November 12, 2019

Improving the Care of Secondary Hypertension: Automated Medical Record Screening

(light music) – 1 in 6 adults has high blood pressure that is not well controlled. Leading to increased
risks of heart attack, stroke and other disease. To improve how we care for these patients we’re developing tools to better pinpoint the causes of elevated blood pressure in individual patients. We’re starting with one specific cause Primary Aldosteronism. We know how to treat
Primary Aldosteronism well with precise therapeutics or surgery. But, currently this
condition goes undiagnosed in the vast majority
of effective patients. Imagine a learning healthcare system that is dynamically interpreting your entire medical records, including your blood pressures,
medications, lab studies and much more. We’re constructing such
an automated system to leverage these data in real time to identify patients
with high blood pressure due to undiagnosed Primary Aldosteronism. This tool will enable us
to find these undiagnosed patients and offer then
targeted, effective treatments. I’m Doctor Daniel Herman, and this is Precision Medicine at Penn. (light music)

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