November 19, 2019
Jugnu Full Movie | Dharmendra Hindi Action Movie | Hema Malini | Bollywood Action Movie

Jugnu Full Movie | Dharmendra Hindi Action Movie | Hema Malini | Bollywood Action Movie

A revolution has started
in our hearts and.. ..the enemy has been challenged. Shut up! I don’t want to lose
my reputation, my goodwill.. ..and the title given to me
by the British government.. ..because of
a hopeless son like you. The title given to you by
the British government may be.. ..dear to you but my country is
the dearest for me. Shyam, listen to me very carefully. There’s no place for
a rebel like you in my house. My heart isn’t ready to become
just another brick in the wall of.. ..a Rai Bahadur’s or
a Khan Bahadur’s house. Shyam!
– Hands up, Mr. Shyam. If you try to move
I will shoot you. You are right,
inspector. Shyam is a rebel. I don’t have
anything to do with him now. It’s the weak who
need a father’s name. From this moment on, I will never tell
the world that I am related to you. Sir, your son.. Don’t trouble me. Inspector, let me touch
my husband’s feet. – Husband? We have been married for
the last three months, inspector. Drop it. Officer, hold her, hold her. I don’t know. If you know how to cover up then
the police know how to uncover. Sir.
– What? The motorcycle that Shyam was
fleeing on, met with an accident. It’s completely mutilated and
there’s no trace of the dead body. ‘A flame that is lit by the Gods and
shielded like a blanket by the air.’ Mother, please come back
early from work today. Do you know how many prizes
your son is about to get.. the school function today?
– How many? Prize for studies, long jump,
high jump, swimming, horse-riding.. Mother, what’s the matter? Why do you get so emotional
on every 15th of August? This is our Independence Day. Son, You don’t know
the kind of sacrifices.. ..your mother had to
make for this independence. Your grandfather asked your
father to leave his house.. ..because your grandfather was
a Rai Bahadur.. ..and for your father
the country was everything. No one knows where he fled away
from the police. Mother, why didn’t father
return after the independence? The country went through partition.
We came here. We never found him. Mother, what’s my grandfather’s name? Your father never used
your grandfather’s name again. His last words were..’s the weak who
use their father’s name. It’s the weak who use
their father’s name. This is your fifth prize.
How many prizes will you win? Sir, he’s the
smartest kid of our school. Lucky are those parents
whose have such great kids. What’s your father’s name? It’s the weak who use
their father’s name. Sir.
– Yes! Today that kid said something
that I had once heard from my son. He was a sharp kid. Yes. If Shyam had a kid he would
have also been of the same age. Even if he has a kid no
one knows where he is. There was such a big
revolution in the world. The country was
divided after the partition. People were
displaced from their homes. We left everything
we had and came here. At least our country was free. But what did I get? I lost everything
due to my stubbornness. My son, my daughter-in-law. Every year in the light
of the Independence Day.. ..I look at the darkness of my home. I have so much wealth,
but no one to inherit it. Mother. Mother. Mr. Ghanshyam Das, it’s you? Yes, I went hunting but
I didn’t find any prey. Are you done with your work?
– Yes. Parvati, ever since
you started working with us.. ..I have become your prey. Mind your language and let me go. Parvati, a true hunter will
never let go of an easy prey. Scoundrel, leave me. leave me. leave me. Mother. I’ll kill you. Let’s go, let’s go
from here, let’s go. I will kill you.
Mother, leave me. Mother.. Mother.. Mother, leave me.
– Let’s go. Leave me.
– Listen to me. Mother. Mother. Mother. You killed my mother! You killed my mother! Murder. Stop him. That kid
has murdered our master. Catch him. Catch him. Catch him. Catch him. Parvati? ‘No one to inherit all
this wealth and fortune.’ ‘It’s a great opportunity for me.’ Who is it? – Master, he is Ramesh,
your dear grandson. He’s your son’s only son. Son..
– Grandfather! Where’s daughter-in-law? Mother has passed away. I don’t have anyone else
in this world, grandfather. I don’t have anyone, grandfather.
– It’s okay, don’t cry, my son. I’m right here. I’m here for you. I will never forget this
favor of yours, accountant. Sir, I am your loyal servant. Sonia speaking. No, dear. In this deal your
name will be Cleopatra. I got it, boss. And deal smartly. Check your watch. Five to twelve. Wait for few minutes. An agent will enter your
compartment exactly at twelve. But how would I identify him? Red rose. Who’s that?
– Red rose. What, five minutes before time? The bloom has come
five minutes earlier. The bloom always comes
earlier for Cleopatra. Just five minutes for Cleopatra? They are very
precious and unforgettable! You can surely identify diamonds. That’s my profession. Since when? Well, I am an old hand at this.. ..but this is the first time
I am dealing in a moving train. Well, that’s the
nature of our business. Also, we need to take precautions. How subtle are your signs! Beautiful eyes, moves of Cleopatra,
a diamond shaped body. Egyptian beauty.
– here. Fantastic. Beautiful. Diamonds or Cleopatra? Both. I am an admirer of
all things beautiful. Price? Five lakhs, only for diamonds. Who’s that?
– Red rose. Two red roses at once? Who are you? Red rose. Proof? Here is the five lakh, the
price of Egyptian beauty. And you? Tony. Fake red rose. Hands up! Get ready to die. Can I pray to my Lord for
the last time before dying? Sure. Mr. Gulab Chand. Give me the bag with the money. Madam, stealing is a bad thing. Come on. Keep the diamonds
as well in this. Please lock it. Thank you very much. See you again. Give the police his
description and his van number. Ok, boss. Hello, patrol. Hello, Van MHR-2441. Yes, sir. Proceed. Ashok, the police is chasing us. Take the car towards Juhu. Ashok, the police have
surrounded us from every direction. Stop the car over the gutter. Can’t you hear the siren? Are you deaf? Are you deaf or what?
– Yes. Inspector Kapoor,
the backdoor is closed. Come on, give me the key. Sister-in-law! Where will
I bring a sister-in-law from, sir? I am my father’s only son. Now where would I get
a sister-in-law from? Idiot. I am asking you to
give me the keys. – Keys!! Hey, what’s this? I am searching the keys,
sir. What else? Here are the keys, sir. Constable. Take out your guns. Well done,
constable. Careful, constable. That’s odd. Is he a man or a ghost? They are not ghosts, they
are monkeys, sir. – Shut up. What the hell? Well done, Seema. Well done. I love you. Who are you? Lover. Whose lover? Of the girl who hits the target. Your name? Truthful person. Mister, you are lying. Look, if I was lying.. ..I would have said that
your eyes are not beautiful.. ..that your hair is not long,
that your gait isn’t beautiful.. ..and that you are not a brave girl. Look, mister, you
are crossing the line. You have seen how good I am. The next
bullet will pierce your heart. Miss, my heart is not your bottle. If you want it, you can
take it, but don’t mince it. You are very uncivilized. And you, are not. Fantastic. You were great. You got the hat back to the
place where you blew it away from. Thank you. You are a master in this art.
