November 14, 2019

100 thoughts on “Is Aloe Effective for Blood Pressure, Inflammatory Bowel, Wound Healing and Burns?

  1. So, they used aloe creams that may have had no aloe in them. So does aloe work at all or not if used directly from the plant? This was not that enlightening, was it?

  2. As soon as a consumer watchdog group tests them or a lawyer finds out there will be consumer backlash or lawsuit. Systems are in place to take care of fraud which is against the law. Also, I am not sure about the internal use of aloe, but as far as burns, try it(not from walmart), you will be amazed, and no amount of crappily done studies with inferior products will be able to say otherwise.

  3. This confirms my experience. I bought some gel, mostly because I just hate breaking off a chunk of my aloe plant. The gel stung (unlike juice directly from the plant) and the burn took days longer to heal than in my past experience. [ I also had a moderately severe allergic reaction to the bandaid adhesive, but that may well have been unrelated. ] So, I suspect that 1) there really isn’t much actual aloe in the gel, and, 2) the additives may cause the gel to actually be counterproductive. Into the garbage it goes!

  4. no watchdog to assure aloe is contained in aloe products? are these people insane? if something is being sold to public, then there should be some govt/public agency to ensure that what is on the bottle is what is IN the bottle. we dont need a different agency for every ingredients listed ever….

  5. So keeping an aloe plant in my kitchen isn't a complete waste of space. I've used it on minor burns with good effect and it's nice to know it's not just a placebo. Thanks!

  6. Proving over and over and over again…. that testing on animals is unnecessary cruelty, as the results rarely match what happens in human bodies.

  7. Liposomal vitamin C use typically is very effective with sunburns. So far this is probably just anecdotal but still evidence nonetheless.

  8. Is there anything on direct use from the plant? Mum swears by the cutting of a piece and applying direct rather than from a tube. Thank you.

  9. So, the main thing I gleaned from this is that scientists needlessly torture rodents and lagomorphs to test aloe. Aloe is benign; experiment on humans with it, for pity's sake! TFP.

  10. Aloe Gel and Aloe from the plant is VERY different.
    Only an idiot who has put Aloe plant gel on a burn would believe these words.
    Experience is the best Dr. – Doctor.

  11. So, if aloe products dont even contain aloe how did the researchers of the studies confirm they were actually using aloe gel? For all we know they were using fake stuff not realizing it and thus all of their research would be invalidated?

  12. I used to get sunburned very often as a kid. Once during a holiday to Hawaii, I got burnt so bad that my eyes puffed up, I could not even wear clothes, was in tremendous pain. They gave us pure aloe vera ointments at the hotel. It helped – only because it helped the skin cool down. It did not help heal my skin faster at all so I could've use anything cooling on my skin and it would've 'helped'. Now I know to stay out of the sun (except for the first 15 minutes for the vitamin D)

  13. "When health and nutrition are mixed with profit: honor goes out the window" Ironically, the only honest statement from this pharmaceutical industry troll.

  14. I am convinced that aloe vera can treat sunburns.
    I got a pretty severe sunburn all over my body, and I went to get an aloe vera massage, they used 100% pure aloe vera gel that was semi frozen and rubbed it on my skin for 1 hour.
    95% of the pain and redness went away immediately.

  15. Let' stop the animal testing. It's completely unnecessary and actually harmful to humans since we aren't any other animal but human.

  16. the problem with the scientific studies is because you offset the way plant medicine is supposed to be used with faith. You will never capture the results with those scientific chains on.
    Do individual studies where it is like what exists in a natural setting.

  17. I looked like two face from the comics had first and second degree burns on my face, not joking my face looked way different from one side. πŸ€” like a mix of two face from Batman and pruneface from dick Tracy. Took a few months but after applying aloe every day multiple times per day my face today is normal. When applying aloe to wounds it does seem to take a while but it also seems to heal better although I don’t hurt myself enough to know for sure. That means no scarring vs scarring.

