachite for me was a
stone that unearthed it helped me unearth the deep hidden secrets the pain
the sorrow the things i was trying to run away from and it forced me
brought them to the surface and forced me to deal with them so malachite for me
is a stone that every time I wore malachite it would remind me that it was
bringing up all the issues that i had to the surface and not only to leave them
there but it was now my responsibility to deal with those issues as they arose
so everytime I would feel you know something would be happening to me and I’d be
meditating either with my malachite stones are wearing my malachite
necklaces or every time I’d be wearing the necklace just so that i
could see what’s arising in the course of the day if anything did arise if I was feeling some kind of way I would stop and think what is that
where is that coming from when was the first time I ever felt that
way why is this thing coming to the surface now what do i need to do to make
sure that I don’t have to experience this kind of feeling anymore so this is
the lesson that Malachite taught me so slowly by slowly and started to identify
specific issues and things that were happening to me and then
writing them down in a list and you know checking them out as I dealt with
them check check check done so that was how that was one way how I managed to
work with malachite I always loved my stones oh my gosh these don’t have names
yet i like to name my stones but these don’t have names yet because I mean what
can i say i’ll think about a name though well anyway these malachites helped me unearth all the things that were hidden
brought them to the surface and forced me to deal with them so since
green is the color of the heart chakra and since green is the color
of the heart I swear to God if your heart is is broken into thousand pieces
you need it to heal it you need to stop and think and heal your heart oh my gosh heal your heart heal yourself
love yourself Malachite will help you do that it will help
you bring those pieces together and help you heal your heart it will help you heal
your body malachite is a heart healing life-saving
beautiful gemstone see you next time

94 thoughts on “MALACHITE Crystal: Reveals Hidden (Secrets) – Heals Painful Emotions & Heart Chakra

  1. I realy love watching your videos Caroline – thank you very much for sharing your experiances and knowledge! You have such a positive and amazing energy which really can be felt by watching you speak. Your video on Kyanite even made me get one myself right away and I'm keeping it with me ever since. In combination with Reiki it is just wonderful! All the best and crystal greetings from Germany, Daniel

  2. Thank you sooo much Daniel! This is so sweet! I hope you enjoy your kyanite as much as I enjoy mine. And…yes, if you do Reiki and combine it with crystal therapy…the experience and effects can be out of this world. Crystal greetings to you too and remember that it is time for us all to emerge from the shadows and shine!

  3. you make me smile, there was even one point when i thought i may cry? my lovely beautiful malachite that i bought only this morning may be working its magic already. i held it in my hand when i watched your wonderful, heartwarming video ~ it is so hot now ~ thank you ~ you give out the loveliest energy 🙂 coral

  4. Thank you for sharing Caroline.  I recently was drawn to a beautiful Malachite- there is even an L for Liv on my little beauty.  I feel we have a lot of exciting adventures to be had together- a lot of healing- and I am ready to not only bring the dark up into the light, but to transmute it to light as well.  I am happy my Malachite has found his way to me. I look forward to exploring more of your posts. Thank you for your bright and beaming energy. Love and light, Liv~

  5. OMG, it was the same for me with Malachite!! And to think I was wearing it and working with it for other purposes lol. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  6. My husband bought me a Malachite pyramid and a natural malachite on copper.  SO BEAUTIFUL!   Another great video!

  7. Very interesting. I have a little tumbled lapis/malachite stone, what do you think of it ? 

    Have a great day, sister! 


  8. I'm really drawn to malachite and think about getting some but it also scares me, it seems so intense. I have to move my crystals after a couple of days or I start feeling really drained yet wired.

  9. omg! totally agree on Malachite healing properties tat u have shared on your video Caroline, Malachite have helped me too, unearthed my pain and hurtful issues bringing it to the surface..malachite is the first gemstone/crystal that made me wanna to understand and do research on too ^_^ and nice video.

  10. Wow, great video! I was drawn to a necklace in the crystal healing shop, i didnt know what it was (nor did I ask) but i was so drawn to it, so i bought it. And Ive already been receiving the healing properties from it.

