November 20, 2019

100 thoughts on “Jim & Pam: Real Love – The Office US

  1. Not every couple has a life-saving umbrella. I'm kidding. lol

    Nobody is going to beat this TV romance.

  2. Watching this episode was so heartbreaking to see how tense they were to eachother after years of being together. The parking lot scene was a weight lifted of the audiences shoulders.

  3. I made my friends watch The Office and they kept on begging for spoilers so I told them that Jim and Pam got a divorce at the end of the show as a prank… I can’t wait to see how they react while watching scenes like this. I’m so evil. But if you think about it I didn’t spoil the show for them… so I’m not a bad person? lol

  4. John Krasinski is such an underrated actor. That was the most intimate hug I've ever seen on tv and the way he was clinging to Pam's hair was so genuine. That right there is the Jim that I know and love. After the whole thing with Athlead he really needed to show Pam that she was more important to him than a job and he realized that.

  5. I could not help but notice how selfish Pam was to Jim. She acted all hypocritical on Jim. She quit Dunder Mifflin in a split second to work for nothing with Michael Scott Paper Company for no salary at all which she thought was ok. But when Jim decided to take a for career she got all fucking upset n shit. Also remember when Pam failed art class and told Jim to deal with it, Jim said sure. Pamela was just the woooooorst. She did not deserve a man like Jim. There are more things too. She openly cheated on Roy when she could just break up but she haaaaaad to make things worse.

  6. I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying GODAMMIT IM CRYING

  7. It didnt make sense how pam couldn't see the bigger picture as far as Jim obivouly getting a better job that's gonna provide a better future for them and their children!!!?!?!?! Tf annoying af

  8. i have a relationship a little like jim and pam's. i was with these douchebag boys who would break my heart and damage my mental health for years. little did i know that the love of my life was sitting a few feet away from me in class. it took us over a year after we met to finally start dating and i love him so much.
    keep your head held high. you'll find your jim, or your pam. he or she is out there and it could even be who you'd least expect 🙂

  9. Cried like a lil bitch ass baby boy first time I saw this, no shame. You could feel the love jim had for pam in that hug. Without ever saying words she knew exactly what he was saying, just with one simple hug. And that is true love.

  10. Y’know what the craziest thing is about this scene. For most of the season they were out of sync and their relationship was suffering because of it. Even their goodbyes were out of sync, when Pam looked over her shoulder to see Jim already gone, then when Jim took her hands and eventually hugged her. It was like Pam wasn’t even expecting it and didn’t know how to react. So when she hugged back and kissed Jim, they finally got back in sync. And then they said “I love you” at the same time. They were back. ❤️

  11. That part when the camera pointed to Jim and Pam at their wedding was actually a recreation….using a green screen, you can also see that his tie was cut longer.

  12. I remember seeing this when I was younger and I didn’t understand. Watching it now, it just might be one of the greatest scenes in television history….

  13. Can someone please tell me which episode this is I rlly need to see it I am in the middle of the office rn

  14. The reason I cry at this scene more than any other scene in the entire office is because it’s real. I’ve never been married before, but my all my siblings are. They have had particularly rough patches in their marriages, and things didn’t look like they would end well. However, because they loved each other, they made it work. This scene feels and captures the essence of that. Marriage isn’t a happily ever after, and you have to work. I’m glad a show brought the idea of “the ideal couple” still going through rough spots.

  15. It may be unpopular but I love that the writers put this couple on the brink of divorce, they were getting really stale and if they had kept going the way it was people were going to get bored, the fighting actually made them feel like a real couple and not some unrealistic Hollywood cliche

  16. This clip is powerful, because in the beginning of it they are very out of sync, abnormal for them, but by the end when they make peace with each other they are back in sync, saying “I love you” at the same time.

  17. Pam and Jim Halpert are a perfect match. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski are not. It doesn't mean that they would have a horrible relationship, but they wouldn't be the same sort of couple that Jim and Pam are. While this is common knowledge at this point, I think that it is still worth pointing out that they both wanted each other to get the role just by looking at each other's audition tapes. They both knew that the others portrayal of the character would fit with their portrayal of their character. This doesn't make them sole mates in real life though.

  18. Man… I just watched the last 3 episodes of this phenomenal show for the first time through, and I started crying like a baby. Huge gut punch… now I'm trying to hold in my tears, while I searching around the internet to find out what that letter Jim wrote for Pam said. Lol

  19. Every time i watch this scene, i'm like:
    -Damn… she really took her sweet time to hug him back
    And while is happening my mind is like:
    -Come on, come on. come on… Thank god!!!

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