You shoot like a dacoit. Thank you. You have got a great aim. Hey, Miss! Stop there. Follow that car. The loot is in her car’s boot. Oh God! IG of police’s bungalow? He’s the big daddy of all. Ramu, put the luggage in my bedroom. IG’s daughter’s bedroom
is no less than a jail. You go in there and I will leave. Once again a train was
robbed today in broad daylight.. ..and you guys are unable
to catch one single person. Just one man. Sir, you mean all the crimes
in the recent past have been done.. one person. Yes, the same person has
done all these crimes.. ..because all them look similar. That criminal fled from the scene,
jumped on the truck.. ..and escaped from under your nose. The entire police force
just kept looking and.. ..couldn’t catch one single person. This person seems like a magician.. ..who turns day into
dark night for the police. Seema, mind your business. I’m sorry, uncle. So.. How did the lights go off? I will check with the base station. Hello. I am calling
from the IG’s bungalow. Our power has gone off.
Please send an electrician soon. Oh God! Oh my God! Johnny, come here. Come on, come here. Who’s that?
– I’m the electrician, sir. How come you’re here so fast? I was working in the nearby bungalow.. ..and we got a call saying
that your lights have gone off. Good. Go and check it. I’ll check it. I’ll check it. Sir, why did you call the police? This is IG of police’s bungalow. Don’t waste time. Go and check. In a moment. In a moment.
I’ll do it in a second. Madam, in which room
have the lights gone off? All the lights were
working properly downstairs.. I don’t know about
the lights upstairs. Then we will have to go upstairs. How many rooms do you have upstairs? Four, My room, my uncle’s room
and the other two are guest rooms. Ok, come, let’s check your room. Come.
– Let’s go. The switch is over here. Miss, you fell down. You didn’t hurt yourself, did you? I can’t see anything in the dark. But we have to see
everything in the dark. Leave me. What are you doing? I can say it looking at your
feet that you’re a good dancer. How did you know from
that I am good at dancing? Just a glimpse is sufficient. I can say something more
just by looking at your eyes. Are those eyes or rocks?
– Rocks? Yes. In Punjab we compare
beautiful eyes with rocks. What?
– Yes, watt! 400 watts power. These eyes can never miss the target. What do you mean?
– I mean you are good shooter. Are you an
astrologer or an electrician? I am an electrician.
That’s why I’m telling you.. ..that there’s not
much difference between.. ..a human being and electricity. Both of them give you
a shock if you touch them. It’s possible. Each one of
us has some electricity. But some people have both
the currents. AC as well as DC. What does that mean? AC pulls others and
DC gives love shocks. You talk a lot. Do your work.
This is the switch board. Don’t get angry. I’ll do right away. Okay, Okay. I got it. I got it. I got it. What did you get?
– What I wanted badly, girl! There was just a minor problem. What sort of electricians do you call? You must always call me.
Everything will be order. Will you repair it today or not?
– Yes, it’s almost done. In just a minute. Green signal. Line clear. Okay. Your power is back.
My work is also done. And you may go now.
– Okay. If you have any problem the
next time, do call me again. My name is Pyara Singh. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Goodbye. It’s a serious matter.
We have to do something soon. It’s done, sir.
– Good, here’s your reward. It’s okay, sir. Madam has
given me the reward. – Good. Stop there. Give me the bag. Sir, that bag was also
similar to this one. – Which one? The bag with which that
criminal fled from the train. Keep quiet. Return the bag. Oh! He left his beg here. Take it.
– You can keep it if you want. Thank you. Thank you
very much. You may go now. Uncle. – Inspector, you shouldn’t talk
about such things in front of public. Uncle, where is that electrician?
– He has left.
I am sorry, sir. This is his bag. But he left with his bag. Two similar looking bags? Let me see. Jugnu!
– Jugnu? “Come here.” “They are young. They are sweet.” “Kids are truly the
bright spots of the world.” “The lights of Diwali are fake.” “They burn all night and
go bust the day after.” “They are young. They are sweet.” “Kids are truly the
bright spots of the world.” “The lights of Diwali are fake.” “They burn all night and
go bust the day after.” “When compared to kids,
colors appear lifeless.” “The stars and the moon get
their radiance from them.” “The braches of the trees in garden
look at them and dance in joy.” “Flowers in the garden are fake.” “They blossom today and
wither away tomorrow.” “They are young. They are sweet.” “Kids are truly the
bright spots of the world.” “The lights of Diwali are fake.”
– Good going, buddy. “They burn all night and
go bust the day after.” “Count till hundred.” “Delhi scores a hundred.” “Attach a string to that hundred.” “The crook has just bolted.” “The queen of birds
says in zoo goes..” “Chirp, chirp, chirp.” “When they laugh,
everyone laughs with them.” “When they cry,
everyone cries with them.” “For them we stay awake all night..” “..and they sleep in peace.” “They bring joy into our lives.” “Every other support
in our lives are fake.” “They are there
today and gone tomorrow.” “They are young. They are sweet.” “Kids are truly the
bright spots of the world.” “The lights of Diwali are fake.” “They burn all night and
go bust the day after.” “The lights of Diwali are fake.” “They burn all night and
go bust the day after.” Mother.. ..there’s nothing left in my
life except your memories. Even today I burn like this candle. But wherever you are,
you would be happy.. ..that there are so many
candles are burning in your memory. All these kids are also
craving for parents’ love like I do. Give them your blessings, mother. Let these flowers blossom forever. Father, you got
independence even before.. ..our country got independence. If you were alive you would’ve seen.. grand was this
year’s Diwali celebration. We played a high stake card game.. ..and then Munnibai danced for us. If you were here, you would have
forgotten ‘Long live the revolution’.. ..and would have instead
chanted ‘Long live Munnibai’. Ramesh. Grandfather! How dare you talk to
your father like that? Even I couldn’t dare to
talk to him like that. Grandfather, you couldn’t
dare because you don’t drink. Just drink once and
then not just talking.. ..but you would start giving speeches. Scoundrel! How dare you! They are here. Mr. Accountant, take him inside. Get him out of my sight. Come on, let’s go. The old man dared to
lift his hand on me? On me? Not you, it feels like he raised
his hand on me. Have patience. Or else all our plans will be ruined. You came to this house
as his real grandson. So learn to live here
as his real grandson. He won’t live for too long. After his death, you would be
the owner of all this wealth. Why would all this
wealth be mine, uncle? You would get half his wealth. You’re the one who turned the
wrong one into the right one. Happy Diwali, Mr. Thakur.
– Same to you. Greetings, grandfather.
– God bless you. I am so fortunate that Lakshmi
is visiting my house on Diwali. Mr. Thakur, where’s prince?
– Prince? Ramesh. Seema!
– Stay here. It’s Diwali night. He must
be with his with his friends. Uncle, I told you that we
won’t get Ramesh at home. We drove 30 miles and came here,
but he’s not here. I’m right here.
– Please don’t mind, grandfather.. ..but Ramesh doesn’t have
even a single quality of yours. It seems like he’s not your grandson. You got that right. Dear, actually my
pampering has spoilt him. Once he marries someone
who would look after him.. ..he would also turn
into Tulsidas and Kalidas! Where are you going? I am going to meet
my Shakuntala, uncle. Dushyanth, if you go there like this.. would lose whatever
little reputation that is left. I am ready to lose
anything for my Seema. What happened, uncle?
– Nothing, dear. I just fell down. Mr. Accountant, this is not
the age to fall. Be careful. Let’s go, uncle. We have to
visit other places as well. That’s right. Okay, Mr. Thakur,
we shall go now. Bye. Mr. Accountant, you saved
the reputation of this family. Sir, I am your loyal servant. For the reputation of this
family I can fall and I can get up. 200.
– 200. 200. 4. Pack. 400. Hi, baby.
– 400. – Hi. 400. 800. I am out. 1600. 800 blind. Show. Hey!!! Who are you? A cheater’s nightmare. Who has cheated here?
