January 23, 2020
John O’Leary | Inspiration Award | Invisible Disabilities

John O’Leary | Inspiration Award | Invisible Disabilities

there’s a video that I want you to watch
our last award But You LOOK Good it’s the Inspiration Award John O’Leary has
been selected to be the 2019 recipient of the Invisible Disabilities
Association But You LOOK Good Inspiration Award John has been chosen
because as someone who has personally endure drama pain burns sustained on
100% of his body as a child he inspires people in the midst of their challenges
and triumphs so thank you John for your courage to share your story publicly to
provide a positive voice of hope compassion to many people with their
journey with illness pain and disability now due to previous commitment he
couldn’t be here tonight but he is joining us via video well my friends I
am indeed John O’Leary and am incredibly humbled to be with you in spirit and on
video tonight I wish I was there with you LIVE on this Friday evening I want
to thank you for the opportunity to celebrate something that I think too
infrequently we lift up and we celebrate and it’s the invisible disabilities we
all have we all have you’re looking at me tonight you see probably some scars
you’re probably probably noticing my hands well you may not notice this that
I deal with struggles internally and that I am the son of a father who has
Parkinson’s disease he struggles with those disabilities and most of them are
inside and a mother who has some invisible disabilities as well
we have depression me bipolar in our family we have all kinds of issues that
may not show up as clearly as the ones you see on video tonight but they affect
and they change and they challenge and yet when surrounded by like-minded
individuals who have a heart for this have a heart for rising above have a
heart for finding joy in the sorrow we realized that we are not alone and that
we are together better so I want to thank you for celebrating not only some
of the disabilities that I have risen above but some of the invisible
disabilities that we all together have risen through and will continue to rise
through going forward thank you for gathering tonight thank you for
celebrating the best of your lives and thank you for believing like I that the
best days of our journey remain in front so for this time and until next time
this is John O’Leary and tonight is your night live it up and live inspired

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