January 23, 2020
Lily Likes The Pain | jake does a forsenWC | Japan Trip For Kimi For WHAT??? | Offline TV Highlights

Lily Likes The Pain | jake does a forsenWC | Japan Trip For Kimi For WHAT??? | Offline TV Highlights

Hey, no, I don’t just do think you guys know me I don’t do things for memes I do them for content, you know if I can’t make content of it. I don’t fucking do it. All right So you’re saying you filmed it I Knew a guy in Middle School who could Give himself pleasure via his own mouth Yeah, I guess you’re just really flexible really The hair yes, I would love to see this as well I didn’t really want to see it Straight ahead. There’s a fantastic ball Oh Dip your balls in the teacher Why? That’s the shit. I’d love to see in check those kind of one-off comments. It’s like they feel it’s like it’s not malicious It’s not like even a really trollish like a funny random Because you can’t Almost like Everyone has an anime voice. All right Was a cute All right, would you buy top Good luck everyone look Alright vine hmm time to destroy Dubs broken doing what the flip adieu it’ll do. Thank you so much flip a doodle-doo Thanks, what are you gonna do? Oh Shit okay. Have fun need to think what you were and look now I’m just imagining that one clip of his phone falling on the floor while he was running on the treadmill He is a J’s. He is like final evolution right now. What the Wow jeez, I’m so proud of him Hasan debated by 39 – that’s boyfriend watches your content Hassan Hey guys, what’s up, it’s me Trevor James and here we are in Chengdu China We’re gonna be exploring the best the best having some delicious spicy noodles that the citron province is known for I’m so excited to be sharing these experiencia you and today I have a local friend together voila We’re gonna dig in to the best endanim you’ve ever had. Let’s get on in there Let’s try it out and don’t forget to Like and subscribe Let’s go So this Dan Dan Mian is my favorite spot in all of Chengdu I’ve lived here for a few years as you know, and the aroma the fresh ingredients the tot fresh chili oil takes over your taste buds and I am just so excited to show you guys that’s today here on my food blog on the food Ranger Trevor James As I know too much Infernal soul is just okay anyway People running f o of course Because my internet is going down. This is oh my god Oh, sorry, oh my god in a house probably back Sorry fed was like shut the fuck up and I was like f for Internet, I’m sorry. I thought it was down I thought you guys wouldn’t You don’t have to worry about Going outside because I your shirt. Oh Oh my god, that was so close, you know what all things considered The traditional like let me show me pretty going there Yeah, it’s kind of cool. This is like a it’s like a hole-in-the-wall textile. Oh This one’s clean over here. I’ll show ya. Let me just real quick This is worth like a hole in the wall smell that solder. That’s fine this is like once you once you go into the bathroom – this is like Traditionally wait we’ll get and then you have to bring your own toilet paper A lot of it Chinese likes pretty dope. They have really nice bathrooms in malls and stuff but in these kind of like hole-in-the-wall places you’re gonna You’re gonna get typical little uh squaddies which are great. I’ll actually prefer squats for really bad poops because it’s pretty clean so You can give me a notice. I’m just sharing you guys over that information but this is this this guy’s still be like what would be expected in a place like this panel hole in the wall kind of restaurant place or Deflecting I don’t deflect You know, can you believe that people call me defensive sometimes? I’m not defensive um I don’t deflect I just want to say my opinion and give the other perspective so people Understand where I’m coming from. I’m not defense Anything in this Wish I tried stark up what if I stride Starcraft now, huh thoughts Oh No, okay What if I I’m actually a genius that Was You know, okay Look really uneven because you’re gonna have so much hair but like not enough hair here So I’m like, I can’t even get I can’t even get my bangs cuz I have too much hair wait Wait, where would they say with you? Hair kabob hair club. Oh my gosh. Can we do a stream of you styling my hair? That would make me so happy Looky loo, loo donated $20 This morning it’s named popcorn Umm, I saw it this morning, but I don’t know what it is. Is it like a I guess a show This is so well produced He made a show every Tuesday and it it does really well it’s so dope I want to do shit like this It’s like connected I’ve never hated DAF more than this moment. I’m just Absolutely brutal just brutal, dude Great how did I make you slippery? What are you doing water you can’t just make jokes like that Marik with another noscope, but I just heard someone Well, yeah, I can’t get one here and you know what none of you guys can get one here – okay So let’s all go to Japan and get adult cream pies here we are, another day, another stream, another twitch chat meme, another dream to chase, another, Would you peg someone?, fed eats sea man for content, WE OUT HERE, I wanna do a s*** like this, Chad Alpha Stance VS Normie Pose, Lily and Michael Walk Past Chance the Rapper, Michael’s random drops of nihilism wisdom, Lily likes the pain, Lily and Micheal make a Difficult Decision, Lily’s tiny purse, LILY DUETCHU, Local goblin feeds bird to Mimi, sick and sad, TheMaldRanger, CHENGDU, CHINA – DAY 0, jake does a forsenWC, Dip your balls in the tea, old kimi Pog, ANIME VOICE WutFace, Japan Trip For Kimi For WHAT??? You

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  1. i wish i knew how to play league, i wanna get into it, but kinda hard to learn without having any friends to play with lol

  2. Wait, do you even have permission for this? Isn't the official Offline TV & Friends channel the only one with permission to do those Videos?

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