February 27, 2020
Lower Back Pain Exercises & Traction – Ask Doctor Jo

Lower Back Pain Exercises & Traction – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I got an email
the other day from Lenish, sorry if that’s not how your pronounce it, that’s how we pronounce
it in the South. And he was having some low back pain and his question to me was, he was
doing his core workout, and he was still getting some low back pain. So I was talking to him
about some reverse core exercises, or as we call it in PT some trunk stability exercises.
I’m also gonna show him, and all of you out there, how to do some traction if you don’t
have access to a pool or traction machine. So let’s get started. Ok, so these are gonna
be done on the floor with your back on the floor so it protects your back while you’re
still working your core. I’m just gonna do some progressions and we’re gonna start you
down on your back here with your knees propped up. And the first one you’re gonna do is just
kind of bringing your leg straight out and coming back up. You can do 5 on one side.
Nice and controlled, nothing fast. And then switch. Do 5 on the other side. Or, you can
alternate back and forth. Doing one, back and forth. If those are pretty easy, then
you can bring them up and not put them back on the floor. So just kind of alternating
back and forth like if you were climbing steps on your back. Keeping that back flat on the
ground, keeping your core nice and tight. Not holding your breath. If you can’t talk
to somebody, then you’re not breathing and that’s not good. You don’t ever want to hold
your breath. If this becomes easy, then we turn it in to what we call the dead bug, and
you add your arms in to it. So you’re gonna alternate, arm up, arm up. Kind of looks like
a dead bug. You can also do a bike kind of like you’re peddling. And all these you want
to do maybe 30 second increments. Do it for about 30 seconds, relax, do it maybe 3 times.
And then if those become easy, keep your legs nice and straight, and do big scissor like
moments. This is gonna be a little bit harder, but if you can, keep your legs nice and straight.
There you go, and then relax them back down. So now, I’m gonna show you how to do some
traction. As you can see, we’ve made our way to the kitchen, and the best place to do tractions
is either a pool or a traction machine in a therapy clinic, but if you don’t have a
chance to get there, the next best place is a counter top where there’s a corner. And
so you can kind of back up into the corner. This is gonna be really stressful on the shoulders,
so if you have any shoulder problems, don’t do it this way. Make sure you find a pool
or PT clinic. So you’re gonna slide your arms out on the corner and just kind of relax down
into the corner. And you can either put your legs straight out if your shoulders can tolerate
it, or bring your knees in some and just relax yourself and kind of let your butt hang low.
If that doesn’t work, you can come up, push your hands up if you have good shoulder strength
and just relax your body up in the corner with your feet off the ground. Alright. So
there you have it. Those are some core strengthening for your lower back or trunk stability exercises.
And some traction if you don’t have access to a pool or a PT clinic. If you have any
questions, leave them in the comments section, and if you’d like to check out some more videos,
please got to AskDoctorJo.com. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better

27 thoughts on “Lower Back Pain Exercises & Traction – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. If you haven't already, you really need to go see a doctor. Do you remember getting injured at all? Does the pain go down into your left leg at all?

  2. hi jo,
    I am suffering from l4 l5 s1 disc herination on both sides but i felt pain on my left leg. After complete bed rest i started exercise wat my phsio told me, i just saw your several videos from last one week. it help me alot to regain strength in left leg but still i feel tingling sensation in my left leg. could you suggest me on this??

  3. Trying the traction in a pool if you have access to one would really help. I have several aquatic therapy videos if you want to check them out. The low impact should really help! Good luck!

  4. Hi Dr Jo,
    I see some good exercises for helping my knee …I also have pain in my rt hip after walking for maybe 100 yards and I will need to stop for 30 sec and then I can go again for another 100 .Just wondering if you might have some exercise that might help for my hip .Thank you.

  5. I do! I have a several hip strengthening videos if you want to check those out. You can go to my website, and the exercises are grouped by body regions. Good luck!!

  6. Hi Dr. Jo, I had spinal fusion in 2004, I am now having very bad pain, when walking for a time down the back of legs and in the buttocks. The doctor is suggesting another surgery. I am reluctant. He told me that now I have this spondylolisthesis on top of the fusion.

  7. Thanks Dr. jo – I don't have a corner cabinet anywhere in my home – my kitchen counters are all straight. Is there any way to do those on the straight cabinet or how do you do it in the pool? I can go to the gym to use the pool and LOVE the water.Thanks for any help – my back is hurting.

  8. Hi. Dr. Jo. Your Videos r very helpful. Did u make a video about side lower back stretches Before? My job require me in a certain position all the time. It makes my side of my back stiff. And I twisted both side a long time ago. The stiffness still there. Thanks!

  9. so I've got s1 disk problems and saw a physical therapist last week for it. I've had extreme pain for a couple months now. a couple days ago i actually started having a very sharp pain in my right buttocks. Halfway between the hip and tail bone. any suggestions on what i should do?

  10. The traction makes my lower back hurt when I get on the floor again, it like something is getting pinch… What could it be? Thanks!

  11. After years of back pain, my last PT did traction treatment, I now do traction on my own. I have crutches in my car and a pair of crutches upstairs another downstairs. When my back goes out I lean against the wall while I gently hang in traction for a couple seconds. Works so far.

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