April 6, 2020
Jacque Fresco – When you know your friends

Jacque Fresco – When you know your friends

And I always say that the most important decisions made by people is during D-day. Like when your typewriter breaks down, and then you get a flat tire, and you got a migraine headache, and I say “You goddamn asshole Paula” —that’s the real Fresco. That’s the time that you make your judgments about people —in low key. That’s the time when you really know what you call “your friends” —not on Sunshine-Valley-Day when everything is going well.

11 thoughts on “Jacque Fresco – When you know your friends

  1. Jacque will be taught to our descendants as Einstein, Hawking and Tesla are taught to us today. It is time to consider a fundamentally different way for us all to live.

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  2. This is much like something I have often said to people. It's during the worst or most difficult times of your life that you find out who your real friends are.

  3. This clip is so short that I find it difficult for general people to really grasp anything of what he's talking about. Without further context this clip is useless. But what can you expect from a commercial? This clip is a commercial. More trade-clips from "Optimum Tools":

  4. I attended Fresco's lectures for several years after graduating high school and before college. I can't imagine how I would have turned out without his many pearls of wisdom. The statist institutions k thru 12 did not prepare me for the "real world". But with Frisco's teaching under my belt before I went to college, I made out pretty well. RIP Jacque.

  5. how about more volume to Jacque and less to that annoying music. All his recordings are low quality and hard to hear anyway, why make it harder to hear with additional sounds? Maybe you can even use an audio enhancer software to better filter his voice from original recording!

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