– You. It’s a lie.
– It’s true. You are a cheat. What proof do you have?
– Proof? Excuse me. Drinks please. One for him. Real cards.
– Fraud. – Cheat. You tried to get smart with us? Stop. You can’t take that money. Can I take it?
– Shut up. Gentlemen, share the money among you. We should never play with
such a fraudster. Get up. ‘Get up?’ You can’t
get up just like that. Mister, if you really have
so much faith in your luck.. ..then why don’t you
try a hand with me? Johnny, I need some money. You have already taken
a lot of money on credit. We don’t have boss’ orders. It’s just a matter of
three thousand. No, I’m sorry. Not just three thousand,
but you can get three lakhs. And you won’t even
have to return the money. Do you want it?
– How? You will have to do
a small job for me. You will have to take photographs.. ..of all the military
installations of this area. Ashok, you were right This is not just a gambling den.. ..but there are other anti-national
activities being carried out here. But it’s a very difficult task. It’s not difficult for you. You are a member of the Flying Club. You can turn your plane in
whichever direction you want. What if someone raises a doubt? No one would doubt someone whose
is with niece of IG of police. Listen. You forgot something. Camera. Ashok, did you see anything? Hey, it’s her. “In the game of love..” “In the union of two hearts..” “In the game of love..” “In the union of two hearts..” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “Even if you send me to jail,
in the game of love..” Shut up!
– “ the union of two hearts.” Idiot. “I am not scared, if it’s on land..” “..even in midair.” “I would come after
you wherever you go.” “I am not scared, if it’s on land..” “..even in midair..” “..I would come after
you wherever you go.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “Even if you send me to the jail,
in the game of love..” “ the union of two hearts.” “O my beloved one, if you don’t..” “ me at daytime..” “..I would trouble you
all night in your dreams.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “Even if you send me to the jail,
in the game of love..” “ the union of two hearts.” “On your heart..” “Write it on your
heart with your own hand..” “..I promise you..” “..I would come to your home
with the wedding procession.” “Write it on your
heart with your own hand..” “..I promise you..” “..I would come to your home
with the wedding procession.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “Even if you send me to the jail,
in the game of love..” I wonder why the club authorities.. ..take such
uncivilized people as members. You are right. He ruined the
entire experience of flying. These days even crooks and
scoundrels are flying in air. You fool. Idiot. Let’s go. Fool.
I wonder where these people come from. Did you count the money?
– Yes, everything is okay. Best of luck. Lily, develop the film. Why do you have your donkeys
in the middle of the street? Move them. They are not ordinary donkeys,
sir. Formation. Constable, please come here. Okay, sir. Excuse me, sir. Take this, feed these
donkeys some grass.. ..and take them out of my path. Oh God! Sir, please keep this money
with you. Just show your belongings
to these donkeys and leave. Belongings? Will these
donkeys check my belongings? What would people do then? Sir, nowadays people
have become thugs. They have become
fraudsters and dacoits. They earn black money.
They are traitors of the country. What’s there in this briefcase?
– There’s nothing. Get these donkeys out
of my way, or else.. You probably don’t know
the rank of these donkeys. Each one of these donkeys can get
you in the jail for three months. This is ridiculous. There wasn’t any checking post
here earlier. Sir, earlier there
wasn’t any Bangladesh either. I wasn’t here, you weren’t here.. ..your father wasn’t here,
these donkeys weren’t here.. ..Jugnu wasn’t here either.
– Jugnu? Jugnu?
– The angel who destroys the traitors. You donkey, what are you doing!
Shoot him. Shoot him. Donkey, I am not that big
a fool to shoot at Jugnu. Hey, stop. The dynamite is
about to blast. Run. Run. Get lost.
– Hey, constable! These are donkeys and
that’s why they don’t listen. But why aren’t able to
hear the sound of the horn? Sheela.
– Mahesh. My wife.
– My husband. My Paro.
– My Devdas. Dance with me.
– Fast. “Where are you?
– I’m here.” Mahesh, did you join police force? Does this uniform appear
like municipality uniform? No, I meant.. – Sheela, instead
of going into a lion’s mouth..’s far better to go
into the government’s mouth. I thought I might be of
some use to the country. That’s alright, but why are
you rearing these donkeys? Your father doesn’t
understand the language of humans. So I thought he might understand.. ..the language of the donkeys.
So I am going to your father.. ..with a procession of these donkeys. What did you say, son of a donkey!
– Father!! Listen, do you know
who you are talking to? I can get you behind bars for
behaving in an uncivilized manner.. a government servant. But I won’t let you
stay outside. Catch him. And put him there alongside the lions. What are you doing!
– Help, help, help Mahesh. Mahesh.
– Sheela. – Shut up, Shut up. Oh God! Save me! Help me!
– I won’t leave you, Joker? Let him go, father.
You scare both humans and lions.. ..with the same hunter.
Poor guy might die. Let him die. I would keep him with
the lions for ten days and ten nights. Only then will he
become a ring-master. No. No. – Are you my
father-in-law or a tormenter? Every father-in-law is a tormenter. My father-in-law did the same with me. His father-in-law did the same
with him. His father-in-law’s.. ..father-in-law did the same with him. I don’t know what to do..
– For seven generations.. ..every son-in-law in our
family has been a ring-master. Is it a crime to be your son-in-law? Do we get this ring if we marry
a ring-masters’ daughters? Make me the ring-master for dogs. I don’t want to become
the ring-master for lions. I will see how you won’t become one. Even your father will
be made a ring-master. I have got big
animals under my control. You are nothing
compared to them. Come. Come. But, father..
– Leave me, you dog. Oh God! Oh God! It is impossible,
Ramesh. You say they were two.. ..but it is Jugnu’s record
that he does everything alone. Sir, he told me his name.
– Excuse me, sir. Yes.
– Someone left this packet for you. Uncle, how do I assure
you that it was Jugnu.. Jugnu.
– Jugnu? Why are you talking about
Jugnu at this time, Mr. IG? Because he can do anything, anytime.. See this. He sent this letter. And this camera along with the film. With the film? Has Jugnu become a film producer? No, no. A traitor has
filmed the army installations.. ..and tried to sell it to the enemies. Very bad. Very bad. Jugnu has got that camera and film
from him and handed it over to us. Yesterday’s dacoit has become.. ..a patriot today? There must be some hidden agenda in
it, uncle. He’s a pretty smart guy. You are right. These days there are only two
intelligent people left in world. James Bond in west and Jugnu in east. How did you get hurt on your forehead? He had a fight with Jugnu yesterday. You had a fight with Jugnu? He didn’t rob your money, did he? Actually I was carrying
my friend’s suitcase.. ..which contained some money. I got this scratch in the fight. Thank God that you are still alive. You shouldn’t get
involved in others’ fights. You must be able to
identify Jugnu now. Quite well. I don’t forget
the person whom I see once. You are wrong.
– Sorry. I mean you have a weak memory. If you couldn’t recognize me
how would you recognize Jugnu? What do you mean? I mean we have already met twice. Once in the club and once in the
flying club. I mean in the air. There was also a
beautiful girl with you. Uncle. It’s her. “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” “Even if you send me to the jail..” Come in, Seema. Hello, Ramesh!
– Hello! Uncle, we need your help for
the national defense fund. Can you make a
recommendation to your friends? No, Seema. I can’t do that.
– Please, uncle. Just a couple of calls from
you and our job will be done. Sorry, Seema. Why
don’t you understand it? People would think that
I am misusing my position. Ramesh, you are not one of his
friends. Shell out some money. I will give Rs. 3,000.