  11. How do you work the stones to make the heal your heart and do all the things certain stones were meant to do? Do you just look at them or do you rub them? Anyways I like your videos sometimes just hearing you talk about these inspirational stones heals me.

  12. just open the box of malachite skull. I held it in my hand and it made my whole hand numb before spraying it with water. Is this normal?

  13. What do you think of orgonite ? I am going to be making some and trying to get some nice gem combos so far my ideas are
    Smokey Quartz
    Black tourmaline or pyrite or onyx


    Smokey Quartz

  14. I cannot thank you for this video enough! A few months ago, I was in a crystal shop and there were these lovely malachites in there, but I didn't have enough to get one and I was so sad that I had to leave them. And I hadn't mentioned this to anyone, but my soul sister sent me a care package when I was going through a super hard time just a few weeks ago. She sent me a malachite! I was so astounded, she picked exactly what I needed. I have been carrying my beautiful malachite with me every single day, and he has been bringing up these things and I think, "Wow, why am I thinking about that right now?" And most of the time it would end up in tears and a huge release. I finally understand now exactly what he is doing when that happens! Thank you so much, you're a gorgeous soul!
    Kaitlyn xx

  15. Love your malachite stone it is very beautiful. Is it better to wear the ring or the necklace in jewelry. Thanks

  16. Thank you!
    Love your channel!
    Can you please do a video on how they (books, sages, etc) know which stones do what? For example, how do they know that certain stones do certain things? How do they come to this conclusion? Is there a scientific explanation ? Can you PLEASE do a video on that?

  17. i went into my crystal shop and was drawn to a malachite ring, and it was the same, reading the meanings and understanding things.

  18. Iv found that some of these stones work best when they are gifted to you or if you found them rather than buying them for yourself.

  19. Malachite IS beautiful. But my person favourite is Rainbow Obsidian, do you know anything about the posistive or negative properties that Rainbow Obsidian stones have? If so, could you reply to this commentand tell me about it?

  20. Wow 111 comments. Today I got a malachite pendent and I felt so sad I'm so glad I found this video pray for me to go through my own healing.

  21. im wearing a malachite pendant for the first time ofcourse I've charged and cleansed it.but after a while I started to get this chest pain and chest burns. is this normal!?

  22. Hello positive people
    …anyone who knows how to clean malachite from past energies.I just bought it and i want to give to my boyfriend as a gift .
    I found many options and cures on youtube and google but i don't know which is the right one for malachite?
    Water,sage or salt ???

  23. Hey Caroline. Thank you very much I love and appericate you. I've learn alot about watching your videos. I love you beautiful accent I want to know where are you from?

  24. That's so funny you pointed out the C… before you said anything I was like dope my name starts with C. It's a sign!!! So glad I watched this video 💚

  25. Where does she get those necklaces? I can never find ones like that with multiple stones. The ones I usually get have 1 stone hanging on a string

  26. Hey so I bought some fake Malachite. Unknowingly. And I was wondering what are the dangers of wearing malachite. I know it’s fake because I looked it up as soon as I put it on. And the whole time I had it around my neck I had a VERY uneasy feeling while it was on me. Like it wasn’t the real thing. It was like my body was rejecting it. It was weird.

  27. Nice neckless ….. ( I have a malachite egg too …., I use it as a generator in (green) grids 👍 )

  28. You make me smile!!! Malachite is my favorite stone too and has helped me through a lot. I love it! Thanks for your video you’re amazing!

  29. Hi Carol I purchased a piece of this stone and I must confess that I am beginning how to love myself. I actually look back in the past to see how I allowed others to mistreat me and this was because I did not love me. I have subscribe to your channel. Thank you for posting.

  30. Hello🧘🏽‍♀️💖🙏
    So because it works on the heart chakra is it best to wear on the left wrist? Does it matter?》Thank you for sharing.

  31. Omg this video & the selenite Video gets me soooo excited about going crystal shopping, I can’t wait for that! I really enjoy watching you explain the details of each & crystal… it’s really fascinating to watch. Thank you so much! 😘😘

  32. Congratulations Caroline on 36,000 subscribers😉😆💜💕👽on the way up to 11,111,111,111+ Thank You so happy and so blessed😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

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