  18. Has anyone here learn a darn thing yet form Dr. Greger? Most unprocessed plants work better than that BS capsules bottle Swanson sellsπŸ€”

  19. I got a nasty burn on my lip and when the pain gets too intense I use a bit of Aloe gel (right from the plant) and the pain goes away in a second. Aloe is great. Just avoid any Aloe-related products.

  20. Quote: "Conclusion. A single dose of oral aloe vera had no effect on electrocardiographic or blood pressure measurements in young healthy volunteers." – Is this so called 'study' even serious? They just tested one SINGLE dose on YOUNG HEALTHY volunteers? Why not testing it LONGTERM and on people who actually suffer form HIGH blood pressure? That would be at least somehow serious in my book, not such a crap!

  21. Two questions:
    – Aloe vs. honey for burns?
    – How many of the studies that showed no effect actually used store-bought/unregulated aloe?

  22. There are still people trying to convince others that carbohydrates and sugar elevate serum cholesterol and that dietary cholesterol has no effect. Can you please make a video tearing apart these idiotic claims?

  23. I always use the fresh plant gel for sunburn and it definitely speeds up recovery and actually stops peeling. Just my experience

  24. Well one thing I do know is that Aloe juice helped me substantially with my Acid Reflux, but since I went Vegan and lost some weight I don't have Acid Reflux anymore.

  25. I bought whole leaf aloe vera powder (organic) from the internet. I use a little bit in water and use it as mouthwash every day and it is super cheap to prevent cavities and gingivitis.

  26. What about the mycotoxins and aflatoxins in beans, nuts, corn, tobacco, weed, raisens, dates, prunes, herbal teas and especially peanuts? Would make a great video talking about how it causes brain inflammation and is a nuro toxins

  27. What about the Aloin in the aloe vera? It apparently has possible carcinogenic effects. It's the yellow stuff that oozes from the leaves when cut

  28. Yeah, that's why I go in my backyard and cut my own aloe plant which did help me after my surgery. And has never let me down after burn…i don't think science always proves it…especially where there is no profit

  29. A traditional remedy in my family is to use table salt, it prevents blistering and healing is speeded up. The affected area will feel sensitive for a day but that's about it.

  30. In ancient times, it was probably still better than doing nothing as the aloe would form a barrier to bacteria entering wounds. Maybe it even has some anti-microbial/bacterial properties? So the wound would take longer to heal, but you were more likely to escape infection- a big deal in those days. The other major use for aloe is for easing the digestive process and alleviating constipation. I can personally testify that fresh aloe is highly effective in this regard. To prepare fresh aloe, cut the bottom of the aloe leaf and let it drain for 30 minutes. Then peal it with a potato peeler and cut into cubes. You can eat it like that or blend it with some water and lemon. Either way, it's rather pleasant and refreshing.

  31. I was a glass blower for over thirty years, where cuts and burns were a frequent occupational hazard. My colleagues and I always had live aloe plants around which we would use for burns. The relief was IMMEDIATE. It really works. Aloe-based creams? Don't waste your money.

  32. I used this on my dogs back when she had really bad allergy and scratched herself raw in spots. I applied fresh aloe gel and I couldn’t believe it but the next day it had started healing and the red had gone down. To this day she has different colour hair where I applied the aloe gel.

  33. I just bought a baby aloe plant today. It works wonders for many things. All my life I've had them around me used for a lot of different things. You want benefits buy a plant.:))

  34. Aloe being a very unstable product should be used FRESH.
    I has seen stabilized Aloe but am still skeptical. The best way of preserving aloe is to keep it alive. I have a plant in a sunny window all winter and park it outside in a lightly shaded spot in summer.

  35. The traditional application of Aloe is slicing the gooey slimy leaves, cutting them into strips and applying the aloe flesh to wounds. This has been used for thousands of years around the world to help with rashes, abbrasions and burns.

    Products bought in the store, however, have been heat treated and mixed with other chemicals that negates or dilutes the effect beyond recognition.

    Remember that aloe plant flesh is really an improvised product, it's far better to use a sterile gauze along with rubbing alchohol or iodine to prevent infections and promote healing in wounds.