– Good. Won’t you take part in this
charity work, Mr. Sure shot? Sure. Sure. What’s your target?
– Sorry. I mean to say, your target.
– Two lakhs. Please fill in your name. Three lakhs?
– Three lakhs? Three lakhs?
– Three lakhs? What’s the use if it
just lies there with me? Some day Jugnu would take it away. It would be better if this money is
used for the national defense fund. What do you say, Mr. Ramesh? Uncle, this check
won’t bounce, will it? Don’t be stupid. He’s one
of the well-known persons.. ..of this city. Mr. Ashok Rai. Greetings. Thank you very much. And yes, Mr. Ashok,
in all this Jugnu talk.. ..I forgot to ask you,
what brought you here? Actually I came for
the police permission.. ..for the extension of
Parvati Mandir. Oh, I see. But what was the
need for you to come here? You could’ve given me a call. Anyway, I would give
it to you in a while. What’s your target? Three lakhs? Three lakhs? Three lakhs? “I won’t stop chasing you, girl.” I love you. Hey, there’s an accident. – She ran
over the kid. She ran over the kid. She killed a kid. She killed a kid.
– She crushed the kid. Do you close your eyes while driving? Note down the car’s number.
– She’s a car-owner. You run over poor people?
– Are you drunk on your money? Don’t let her go. Call the police. No, it’s not her fault.
It was my mistake. I crossed the road in red-signal. What are you doing here? You
already gave your speeches. Now mind your business. Get lost. What kind of a kid is he?
– These kind of people I say.. Let’s go. Let’s go. You saved my life by saying the truth. Truth is another name of God. Truth is God. That’s what brother tells us. Brother. Brother. Bunty, what happened? He met with an accident with my car.
– Accident? It was my mistake, brother.
She even took me to the doctor. She paid the fees, she had to
listen to people’s bad words. And she also escorted me here. It’s not too painful, is it?
– No. Okay, go and play.
– Come, Bunty. Is this a school? It’s not just a school.. ..but it’s also a
house for these kids. I want these underprivileged
kids to build their lives here. I have a wish to see
them make their future.. ..and not to depend on anyone. Are all these kids orphans? I can’t say that.. ..but I can definitely
say that the flowers.. ..that are separated from
their gardens are brought here. You have such high values. Society needs more and
more people like you. I am sorry, but a society that
can’t give a piece of bread.. an orphan, that can’t
wipe the tears of a widow.. ..doesn’t have any respect in my eyes. Whose statue is it? It’s my mother’s statue. I had built a small world
of mine with her memories. Earlier I thought that you
are just another rich man. But now I know how great you are. Can I expect you at my home some day? Look, don’t fix a date.
I would definitely.. ..come to your house on
some beautiful occasion. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Seema. Happy birthday to you. I promised you that
I would reach here.. ..on some beautiful occasion. But how did you know
about my birthday? From your uncle. You didn’t invite me,
but I still came here. Thanks. Actually it’s not me but it’s
Ramesh who has thrown this party Wonderful. I must congratulate him as well. Seema, come, I will
introduce you to other guests. Ramesh. First meet my guest. Hi. You really have a weak memory. Why don’t you get yourself treated? Okay, let me remind you again.. I remember you very well, Mr..
– Ashok. I met you earlier in
the police station. Police station?
– You might not know him. He’s Mr. Ashok.
– Oh, I see. He’s the one who has donated
Rs. three lakhs for defense fund. Three lakhs? Then he
must be a very rich man. And rich at heart as well.
Hundreds of orphans.. ..have got a new life in his
Parvati Mandir. He’s a philanthropist. You became a
philanthropist at such a young age! What a handsome philanthropist! I am so happy to meet you.
– So pleased to see you. Mr. Ashok, thanks for gracing
this party. – I am very happy to.. Did you burn yourself? He who is burning also
knows how to burn others. Yes, I forgot to ask you.
What would you like to drink? Anything soft.
– Soft? I will get you.. Why do you take the trouble? It’s my duty to serve your guest. What will you have?
Whiskey with soda or water? Plain coke please.
– Coke? Yes
– Okay. Ramesh, one for me also.
– Right. Sir. Give this glass to
that sir in the suit. Sure. What was that? It’s not poison. It’s
just an intoxicating pill. Now watch, he who fools others,
becomes a fool himself. It seems that it would rain soon.
– Drinks, please. Thank you. Let me serve you.
– My pleasure. Cheers!
– For your happiness. Oh my God! It’s you?
– Follow me. Yes. Come with me. I can’t come with you right now. Don’t make me force you. I can’t leave this party now. You will have to come with me. Follow me. “I don’t know what you gave me
to drink, but it was great fun.” “I don’t know what you gave me
to drink, but it was great fun.” “I am going wild and crazy.” “I don’t know what you gave me
to drink, but it was great fun.” “There are no anklets,
there are no bells.” “I wonder how they started ringing.” “Find me, I am losing myself.” “There are no anklets,
there are no bells.” “I wonder how they started ringing.” “Search me, I am losing myself.” “I don’t know what happened to me.” “I am going wild and crazy.” “I don’t know what you gave me
to drink, but it was great fun.” “I felt like you
pulled me towards you..” “..with the strings in your eyes.” “My heart started beating faster.” “I felt like you
pulled me towards you..” “..with the strings in your eyes.” “My heart started
beating faster and faster.” “My youth took your name and said..” “..I am going wild and crazy.” “I don’t know what you gave me
to drink, but it was great fun.” “My beloved one, my
eyes started blushing.” “The world around seemed
like it was slowing down.” “My beloved one, my
eyes started blushing.” “The world around seemed
like it was slowing down.” “Start a new tale at this time..” “I am going wild and crazy.” “I don’t know what you gave me
to drink, but it was great fun.” “I don’t know what you gave me
to drink, but it was great fun.” Hello, police station! I am talking from the cage. What! What are you saying? Where are you talking about? I am calling from a circus.
– From the circus? I am the ring-master of a circus. My son-in-law ran away from the cage. What can the police do about it? Your girl hasn’t
gone with him, has she? No, no, my girl hasn’t gone. Sir, I’m here.
– Yes And my tiger has also gone with him.
– Tiger? King of the jungle, why are you
chasing this fox from the city? Go back to your circus
or else my wife’s father.. ..would starve to death. Go away. It’s gone. Thank God. hello,Ashok, I found
out the hiding place.. ..of the traitors of the country. It seems that the
traitor of the country.. here with his entire gang. No, boss. I don’t have any relation.. ..with any CID inspector. Then how did the police come to know.. ..about our plane-hijacking plan? I know nothing about it, boss. You spent an entire night.. ..with that inspector in
Hotel Sweet Dream. – No. No? Isn’t this your locket? Then how did it end up in room no.
206 in Hotel Sweet Dream? Traitor. No one can escape after
betraying us. Do you understand? Boss, he’s our dear
friend Mr. Ramesh.. ..with whom you wanted to meet. Smart guy. Did you see the result of
betraying us? – Betrayal? I didn’t betray anyone.
– You cheat! You took Rs. three lakhs
from us for this film. Jugnu must have changed it.
– Jugnu? Yes, Jugnu. He sent the
real film to the police. What!
