December 13, 2019
KURZ- Škola chiropraxie – AKO TO FUNGUJE? štítna žľaza + hormonálny systém

KURZ- Škola chiropraxie – AKO TO FUNGUJE? štítna žľaza + hormonálny systém

What did I do to you on the last course? We solved the thyroid. Surely, I went also in your belly because it was important. We solved something but I don´t remember too much. I think it was thyroid, mainly. Because it was very enhanced so you remembered that. Well, what has been changed since that? My thoughts overall. I loosened myself overall. It was not by technique, hey, it was by other things because one member of a course says: I was at the course a there were wonderful energies …. I feel them until now. There were very kindly, friendly energies. So friendship, love and other similar emotions loosen mental processes and get free the spirit. Of course, not the technique of thyroid. It needs to take into account. But the neck was loosened. It went down. And it stayed the same in some way, is it? And you also lost your weight about a kilo… Sure something yes. He looks better I must say that it is a big change when I compare him in January and now. And you are such more satisfied. It is going here in fact about that the osteopathy of belly as a such and loosening of soft ligaments which consisted also of loosening thyroid, it is superior to big joints. The big joints are in fact ordered hierarchically lower toward internal organs so sometimes when there are the big joints aches or whole-body aches or when a person feels weak or he has some problems like stomach or other, so, in these cases, we are focused on belly respectively I am almost always focused on belly. I tell the person to eat slightly before coming. Not too much. Because somebody eats too much before and then it is not possible to do it. So, he shouldn’t eat too much. I make the visceral therapy almost always. Because there is very very clear connectivity. It is combined perfectly together. So, when it is going about the osteopathy of belly, When can you do it? You can do it almost to everyone who allows it and to everyone you dare. You can do it or if you want to do it just from the belly button down. Because there is a safety zone for you. You can do it when a person doesn´t have very strong shooting belly aches. When he doesn´t have very tough belly and he is not in such a collapse because this belongs to doctors’ hands. Because there can be the acute inflammation of the appendix or some tumour or there can be whatever. Sometimes it happens that the person isn´t OK and I tell him to visit a doctor. Go on screening because I am not sure about this issue. So, the techniques of belly loosening. Give me even two or more. At least two. Is it enough? It´s enough that. The techniques of belly loosening are two. There are two independent schools. And it is a structure recovering. It is done in this way that either a thump is sunk or the fingers are sunk this way and it is getting free. Do you notice how do I withdraw it? Because there is going about that the organ as a such needs a space for its working. Every organ, every joint, everything needs a space for working. Simply saying when it is jammed it cannot work well. As soon as I loosen it then it can work well and performs its function on more percent than before. So, the techniques are two. The first is in this way. With these fingers. Or this way and the second is that I go to some particular place I think it is necessary. I press and let this place to be loosened. When I want to increase the effect and I need it for example here and I want to increase the effect of this pressure so in the deepest and still little painful pressure I catch it and pull it little bit as if I pull it away in fact and sink it this way. I press and then pull it little bit. So, these are the two techniques. But the most I use this as you noticed. This I don´t use so often but it also belongs to this school. The main training inventor of loosening spasms and some systems and things is the doctor Ogulov from Russia There are some movies where he shows how it works. He prefers a system that here it is started and here it is ended. I don´t think so because everybody is individual. Somebody needs this and somebody needs something else. But this is a matter of opinion as a such. So, with this technique, it is loosened the spasms in bellies on the one hand. It is loosened and unstuck guts but it can be also shifted organs with them. For example, when I want to shift a kidney so I stick here very deep and I shift this kidney. Or when there is a reversed kidney, so I simply turn it little bit because it needs a better place. So, there are either loosened spasms or placed particular organs, a duodenum or whatever. There is also one more technique – we will show. How it is placed the uterus when it is descended. I had an interesting case with a uterus. A woman was from Czech Republic and she says that she must place her uterus three times a day. It was come out through cervix but she didn´t want to have an operation. She was with her daughter. I have a deck chair which can be tilted in the reverse and I showed her daughter how she will place her uterus. I repaired it to her and it comes on the right place well. The belly muscles can be descended this way with the influence of weakening and gravitation. When the uterus is placed from the bottom it is not enough. But when it is whole done completely so it can be better held and simply stabilized. I will look at it again while you are lying right. I see something, but it is very private. Don´t you have any problems with your left joint? Or anything in the left groin? So, it was painful but now I don´t feel the pain. Now you don´t have. But you don´t have the leg all right. It is not going well to this leg. And you have a feeling that the left leg is a little bit more numb. As if it was not your leg? Yes, it is such as. Well, bend over the leg. So now, I use the technique and I sink here. I am approximately in the middle here. I sink and loosen it him this way. I do it to everyone. I show it. I do it to everyone in fact. Well, straighten it. Well, bend over the legs again. It is more systematic in your case. The dysfunction is more systematic. So, we will learn one more heart point here. It is such a main point which I have in habit where it is loosened a heart, kidneys and the whole energetics all of the body through this one point. It takes completely different level in your case. I think you will be relieved little bit now. Come to stand up. Try to walk little bit. How it goes to this leg? How do you feel it? You don´t have to because it was just such a light treatment. Yes, it is better. Surely better. Such a more alive leg, is it? How do you feel when breathing? I can do it deeper. You see, I didn´t do anything with breathing in fact. It was just loosened the heart. It was loosened energetics so it was changed him the whole. You should feel little bit more such alive. Yes, I still have a pressure in head. It is possible because the energetics isn´t still OK. And particularly when there is not loosened the cervical spine. Show you from behind to me. It is possible that this person completely loses balance. Because it was changed his energetics. I take the habit on this. On what? That I lose the balance in head. Yes? We look at your atlas. Lie down on the back. You shouldn´t take a habit on whatever because you never get rid of it. Well, come to stand up. Try to walk whether the head is in the same imbalance. Otherwise but still in imbalance. What was changed? The pressure went little bit higher. And from eyes? It is not such so strong in eyes. Well, well, sit down there. And there will be legs. Give me a lighter and needle. Here, it is necessary to do acupuncture. You will also learn it. It is like a tattoo. It is OK. The tattoo is more drastic. Well, come to stand up. Walk little bit. Better. It is in arm now. Pressures were lost. Is it OK? Clear. How do you breathe? Better. Give the hand little bit under you. Hold the table little bit please. Well, try now. Better. How does it pull? Does it pull the arm still? I have it from the child. It jumps. It doesn´t mind you have it from the child. No, I feel it stronger that it is stronger the arm. How do you feel overall related to energetics? Better. It flows. I think if it stays the same you will get in better conditions in other places. Is it OK? Clear. Thank you very much. You are welcome.

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