  36. Is there a good way for us as consumers to then be able to verify our aloe purchases ourselves, since/if no overseeing entity will/is currently verifying aloe products?

  37. I had a wound on the left corner of my mouth a few months ago due to an allergic reaction. The wound was drying my skin and didn't want to heal. It was hard to the touch. I first applied water … didn't work. Then I bought some "healing" cream at the drugstore …. it made it even drier and the wound enlarged. I finally applied some aloe vera gel on it and sealed it with shea butter : it finally healed with no scar. It was just my experience πŸ™‚

  38. Well doc I take a gulp of raw organic aloe with my hibiscus and amla berry tea πŸ˜‰ as the c & e compliment each other as you already know ;p

  39. Doctors over the past few years/decades were taught by a system that left no child behind. Enclosing dumbing uo the medical education. Just pass d very one. NWO GENICIDE. Is there a better way do kill.

  40. I'm 100% positive that when I drink aloe juice it makes my life-long stomach issues calm for a day. If it isn't actually doing anything, it should be praised as the world's strongest placebo and can probably be used to cure pretty much anything anyway. I love this guy's studies, but I can't wrap my head around how this 1 day cure repeatedly works like a charm for me if there's nothing to it.

  41. I grow Aloe and have been using it for years. Get the real deal. It works for many things. It's fantastic. Disappointed in this vague review.

  42. What are the points of these studies if they are not using 100% real aloe from the aloe plant? But nobody who funded the studies receive benefit from the sale of aloe so they did not want the study to succeed. So essentially, throw the results out the window unless they are using fresh aloe directly from the plant in real time.

  43. Animal research needs to end! How can we humans feel good about new knowledge when it causes so much suffering in other sentient beings. Also if one researches it, finds from mice and rats is rarely the same in humans. It is a complete waste of time.

  44. I've found aloe products to be utterly useless (now I know why), but chopping off an aloe vera leaf and rubbing the goop on a sunburn two or three times a day makes a huge difference in healing time and pain reduction.

  45. I have aloe at home all the time..When i eat aloe it helps me digest food all the time so i dont know what u are talking about.

  46. What about using aloe gel for ACNE? I HAVE TRIED MANY TIMES..AND IT WORKS SO WELL FOR ME ! BUT ALOE FROM THE PLANT 100% a product that maybe doent have aloe! Nothing is better than the plant ITSELF

  47. Greger could be wrong on this one, I had great success from my aloe plant when treating my severe sunburn and a bad cut. Although the creams from the store were useless.

  48. This videos are so exciting to watch, and Dr. Greger cracks me up! I wish he taught at university! He explains so well and at the same time helps you build the right thinking for approaching scientific nutrition. Too bad after all this studying that I do to improve my diet, my friends and family remain skeptical, even in front of my big health improvements. To them my knowledge it's just "something I read on the internet".I wish there were recognised online courses of plant based nutrition so that everyone could educate themselves and also have a proof to show that it's not just another fancy diet.

  49. I keep an aloe plant near my kitchen. If I burn myself I just split a leaf and hold the gel side on it. It takes the pain away, and if you do this quick enough, no blisters form.

    A few years ago I had a terrible 2nd degree burn on both my hands from super-heated scalding steam. I had to go to the ER. My skin was melting off my hands. The silver cream really worked. It seemed like it took a long time to heal, but as long as the silver cream was on and the bandages in place, it didn't hurt. I don't have any scars from this, even though all the blistered skin came off. Perhaps the slower healing time is what allowed the wounds to heal without scarring.

    The silver cream is really expensive, but if I could I would have this in my first aide kit. That stuff is amazing.

  50. I was reading elsewhere the Aloe Vera effects are tremendous here is a partial list of the studies quoted in the article I've read:

  51. Aloe vera has been used since antiquity to treat skin afflictions and reduce inflammation. It is used and recommended by doctors to treat minor, first-degree burns and can be used on some second-degree burns

  52. Aloe works nicely on burns. I use it if i get a sun burn and my skin is less likely to peel. But even if it does, the burn heals faster and is less sensitive with aloe on it.