– Yes. And he’s the one who ran
away with my three lakhs. That means he is
well-versed with all our plans. Before he takes another step.. ..Mike, destroy all
the traces of this place. Before you do that, Jugnu
will destroy you completely. Well-done, Jugnu. Well-done. I respect a brave man. Mike. You can go. Nice to meet you. I guess we are
meeting for the first time. No, not the first time. The first time I made a deal
with your Cleopatra in the train. Oh, I see. And today you would
make a deal with me. Jugnu, both of us are
in the same profession. So no one should bear any losses. Tell me how much profit you want. Jugnu doesn’t sell himself for money. No one can put a price tag on Jugnu. Price tags are for the markets.. ..and this is not a market.
Let us shake hands. Jugnu doesn’t shake hands
with the enemies of the country. Forget it. I am offering a partnership. Tell me, how much do you want? Ten per cent? Twenty per cent? Thirty per cent? I don’t kill people. But now whenever you
look in the mirror.. would think of Jugnu. Ganga. Ganga. O, Ganga. Come in. Ganga, I wonder why my
entire body is aching today. Did you get tea?
– It’s getting cold, Miss. It’s you?
– Yes. Ganga.
– Ganga(river Ganges) is in Haridwar. And me..
– You are in my house right now. This is your house.
– My house, my bed, my pillows.. ..myself and these are your clothes. But how did I come to your house?
I was at the party last night. You came here after midnight. But how?
– Against you wish. You were being so
liberal with me last night.. ..that I had to bring
you here against your wish. Why? What did I do? You were hugging me.
You were all over me. Do you know that last
night you sang a romantic song? You really played with
the strings of my heart. I can’t believe it.
– You are right. Actually you were so high on
liquor that you were unconscious.. ..and I was completely conscious. I was worried about you. So instead of sending you home
in that condition I got you here. But I never drink. Someone must’ve mixed
something in your soft drink. Who must have done such a thing? Your close friend who
organized that party on your birthday. He’s not your friend,
but he’s your enemy, uncle. I fear that if people come
to know about this matter.. ..what would happen
to your reputation. I am unable to take any
action fearing the same thing. But Ramesh, you had
taken Seema’s responsibility. But uncle how would I
know that your friend.. ..would take over my responsibility. My only mistake is that I took
Seema there to celebrate her birthday. You took me there to
celebrate my birthday.. ..or to ruin my life?
– Seema! You came here to instigate uncle? I couldn’t see your real
face in broad daylight.. ..but I have recognized you
well in the darkness of the night. You are not worth trusting. Wonderful. Till yesterday
you had a lot of faith on me. You fell for his
tricks in just one night. And today you are holding me
responsible for everything.. save your friend? Can you tell me what did you
mix in my soft drink last night? What did you mix in it that I was
out of my senses? – That’s a lie. Ramesh, no girl would
lie to ruin her reputation. A girl says such a thing
when it’s completely true. But uncle, I didn’t mix
anything in her drink.. ..and nor did I try to
make a fool out of her. Then whom did you
try to make a fool of? Say something? You wanted to fool this innocent man
who is exposing all your misdeeds? Because of whom you are
unable to do any wrong deeds. Because of whom I have
returned home safe today? Returned home safe? If he
really wanted to protect you then.. ..why didn’t he bring
you straight back home? I wonder what all he did all night. You really are an
uncivilized and an uncultured person. You think that I am just like you? Mr. Ramesh, I don’t
treat a woman as a toy. That’s why neither do I harm women,
nor do I let others harm them. A reputed person can bear defeat,
but not disgrace. Boss!
– Hello, Ramesh! It seems that you are here
after getting bashed up. It all happened only because of you. If you hadn’t called me here
from the party that night.. ..Ashok couldn’t have taken
Seema home and provoked her. Because of you I lost that girl. And I might have to leave you guys. Shut up! You imposter. I study the background
of a dog I throw bones to. Real grandfather’s fake grandson. I tame snakes, but only
after snatching its fangs. Come on. Forget it. Ramesh, what’s your
opinion about Ashok Rai? He’s an influential
person of the city. – Idiot. He was playing cards with
you in the club, and when.. were taking
photographs of some important places.. ..he was flying alongside you. And when Jugnu sent that
film to IG of police.. ..Ashok was present there as well.
– But.. Ashok seems to be Jugnu’s agent.
– That’s it, baby. That’s it. My God!
– Mike, come here. Tomorrow at the defense show.. ..Mr. Ashok Rai will
be the chief guest. And his beloved one will dance there. This will be the last
show that he would watch. Thank you.
– Thanks a lot for coming. Trust me I came here
only because of you.. ..otherwise I don’t take any
interests in public functions. Thank you very much. Thank you. Where’s IG sir? – He has gone to
Delhi for some government work. Please come, let me introduce
you to the organizer of this show.. ..Professor Chaudhary. Professor. He’s the chief guest of
our show, Mr. Ashok Rai. Greetings.
– I wanted to meet you.. ..for a long time and
today my wish has come true. I am very pleased to meet you,
professor. – Thank you. Seema, there’s not too much time left. Please go and get ready quickly.
– Okay. Please come with me. Seema always talks about you. She was saying that you
have given a new life.. all the flowers
that have become orphans.. ..and lost the love of their parents. Professor, I don’t
consider those who have.. ..lost their parents’ love as orphans. In fact I consider those as orphans
who have lost their hearts and brains. You should come to our place some day. I would sure like to come. Thank you. Parvati Mandir? Yes.
– It’s an auspicious name. It’s my mother’s name. I named this place after her. What’s your father’s name? It’s the weak who use
their father’s name. “You have played with my
emotions and troubled me a lot.” “If I had a rope in my hands
I would pull you towards me.” “I won’t let you go.” “I won’t let you go.
I would imprison you in my eyes..” “..and close my eyes.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “When I walk towards you,
the anklet bells start ringing.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “When I walk towards you,
the anklet bells start ringing.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “My body dances..” “My heart dances..” “When the cuckoo sings a song
on the branch of a mango tree..” “ heart yearns
for my beloved one.” “When the cuckoo sings a song
on the branch of a mango tree..” “ heart yearns
for my beloved one.” “I can’t sleep.
I can’t live in peace.” “My heart starts beating faster..
..when I think of my beloved one.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “When I walk towards you, the
anklet bells start ringing.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “I stay at home and blush
all day and never come out.” “With tangled hair my heart wanders
and I fear I might lose myself.” “I stay at home and blush
all day and never come out.” “With tangled hair my heart wanders
and I fear I might lose myself.” “Our eyes meet in the skies..” “ body twirls and
my stole slips away.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “When I walk towards you, the
anklet bells start ringing.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “In your absence I
don’t like anything.” “I stay awake all night.” “In your absence I
don’t like anything.” “I stay awake all night.” “Like a lightning that strikes during
the monsoon, my heart is on fire.” “My anklet sings your songs.” “When I walk towards you,
the anklet bells start ringing.” “My anklet..” Excuse me please. Excuse me. Who shot him?
– Is there a doctor in the hall? Don’t worry about me. I am lucky that that I got
a chance to save your life. Where’s Seema? Boss, Jugnu is chasing
us to save the girl. Good. I can see it. Jugnu’s death has
brought him here today. Mike, he is in your range.
Finish him off. Pour petrol on the
way and burn him alive. That’s better. Oh no! Get him to the car. I will crush him. Darling, this is a good opportunity
for you to clear your debt. ‘I don’t kill people.’ ‘But now whenever you
look in the mirror..’ ‘ would think of Jugnu.’ Take that. You bad man, get into the car. And now get lost. Goodbye. Throw the magnet. Boss! Boss! It’s over. Mike, now come out of the tunnel. Our enemy no. 1, Jugnu is finished. Fool, it doesn’t matter
what the enemy wishes. Only God has the
power to change destiny. Dear. Beloved. Have some food. You did a great favor
on me by saving my life. Jugnu Khan doesn’t
do favors on anyone. Jugnu Khan gives grand
receptions to his guests. Have the food. I.. I would have food at home. How would you go home?
