November 17, 2019
Layla’s Diabetes Story

Layla’s Diabetes Story

I want to be a ballerina.My hopes and dreams
for Layla are that
she does whatever
she wants in life.
Layla was misdiagnosed
three times.
Layla was diagnosed with
Type 1 diabetes when she was just 17 months old.She became really
lethargic one day.
And so her sugar was
almost 700 by the time
we got her to the hospital.
The doctor told us that if we had not
brought her in when we did,
that she would have
been gone in a couple of days.
Are you ready to call Daddy?
My husband’s in the military.He’s in the reserves.
Hello, Daddy.
And he’s also an
OR nurse at the VA hospital.
And so I do most of
Layla’s care on my own.
I don’t want yogurt.
Well, we have a lot
of carbs for this meal,
and so we need to
have some protein.
You have to carb count.
You have to weigh food,
check sugar, all of that.
People don’t understand that
type 1 is an autoimmune disease.
Her pancreas does not produce
the insulin needed to live.
The Omnipod is
the pump she uses.
It’s tubeless.
We have to change
that every three days.
It’s all done.
She’s worried about you.
What are we waiting
for, cried the lion.
Night time is the worst.
I live in fear every
time I lay my head down,
wondering if Layla will
wake to see another day.
If I should die before I wake–
It’s really, really hard.
I don’t wish this on anyone.
Your life revolves around
keeping your child alive.
Amie connected with Lions when she
was raising funds for a diabetes alert dog.She went through scent
impression training,
and so each glucose number
has a different smell.
Jubilee is trained
on Layla’s scent.
She alerts Mama
so she can tell Mama
if I am high or low.
She’s also gone and fetched the meter.Thank you.
Good girl.
Good meter.
Seeing Layla go through what
she does on a daily basis
has made me want to be a stronger
person for her and for myself.
My goal is to not only be
the best mom that I can be,
but to educate and
advocate in her honor.
Layla and her dog, Jubilee, were made
honorary members of the Lions club.They stole our heartsand inspired us to
do more for diabetes.
Lions organized a diabetes walk.We were able to
raise funds for JDRF
and also raise funds to give
to diabetes camp as well.
Having Amy and Layla come to
our district meetings to speak,
it made a positive
impact on a lot of clubs.
As Lions, we’re happy to
help spread the word with Amy
and Layla about diabetes.
Best day ever!
I don’t want diabetes to ever stop her.We want her to look
at the world and know
that she can take it on.
We’re changing lives.
So can you.

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  1. If type 1 diabetes were caused by promiscuous sex or IV drug abuse, I firmly believe the gov't would have already spent the resources needed to find a cure.

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