December 14, 2019

100 thoughts on “Kina – Can We Kiss Forever (Lyric Video) ft. Adriana Proenza

  1. whenn i hear this on tiktok in 1st rime i ask my couzz what is the tittle of the sound then he said (Can we kiss forever) then i search it then i say this is the one who compete my heart again my thanks of this song is very big

  2. Download this music on website

    Or you can use link below:

  3. I am still falling in love with him even though that he has already had a gf😓…Am i wrong? btw its my fault😓🖤

  4. She cheated me dating another guy. I still feel love for her. Thinking i lost my life. But she wanted it so happy for her

  5. made a fortnite montage of this song, Check it out on my yt :), I put alot of cinamatics in it, because i love this song, who agrees?

  6. So I like the song but I saw a sad video then heard the part on tiktok and cried real tears for a week about it (it was a kitten that was scared) but it's a very amazing song

  7. I know that I’m gonna die by suicide. I just know it. So for when before I actually do it I’m gonna play this song. Mostly the beat. It just makes me feel at ease. So calm…

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