You will have to.. ..come to Afghanistan with me.
– What! Yes, this Pathan would show you Kabul. I will feed you pine fruits.
I will feed you raisins. What do you want?
– I want my nightingale, dear. I want my nightingale. Have mercy on me. Your cheeks look like apples. When you laugh your teeth
look like pomegranate seeds. When I touch you I feel like.. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? That day you came to our
house as an electrician.. ..and you were saying
such bad things in Punjabi. Even today Jugnu Khan says the same. Ever since I saw
your marble-like feet.. Ever since I saw your beauty.. ..I am head over heels for you.
I am head over heels for you. I will end my life
but I can’t give you my heart. O dear, I would give you gold.
I would give you silver. I would give you diamonds.
I would give you pearls. I would make you my queen. Diamonds and pearls are nothing.. ..when compared to love.
You can never trade love. I belong to someone else. Who’s this donkey for whom you
are rejecting this Pathan’s love? He’s everything to me. Ashok is my God. I would destroy this
worthless lover’s life. I would behead him.
I would shoot him. No. No. Please don’t do such a thing. I beg you. You saved my life. If you wish you can kill me now. But I won’t let him get
in any trouble. Kill me. Don’t cry, dear. Don’t cry. A Pathan can bear everything,
but he can’t see.. ..tears in a lady’s eyes. You want to go home?
– Yes. Get up. Take the keys. Go home. Stop. I won’t let your tears fall
on ground. I would make
an amulet of this flower.. ..and wear it around my neck,
and I would pray Allah. Thanks.
– Go! It’s you? I have been waiting
for you for so long. Where did you go?
– To Jugnu. Jugnu? That robber? That dacoit? He might be a dacoit for the world.. ..but he was very nice to me. But why did that scoundrel,
who has never showed mercy on anyone.. ..was nice to you?
– He was mesmerized by my beauty. He said my dear, my beloved,
my sweetheart.. ..have mercy on me. ‘Your cheeks look like apples.’ ‘Your teeth look
like pomegranate seeds.’ ‘When this Pathan
touches you he gets a shock.’ Enough. Enough.
I can’t hear anymore of this. I too didn’t want to hear it. I was feeling shy,
but I was also feeling good. You know what else he said. ‘I would take you to Kabul.
I will feed you pine fruits.’ ‘I will feed your raisins.’ ‘I would give you gold.
I would give you silver.’ ‘I would give you pearls.
I would make you my queen.’ I held his feet and started crying. You know what he said then? He said, ‘Don’t cry, dear, don’t cry.’ ‘Pathan can’t bear to see
tears in a lady’s eyes.’ Then he wiped my tears with a flower.. ..and then he said that,
‘I would make an amulet.. ..of the flower and
wear it around my neck.’ Then you should’ve gone with him. It was a golden opportunity. But I couldn’t do anything.
It wasn’t an option for me. It wasn’t an option for you? Because I have already
given my heart to someone else. If you don’t mind can I ask
you who that fortunate person is? You.
– Really? “I dropped my ear-ring..
– Let it go.” “I lost the ring..
– Let it be lost.” “My scarf is flying..
– Let it fly.” “What are you scared of?
– I am scared of my age.” “Stop making excuses.” No. No. “I dropped my ear-ring..
– Let it go.” “I lost the ring..
– Let it be lost.” “My scarf is flying..
– Let it fly.” “Come to me.
– No. No.” “Come to me. Come to me. Come to me.
– No. No.” “Yes, come.
– No. No. No. No.” “When they would ask me
where this beauty is from?” “Who took away the color
of these colorful lips?” “Tell them that the
blossoms in the garden..” “..have stolen your beauty.” “Oh!
– What happened?” “A thorn has pierced my feet.
– Let them pierce.” “The flowers in my hair have
gone astray. – Let them go astray.” “The kohl is fading.
– Let it fade.” “What are you scared of?
– I am scared of my age.” “Stop making excuses.” “From these intoxicating
eyes give me a new life.” “Let me live under the
shadow of your shiny hair.” “I would have given
you the permission..” “..but my panting
heartbeat stopped me.” “What happened?” “I’m in trouble.
– Let it be.” “The flowers have blossomed.
– Let them blossom.” “The bees are here.
– Let them come.” “What are you scared of?
– I am scared of my age.” “Stop making excuses.” No. No. “Slowly, gradually start
the tale of the heart.” “What can I do?
My crazy heart doesn’t agree.” “You weren’t so crazy earlier.” “What happened to you?
– I’m gone. – What!” “A spell is cast over me.
– Let it be.” “I lost my mind.
– Let it be lost.” “Someone is here.
– Let them come.” “What are you scared of?
– I am scared of my age.” “Stop making excuses.
– No.” Parvati, if you were alive
today you would’ve seen.. great our son is. With your love and my principals.. ..he has made a new world of his own. But I haven’t given you
anything except grief, Parvati. I haven’t given you anything. As per the police record
Mrs. Parvati has passed away. She is dead?
– Yes. And her son has also
killed Ghanshyam Das. He killed a person?
– Yes. And he has gone missing. But we would definitely find him.
– No. Parvati, your statue can turn
into an evidence against him.. any moment. It can
take him to the hanging noose. It can uproot his world. Seema, where did you bring me?
– To the supreme court.. ..where a verdict on our
lives would be passed. A verdict on our lives?
– Yes, my mother lives here. Are you scared? Come in. Have a seat, I will get mother. Mother. Mother. That’s my father’s portrait. Mother.
– Seema. Look who’s here. Who is it? Mr. Ashok. Mother, I had told you that
until I get your blessings.. ..I won’t take any decision. And you know your
mother never says no to you. Come. What is it? What happened? I don’t know, mother. I don’t know why he
left all of a sudden. Professor! Professor, have you gone mad! Professor! Professor! Professor, you have
destroyed my mother’s statue. I will kill you. I will kill you. Why did you return from
Kashipur in such a hurry? I got a trunk call from Seema.
– I had to come. The other day someone
shot at you in the function. You didn’t tell me about that as well. How can you hide such
things from your near ones! Sometimes our near
ones become our enemies. How did this statue break? Everything’s broken, inspector. Everything’s broken. Hands up! Bunty, you look very smart. What’s going on over here? We are rehearsing for the fancy dress. We waited for you for long, brother.
– I am very sorry. Mr. Lawyer, tell me how’s it going? Brother, let me get a couple
of cases then I will tell you Very good. But never take up a false case.
– Yes. And doctor, when you
would become a doctor.. ..never forget the poor. Don’t worry, brother,
I will treat the poor for free. And when I get a fat
chicken I will pounce on it. Twist its neck. I would enter the enemy’s camp
and bomb them in such a way.. That the enemy would never be
able to lift his head again. And you? I will become a police commissioner
and protect the law and order. Then you and I would
never get along well. Why? Why won’t you get along with him? Brother, I would become
a dacoit when I grow up. Jugnu. What are you doing! Have you gone mad! First you raised your
hand on an innocent kid.. ..and now you are hurting your hand. Everything in this world
breaks into pieces, Seema. Hearts break into pieces,
dreams break into pieces.. ..wishes break into pieces.
