September 19, 2019
Madonna’s Daughter Is An Absolute Bombshell

Madonna’s Daughter Is An Absolute Bombshell

She’s the eldest child of the Queen of Pop,
but Lourdes Leon is by no means a princess. The daughter of Madonna and her former partner,
actor Carlos Leon, the woman affectionately known as Lola has done everything she can
to keep a low profile. And if you haven’t kept up with Madonna’s
mini-me, you won’t believe what she looks like now. A tween fashion designer Madonna and her daughter launched a joint
fashion line in 2010, when Lourdes was just 13 years old. Aptly named Material Girl, the celebrity face
of the ad campaign for the line, Kelly Osbourne, said via E! News, “I’m really enjoying being the face of Material
Girl. I love being part of a brand for girls and
having the opportunity to work with Lola, who has an amazing fashion instinct.” “I always thought she was great and everything,
but now it’s even better ’cause we know each other more.” One year after the Material Girl clothing
line hit hangers at Macy’s, the duo launched a collection of body care products. A then 14-year-old Lourdes revealed the work
it took to make it all happen, telling Teen Vogue, “I had to smell hundreds and hundreds of different
scents while smelling coffee beans in between. I had such massive headaches afterwards!” Then, the brand became a headache for her
mother, too. A California clothing company hit Madonna
with a lawsuit, claiming it had previously trademarked the name Material Girl. But despite the legal trouble, Material Girl
is still going strong. Copying her mom When Madonna posted a photo of the University
of Michigan’s merch store in 2014, she sparked speculation that her daughter would be enrolling
there. The Queen of Pop attended the school herself
in the ’70s, before she went on to pursue a career in dance. “And Lola’s horrified by all of it, so. She just wants me to be her mom.” The Detroit Free Press indeed confirmed that
Leon had enrolled at the university. A source told the Daily Mail at the time, “She’s really enjoying her time in Michigan
and meeting new people. However she does get homesick so [she] travels
most weekends.” According to W magazine, Lola completed four
years at the college. A fashion “It girl” When Lourdes enrolled at Michigan’s School
of Music, Theater and Dance, everyone assumed she was training to become the next Madonna. But despite her apparent abilities, Lourdes
doesn’t seem the slightest bit interested in becoming a popstar. While she’s been hitting the fashion scene
since she was 5, it wasn’t until 2019 that Lola stepped out as one of fashion’s hottest
new models. “Why do you think girls are told by the media
and society that our imperfections aren’t beautiful?” W magazine reported, “Her inclusion in Miu Miu’s Spring 2019 ad
campaign, alongside other young talents like Zazie Beetz and Maya Hawke, signals her arrival
as a fashion It girl without question.” Has she found the one? Lourdes was reportedly dating Timothée Chalamet
long before 2017’s Call Me By Your Name became the internet’s obsession. They’re no longer an item, but it sounds like
it was fun while it lasted. “You were dating Lola Ciccone. Daughter of.” When the Call Me By Your Name cast sat down
with Andy Cohen in 2017, Chalamet remembered the time he got to party with the Queen of
Pop. “I don’t know if you remember, Madonna was
kinda with us dancing and my buddy Joey was there and Lola was there too and we were all
dancing together. And I usually don’t talk about this stuff.” It was around the time of that interview that
Lourdes started a new relationship with photographer and skateboarder Jonathan Puglia. And according to her friends, things have
gotten pretty serious ever since. A source told RadarOnline, “Everyone thinks they’re perfect for each
other, despite their very different backgrounds. Madonna approves.” She wants something different Madonna let everyone know just how talented
Lourdes is, telling Vogue in 2019, “She’s an incredible dancer, she’s a great
actress, she plays the piano beautifully, she’s way better than me in the talent department.” But according to Madonna, the fact that Lola
grew up with a doting mother and plenty of money means she doesn’t have the same drive
Madge had when she was her age. Madonna said, “I feel social media plagues her and makes
her feel like, ‘People are going to give me things because I’m her daughter.’ [You] have to work through that…and then
eventually you are taken seriously for what you do…But does she have the same drive
that I have? No.” It seems that Lola is clearly in no rush to
pursue recognition. We can respect that, and we suspect Madonna
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69 thoughts on “Madonna’s Daughter Is An Absolute Bombshell

  1. Let’s be real! She’s nothing special. All because she’s her daughter. There’s a lot of prettier and more talented people out there

  2. She wouldn't have achieved anything if she wasn't Madonna's daughter. She is nothing special, not ugly but not beautiful. I do not think that she is very talented either. As I said, she had the opportunity and the money because she is who she is.

  3. It's quite disturbing how you chose an image of Lola as a child as the thumbnail in a video called "Madonna's Daughter is an Absolute Bombshell". Are you pedos?

  4. nepotism hard at work. This girl is not pretty. She's not ugly but she's very plain & ordinary looking. Good for her for getting an education though, that's awesome

  5. I think that she's a well adjusted young woman. She was not out there running the streets and getting in trouble like a lot of celebrity kids. Madge did good. 😘

  6. She doesn't need to study, doesn't need to work, she certainly doesn't need this clothing company, she doesn't need to earn money ever!
    Just enjoy life, Lola!

  7. Madonna got needs self exvpression" loudly and are outgoing , ..,no Lola not for recognising , but real technic/ art!! but …ok with some money on way..any talent get ..there without the selflove is more important and what u so

  8. MaDonna Daughter should just live her life by no means does she have to follow in her MAMAs footsteps leave her be when she is ready hopefully she will achieve her goals whatever they shall be God bless

  9. She seems very clever and she has her head screwed on. She was the most beautiful baby I think! Well done Madge!

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