February 27, 2020
Jim Carrey Curbs ‘Crazy Feelings’ By Creating Art

Jim Carrey Curbs ‘Crazy Feelings’ By Creating Art

– I also heard you’re
a talented cartoonist. So, you love doing, how do you, how do you decide what you’re gonna do? – I do cartoons, it’s catharsis, you know. I’ve been through a lot of crazy feelings in the last few years. So I’ve been doing that. And I let it take me
where it wants to take me. And I do painting, and I do cartoons. – That’s so cool. (audience claps) – Yeah I love it. – I’ve tried painting, I’m not good. – Yeah, it’s so cathartic.
it’s so wonderful, and a year later it tells you
what you wanted it to say. – [Kelly] Like crazy. – [Jim] Okay so this, this is the story of
the prodigal son to me. That’s my father and that is basically
every day of my life. When I take the shell
off (audience laughs) and I’m born again every morning. – Oh my god! – Yeah, so I did that one
on Easter and I just said, “Hey, let’s shake off all this, you know, vitriol and whatever it is and become united again, and let’s – – That’s such a healthy thing though, like using that as your vehicle. – Yeah, but the prodigal son one, I don’t know if you can put that back up, it’s quite weird-
– [Kelly] Dark? – No, it’s not dark actually. – [Kelly] No, not at all! – [Jim] It looks dark and yet
what it represents from me is a lot of people don’t
think about these stories, you know, the prodigal son, the two siblings that, you know, one goes off and gallops,
gallivants around, and the other one stays in the kingdom and keeps it running, right, until the prodigal son comes back. Well, the prodigal son is your mind, at any one moment you’re either in your body
or you’re not in your body, and your mind is the prodigal
son or the prodigal daughter, – You’re either present or not present. – It goes, the heart can’t go anywhere. It has to run the body. It has to keep the blood pumping. And so it’s stuck, but the mind can go
anywhere it wants to go. – [Kelly] Which I love. – And sometimes that’s fantastic, except when it takes you over, and it prevents you from doing this. It prevents you from doing this. And all of the things and the
walk in the morning and stuff. So, sometimes when you’re in,
can I say, “Hell on earth”? – You can, and I have been there. – Sometimes when you
are, that’s time travel. You can never really, it’s
very difficult to be unhappy, if you’re really in your body, if you bring your brain back to your body, and sometimes that’s what pain is. Pain is your body
calling you back, saying, “I’m your heart and I miss you.” – [Kelly] Yeah, work on this! – Come back, come back. – That’s so cool! (audience claps) I thought you meant
the black and white one of your father, that’s the one I, I was like, “Looks a little dark,” but it’s great. – That was my dad. My dad is, that was I did from
a photograph of my father, in his early life, standing on a rooftop in
Toronto with his pet rat. (audience laughs) – Wow. – My dad was one of the
most incredible characters that you ever met in your life, the funniest man that
ever walked the earth, and he makes me look
like, I don’t know what. Like a Shakespearian tragedy. – No but you should know this about you, like you have a really cool
vibe and light about you, and you’re so welcoming, like I’ve only been on this
show for like five months, but like a lot of times you meet people and they all have walls up, and they’re so afraid
and they’re so serious, ’cause they want to be taken seriously, and it’s like, it’s really refreshing, so thank you for being
such a light, it’s cool. (audience cheers and claps)

52 thoughts on “Jim Carrey Curbs ‘Crazy Feelings’ By Creating Art

  1. I love to paint but it took a lot for me to have people see…even family. I have respect for people who are not shy to share. 💚🎨🖌

  2. Totally in love with Jim. Always have been. By far my favorite actor. I just wish I could hug him. He looks like he needs a hug. I so relate to his emotional existence. I agree with Kelly. He is a light. I love you Jim. You are an amazingly smart and talented person. Never doubt your worth.

  3. Honestly I have followed this man thru everything . Buddy u look great! I love your words! Stay happy always buddy! My 17 yr old knows the different roles u have played. U resonated with him! Lol

  4. Jim Carrey and my dad could talk for hoooourrrsss! Lol The way he speaks likes he’s always trying to teach you something or enlighten you…just like my dad.

  5. This is why I LOVE KELLY:) she is so HONEST and Real:) like no other:) One of a Kind Gem:) Best Talk show on the Air:) Seriously:)

  6. I first-aid all love you Kelly. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all. I really love Him Carey. I'm such a fan. He is so hilarious and funny. I have just about all his movies.

  7. What happened to his beard!!! He looked really cool with it. But anyway I'm so happy to see that he looks happy here!! This guy is a legend 🔥🔥

  8. So insightful and moving. I appreciate his honesty, the visibility helps those of us with mental illness feel a little more acceptance.

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