– At least tell me what happened. I don’t need to answer every question. What is wrong with you?
Last night you spoke rudely to uncle. I am helpless. What’s the problem?
You don’t know how bad I felt.. front of mother last evening. She was so eager to meet you. I was also eager, Seema. You couldn’t wait
for just two minutes. Time doesn’t wait for anyone. In those two minutes I realized
that just like two giant waves that.. ..fall away, we have
separated after traveling together. After coming to my house,
has your love turned into hatred? Destiny has brought us
to such a juncture.. ..from where our paths are separate. Love is a weakness of a human being.. ..but now I think it
was a fault of mine. Please don’t say that.
I can’t live without you. This is the way of the world, Seema. Those who don’t want
to die are killed. And those who don’t want
to live are forced to live. But the dying are always
asked for their last wish. You are killing me and are
not even giving me a reason. Just like there is no reason to live,
there is no reason for death. I am habituated to live
alone and I will live alone. Bunty. Bunty. Bunty. Bunty. Bunty. Bunty, don’t leave me. Bunty, don’t leave me. I slapped you because
I wanted to slap myself. I know Jugnu. Yes, Bunty. Jugnu was my friend. But today I treat him as my enemy. You just saw the
brighter side of Jugnu.. ..but you haven’t seen
the darkness of his life. There is nothing in his life
except sin, fear and shame. Today he is just as ashamed
of himself as I am right now.. ..just as much as I am. Brother! Bunty, you make such a
world for yourself.. ..where there would be no Jugnu. ..where there would be no Jugnu. Why did you call me at
this hour of the night? To make a final decision. You take all your
decisions only at night. We can take
decisions even at daytime.. ..but still, tell me what is it? Mahesh, I have decided that
I would leave this place forever. What! And what about the hundreds of
the kids living here? I am handing over that
responsibility to you. From today onwards
you would take care.. ..of Parvati Mandir.
– Me? Yes, Mahesh. You
have always helped me. I want your help again. From now onwards no one
would face any problem again. Have you gone mad! What do you think! You think I would
continue to burgle after you leave.. ..I would steal, I would
play hide & seek with police? Even my father can’t do such a thing. You don’t have to do anything. I have made the final plan. Do you know the cost
of this beautiful fish? I heard it from you that
it costs Rs. 30 lakhs . 30 lakhs would be
sufficient for Parvati Mandir.. When I won’t have a life
how would it be sufficient!
..and you for the rest of your life. You would get me killed
for your stubbornness. You can even die doing this. Don’t scare me with death, Mahesh. I have already made up my mind. Tomorrow night at 12 o’clock I would.. ..definitely go to the Sona Mahal. Jugnu has always played with death. IG police speaking. The person whom you’ve been
searching for since years.. ..if you wish you can
catch him red-handed. – What! Tomorrow night at 12
o’clock he will steal.. ..the golden fish from Sona Mahal.
– Who is that thief? Jugnu.
– Jugnu? Who are you speaking? A friend of the police department. Hello! Hello! Hello! It’s surprising. The golden fish
will be stolen from Sona Mahal? It’s impossible. Touching this
fish would be risking your life. Mr. Mazumdar,
is there any other door.. ..apart from this one to
enter this room? – No. And our security officers
always keep an eye on this fish.. ..through this key hole. And when someone touches
it the danger siren blows.. ..all around. I see. So it is bullet proof. And there are electric
rays all around the fish. Electric rays?
– Yes. But they are not visible. They are not visible to the naked eye. See them through this.
– Thank you. Wonderful, Mr. Mazumdar! Look how powerful
these electric rays are. Even if the thief dares to
touch it he will be burnt. You have made good arrangements
for the safety of the fish.. ..Mr. Mazumdar.
The fish won’t fall in Jugnu’s net. But if the information
that we have is correct.. ..then Jugnu would
definitely fall in police’s trap. “Come and meet me under
the banyan tree, my dear.” “Come and meet me under
the banyan tree, my dear.” “..when Jugnu(fireflies)
shine in the garden..” “..when fireflies shine in
the garden past midnight.” “..when fireflies shine in
the garden past midnight.” “..when fireflies
shine in the garden..” “Under the shadow of the stars,
tread carefully..” “..or else the
gatekeeper might wake up.” “Under the shadow of the stars,
tread carefully..” “..or else the
gatekeeper might wake up.” “Listen to the matters
of my heart carefully.” “Listen to the matters
of my heart carefully.” “..when fireflies
shine in the garden..” “..when fireflies shine in
the garden past midnight.” “..when fireflies shine in
the garden past midnight.” “..when fireflies
shine in the garden..” “Keep in mind that
there’s a web all around you..” “..and the heart is gasping for air.” “Keep in mind that
there’s a web all around you..” “..and the heart is gasping for air.” “Secretly meet me at 12
o’clock on Friday night..” “Secretly meet me at 12
o’clock on Friday night..” “..when fireflies
shine in the garden..” “..when fireflies shine in
the garden past midnight.” “..when fireflies shine in
the garden past midnight.” “..when fireflies
shine in the garden..” Ram Singh.
– Yes, sir. – Come out. Coming, sir.
– Come fast. – Yes, sir. “Hey groom, better watch out.
You are there alone..” “..but you have lot of enemies here.” “Hey groom, better watch out.
You are there alone..” “..but you have lot of enemies here.” “Fool everyone and
join the procession.” “Fool everyone and
join the procession.” “..when fireflies shine in
the garden..” – Stop it! Ram Singh.
– Yes, sir. – You are an idiot. Nonsense. You fool! Move aside. Keep it here like this. Thank you. Come on. Sir, look over there. Who’s that?
– Police. Abdul, this way. Sakharam, over there. Lakshman, you go that way. What are you doing here at this time?
– We are looking for Jugnu. Jugnu? – That notorious criminal.
He came this way. But inspector, how can
he come inside the house? The door was bolted.
– You don’t know him, professor. He’s such a notorious criminal that
he can come in through a closed door. Hands up! Inspector, you are
wasting your time and my sleep. How can he come in
when the door was closed! What’s in this?
– Some books. But you have kept the books outside. Actually they have termites.
So I have kept them outside to clean. Then why have you locked it? Lock! If you have any
doubt you can check it. Where’s the key?
– The key is.. It’s alright. How would Jugnu get inside this? But why did you panic? Anyone would panic on
hearing Jugnu’s name. Sorry for the trouble. Duty is duty.
– That’s alright. Every person knows his duty. Where did this blood come from?
– Blood? It’s my blood.
– Yours? Yes, see this. The bandage has come off. Have it, Ashok. How did I reach home last night? And who took out this bullet? Buddy, enemies shoot at us.. ..and friends take out those bullets. Mahesh, did you get the bullet out? Where’s that fish? How.. How would I know about the fish! I was running for my life. Who took out the bullet?
Who is this friend? I am sorry, but do I know you? I am a stranger for you, but you
have even forgotten someone you know. Sorry, I didn’t get you. Tell me, has Seema made some mistake? Is Seema a bad girl? She’s a very good girl.
That’s why I want her.. get a better man than me. I have complete faith in my daughter. I know she hasn’t chosen a wrong man. To judge someone you don’t
need age, but you need experience. So should I assume that you
were fooling her all these days? You were playing with
her as if she was a toy? A person whose fate is playing
with him can’t play with others. Then why did you turn away from Seema? Because.. Because our
paths are different. Don’t be so harsh. Seema treats your love as her life. Don’t take her life away from her. A mother is begging you
for her daughter’s life. You must also have a mother. She must also have brought
you up with so much love. She must also have so
many dreams for you. Assume that today it’s
not Seema’s mother.. ..but your mother is
asking you for something. Mother.
