September 19, 2019
Jack Fitzpatrick – Diabetes Expo 2019 Presenter

Jack Fitzpatrick – Diabetes Expo 2019 Presenter

I’m Jack Fitzpatrick. I have type 1
diabetes. I have for about six or seven years now. I’m an ambassador with
Diabetes Victoria, ex-AFL player having spent six seasons at Melbourne and two
seasons at Hawthorn. Now I’m completing my Bachelor of Business majoring in Management and Marketing at Victoria University. I’m also assistant coach at
Werribee VFL, which I’m really enjoying and I do a little bit of media work here
and there as well. I’m looking forward to the diabetes Expo, it’s gonna be a massive event We’ll get heaps of people there – partners sponsors, people with
diabetes, their carers. I’m really looking forward to
presenting on a panel about my experiences of being an AFL footballer with diabetes and exercise management with your diabetes. When I was first diagnosed I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t have even gone to a doctor if I
wasn’t playing footy, because you have a doctor at training every day, so I didn’t
have to go to my out of my way. So, I said ‘mate, I’m feeling a bit unwell’.. Men in particular, but for anyone, we can sometimes be a bit hesitant to seek help. As a young male, you know 20, 21, 22, playing AFL Footy, you think you’re a bit invincible – ‘oh, it won’t happen to me, I’ll be fine I can look after myself’. But you’re not
Superman or Woman or whoever. When I grew up I unfortunately suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and when I looked up to Alastair Lynch, who was an AFL footballer,
playing for Brisbane. He was a superstar, and I knew that he had chronic fatigue and the impact it had on me seeing that an AFL player, he had what I had, and he could play. When I was a little bit older I was lucky enough that he actually reached out to me and gave me
some advice. I know it sounds really corny but if I can have an impact on just one person, would it be a child or an adult, and show them that diabetes
doesn’t have to stop you from chasing your dreams, or chasing your goals, or living a healthy and active lifestyle, then for me everything’s worth it. So for people attending the Expo, I hope what they can take away from my presentation is that diabetes doesn’t have to control your life. Having a good routine and
structure, eating well, training and keeping yourself fit. All these kinds of
things that anyone can implement into their lives, are really simple ways, and non-invasive ways, if you like, about effective diabetes management and control I’d love to see as many people as possible at the diabetes Expo. Book now
for your tickets. It would be amazing to get so many different types of
people there from people living with with diabetes, carers, family, parents, partners, friends all these types of people. They’re all going to be there,
it’s going to be a lot of people so book now, get your tickets, and really look
forward to seeing you there

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