  53. Apparently no one has ever heard of flash freeze dried standardized mucilaginous aloe polysaccharides.
    December 17, 2013
    Verified Purchase
    I have been using this product for 1 week in smoothies and can see a difference in my digestive tract. Normally I've used liquid and was a little hesitant about the powder. But the 200 to 1 is the real deal. I'm buying more for some people I love for Christmas

    In Vivo. 2009 Jan-Feb;23(1):171-5.
    A randomized study of chemotherapy versus biochemotherapy with chemotherapy plus Aloe arborescens in patients with metastatic cancer.
    Lissoni P1, Rovelli F, Brivio F, Zago R, Colciago M, Messina G, Mora A, Porro G.
    Author information

    The recent advances in the analysis of tumor immunobiology suggest the possibility of biologically manipulating the efficacy and toxicity of cancer chemotherapy by endogenous or exogenous immunomodulating substances. Aloe is one of the of the most important plants exhibiting anticancer activity and its antineoplastic property is due to at least three different mechanisms, based on antiproliferative, immunostimulatory and antioxidant effects. The antiproliferative action is determined by anthracenic and antraquinonic molecules, while the immunostimulating activity is mainly due to acemannan.

    A study was planned to include 240 patients with metastatic solid tumor who were randomized to receive chemotherapy with or without Aloe. According to tumor histotype and clinical status, lung cancer patients were treated with cisplatin and etoposide or weekly vinorelbine, colorectal cancer patients received oxaliplatin plus 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), gastric cancer patients were treated with weekly 5-FU and pancreatic cancer patients received weekly gemcitabine. Aloe was given orally at 10 ml thrice/daily.

    The percentage of both objective tumor regressions and disease control was significantly higher in patients concomitantly treated with Aloe than with chemotherapy alone, as well as the percent of 3-year survival patients.

    This study seems to suggest that Aloe may be successfully associated with chemotherapy to increase its efficacy in terms of both tumor regression rate and survival time.

    In the Beginning
    In 1979, after five years of hearing countless testimonies of improved health from people who drank my company’s Aloe vera juice, I knew that some unknown ingredient in the inner gel of the Aloe vera leaf improved health conditions better than most products on the market at that time. One pharmacist in Alabama sold his store to become a distributor of our products because, he said, β€œthere is nothing in my pharmacy that will do what your aloe does.”

    Searching at the medical school library, I found that Aloe vera was used by physicians for 3,000 years until the 1900s, when synthetic drugs replaced herbs, plants and other natural medicines. Although doctors no longer used aloe, people in warm climates continued to grow it. They took aloe gel internally to relieve various forms of intestinal discomfort, aching joints and other chronic conditions. They also used it externally to moisturize skin and soothe insect bites, cuts, burns, sunburn and other injuries.

    Despite these facts, no pharmaceutical company seemed interested in conducting research to determine what was in it that offered such a wide range of benefits. They refused to invest research dollars in natural ingredients, no matter how effective, since they would not be patentable.

    By 1980 it became obvious that people throughout the world genuinely needed the unique benefits of Aloe vera. But to change the image of aloe from unrecognized β€œfolk medicine” to acceptance by the general public and healthcare professionals would require spending millions to find the single-active molecule in aloe, prove it was safe and effective and then obtain government approval to market it.

  55. i have tried a bunch of aloe gels and noticed /any/ effects (small but still) with maybe one or two korean products high in actual aloe pulp and extract. the plant itself? i use it all the time, it soothes my skin when i have a particularly bad acne day and whenever i burn myself when cooking i put a part of a cut aloe leaf and it really does help with both the pain and inflammation…..

  56. For more information on natural aloe vera products join this facebook group

  57. This is bullshit. I personally know someone who had hypertension issues and drank the non sugary aloe Vera for a month went back to the dr and without medication blood pressure was NORMAL. But I get it hypertension and heart disease is big big business lol.

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