November 20, 2019
Hypertension Discussion Part 2

Hypertension Discussion Part 2

DR. CLARKE: I had a patient who started out with a blood pressure. it was 210 over a hundred and seventeen
and she came and she said I’ve been to a number of
doctors and they’ve never been able to get it to
normal to where it’s supposed to be to goal as we call it to the 130 over 80 mark and she says oh we’ll never she says, “it’ll
come down some but it’s never gonna be that way.” and I sat down and explained to her that in most cases that it’s not going to be
one medication that you’re gonna be able to take and be able to get your blood pressure down.
It’s gonna be a combination of medicines and that on an average most my patients are on at least three blood pressure medications in order to
get to goal and we eventually got her blood pressure down to I saw her a week ago and her blood
pressure and now was 130 over 70. She is on three medications it actually
took us about nine months to get her
medications down and we went through a few as far as she was having some side
effects with some the medication so we had to stop them and a change it to another medication
but eventually because she knew that I had told her up
front that it was gonna take a while she was patient with me and she did her
part and I did my part and we were able to get a blood pressure
under control and now she’s much happier she says that she feels a lot better.
DR. WILLIAMS: One of my biggest success stories is that I had a guy who came
in and his ejection fraction was about 25 percent. His blood pressure
was very high and after we really started talking about a
lot of the risk factors control, got him on medications. He started
walking. He lost weight. His ejection fraction when up to about
45-50 percent. He can now…he employed again. His
living life and that’s really what we want.
DR. MEYERS: Similar to diabetes We talk with people about it really is a matter of control. So the disease control
control you or you can control it and the disease doesn’t give up, it doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t get frustrated. and we have to take that same fight to it in order to win the battle.

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