– Son, for your mother’s sake.. ..give me my daughter’s life. No. No. I can’t give you anything.
I can’t give you anything. But why? Because a son who made
someone’s mother a widow.. save his own mother can’t
marry that widow’s daughter, can he? No, it’s a lie.
– It’s true. I killed your husband. I killed your husband. Tiger.
– You’re here? Yes, Tiger brought me here.
– How? Jugnu was in your house
last night, wasn’t he? Your policemen checked
my house well last night. Police always does its duty.
Tell me where is Jugnu? How would I know where Jugnu is? Professor, humans can lie,
but animals can’t. We can’t see the criminal,
but Tiger smells the crime. Okay, tell me how do you know Jugnu? Me? How would I know Jugnu? I don’t know any Jugnu.
– You know Jugnu very well.. ..but you are just trying to hide it. Professor, people respect you. You have the responsibility of
teaching and guiding.. ..the young men of this country. You know how big a crime it is
to give shelter to a criminal. Please don’t try to teach me the law. I know what is law and what is crime. You know what crime is, but you
don’t know who the criminal is? What do you mean? Hand over the criminal else just the
way police have reached this place.. will also reach the criminal. In spite of all your
sympathies and attempts.. won’t be able to save him. He’s a scar on the society. He’s a disgrace for the society. He’s an enemy of law and order. The shadow of death is
chasing him at every step. You are right, IG. It’s really a crime to give shelter.. such an enemy of law and order. Jugnu was here last night. And here’s the proof.
– But where’s Jugnu? The disgrace for the society,
the shame on humanity.. ..and the enemy of law and
order is right in front of you. Jugnu is my other name. No. It’s impossible. Why has he taken the blame on himself? Why did the professor become Jugnu? I already told you I am Jugnu.
– No, professor. You can’t be Jugnu. You are not Jugnu. Why don’t you believe it?
– How can I believe you! I know Jugnu. I met him. He saved my life once.
– No, Seema. Someone fooled you in my disguise.
– No, professor. There must be something
that you are trying to hide. I don’t lie. I am Jugnu. I am Jugnu.
– And the person responsible.. ..for making you Jugnu,
is your criminal father. Father. After years of darkness.. ..I saw the light of my life.. ..but still it’s
surrounded by darkness. Once I felt ashamed to
call a man like you my son. Now when the has world
started calling you Jugnu.. ..I have come here to
take you in my arms. There is no point in
rubbing the old wounds, father! You gave me a hug and
all my pains has vanished. But I am so unfortunate that I can’t
tell my own son that I am his father. I can scream from rooftops.. ..that I am your father,
I am your father. You are so harsh. You didn’t
even want to see your son. Father, you don’t know what
the pain of my son’s separation.. ..has done to me.
– It made you Jugnu. But when you weren’t
Jugnu who stopped you then? You could’ve broken
your vow and come to me. You could’ve seen your son. After losing you I got
him with great difficulty. I have taken him under my wings as
he is our Parvati’s last memory. Father!!
– Ramesh was shocked.. ..on hearing what happened to you.
– Ramesh? Yes, your son. He left this morning
to hire a good lawyer for you. Father, I can’t say anything else
than the fact that.. ..the person who you think
is Parvati’s last memory.. neither my son nor your grandson. There was a fake grandfather earlier.. ..and now there’s a
fake father as well. I know. All of you
are fake. You imposter. Boss, what shall I tell you! This fake Jugnu is
that old man’s real son. Once this matter reaches the court.. Whether the professor
gets punished or not..
..all our plans would be ruined. ..Ramesh, you would
definitely be hanged. These scoundrels must be hanged.
– No, no, boss. Don’t talk like that, boss. Don’t worry. We won’t let Ramesh’s
fake father reach the court. Accident. – She’s the same
girl who overtook us just now. 403.
– Yes. Hands up! Turn around. Move. Ramesh. Tell me where have they
taken the professor? Tell me. Don’t hit me, I will tell you.
– Tell me fast. It’s a very dangerous place. Traitor. Killer. Professor, you’ll never be
able to save the person.. ..for whom you’ve put this act. You can fool the world, but
you can’t fool the law and order. Shut up! Welcome. Welcome, Jugnu. Welcome. I was waiting for you. I am sorry, but there were
only two bullets in the revolver. Coward. Scoundrel. Let alone me, you couldn’t
even harm my look-alike. Get up, boy. Bullet proof jacket.
– Your duty is over. Evil woman, you are more
poisonous than a snake. That’s why I never tamed a snake. You have a remedy for snake’s poison.. ..but there’s no
remedy for Cleopatra’s bite. I’m your enemy. Why did you
take the professor hostage? Professor? You mean Jugnu no. 2?
– No. Yes, boss. He meant
my respected father. Ashok.
– What’s the rush? Scoundrel, even dogs
won’t chew your bones. Professor. Professor.
– Take your revenge from me. I am ready to give up
my life. But let him go. I won’t leave anyone of you. But what has the professor done?
Why do you want to kill him? Because you are the thorn of my life.. ..and he is a thorn
for my friend Ramesh. Traitor. Fraud. Scoundrel. Scoundrel. You are
showing your bravery.. harassing a helpless man? For two of us to survive
both of you have to die. What do you say, Ramesh? But still we will give
you one last chance. Decide fast, who wants to die first? You or the respected father.. What have you done? To save me you took
over all my troubles. I couldn’t do anything else. For years I was dying to meet you. To hide the stains of your past life.. ..I had to become
someone that is your alias. But what have I done for you? All my life I have been
following the principal.. ..that it’s the weak who
use their father’s name. But today I have realized what I have
lost without getting the support.. ..of a great father like you. Son. Father. Father. Two constables have also died. Please inform the IG.
– What happened, mother? There’s a big problem,
dear. Ramesh and his men.. ..have kidnapped professor Chaudhary. Ashok is following them.
– Ashok? It seems that both
their lives are in danger. If something happens to
Ashok then it will be disastrous. Mother, you are saying all this
about the person who killed my father. Your father died because of his sins. Mother! Yes, dear. Because of
your father Ashok lost.. ..his innocent mother.
He lost his place in the society. And today he is
about to lose his life. Red rose, these are the last
five minutes of your life. Cheers.
– All the best. – Best of luck. Boss, both of them
would die in few minutes.. And then you’d say, ‘Boss,
Seema will become mine forever.’ Cheers! Seema. Seema. Give me the gun. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. Take this. Hands up! Mr. Ashok, you have risked your life.. save the enemies of the
country and law and order. I thank you for that.
– No, Mr. IG. He’s not the enemy of the country,
but the traitor is over here. And I am the enemy of
the law and order. – You? I swear on Geeta that
I would only say the truth. Your honor, professor
Chaudhary is my father. And I’m the Jugnu that
all of you are looking for. ‘And after five years..’ “They are young. They are sweet.” “Kids are truly the
bright spots of the world.” “The lights of Diwali are fake.” “They burn all night and
go bust the day after.” “The lights of Diwali are fake.” “They burn all night and
go bust the day after.” ‘A flame that is lit by the Gods and
shielded like a blanket by the air.’

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  4. Thanks a lot, i like your efforts ultra, i have watched thi movie of Dharamji & Hemaji. Very nice movie. Waiting eagerly to watch Dreamgirl starred by Dharamji, please upload. Thanks once again

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