February 28, 2020
Hypertension Discussion Part 6

Hypertension Discussion Part 6

DR. MEYERS: When we talk about risk factors for hypertension, we really talk about two things. One is the risk factors for developing
hypertension and those are age. So as we get older were more likely to get hypertension. Family history so if there’s high blood pressure in our family, we’re more likely to get it. Overweight or obesity is a higher
risk factor. Inactivity, smoking, alcohol use. All
of those things but you at higher risk of developing high blood
DR. WILLIAMS: Being African-American is a risk factor. Eating a high-salt diet is a risk factor.
Being overweight is a risk factor.
DR. CLARKE: I think the only way you can really prevent or I don’t think you really can prevent
high blood pressure especially if it’s genetic. If both your parents have it, if all your grandparents have it, and
your brothers and sisters have it, you probably will eventually, unless you’re really lucky… end up with high blood pressure so genetics plays a huge role.
DR. MEYERS: In addition
to those risk factors we also talk about the risk factors if you have high blood pressure and
these are the ones that put you at higher risk I’ve developing complications from the
high blood pressure so heart disease kidney failure stroke and those are the ones that we just
mentioned that put you at higher risk of getting high blood pressure but also cholesterol having high
cholesterol also makes the high blood pressure more dangerous for you as does having diabetes I’m having
diabetes and high blood pressure together don’t just ad on their fax they actually multiply
their fax eating a healthy diet up maintaining a
healthy weight and exercising I have seen patients that have done these things
that had a a severe family history law family
history of hypertension and have been able to us day of blood pressure medicine or
longer period of time then they probably would have if they
hear if they were overweight if they were exercising if they were
eating a I sodium meal these things are controllable and a lot of it has to do with how you
handled the disease black 2004 for one thing Marseille’s is chibi hereditary or do where you live your life could make
you become are you know parable a person the way
you eat it means life to me because I’ve experienced the high blood
pressures and it is not that mean easy task you have to really be careful with what you eat here be a booked being very honest with
yourself and take your medicine do not be a doctor to yourself you must take it seriously

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