September 19, 2019
Hypertension 2013–Anna Dominiczak

Hypertension 2013–Anna Dominiczak

(upbeat music) – My name is Anna Dominiczak. I am Editor in Chief of Hypertension. I would like to share with
you some progress we have made over the last 12 months since we talked about hypertension last time at the American Heart Association meeting. First of all, our impact
factor has gone up, and we are the best paper in the area of hypertension
research worldwide. We also introduced number of
new, interesting innovations. Perhaps the best, the
most interesting one, the one that was very well
received by the readers is to add a series of
clinical implications. These are three chosen papers where the authors are asked
to very briefly summarize what is the clinical
implication of their research, what’s the translational value. And this is done, a very
short summary with one figure. And three such summaries are published every month in our journal. This has been popular,
received a lot of interest, and lots of people are reading
and commenting on this. In addition we also, for
the benefit of our readers, put together a number of editors choices, editors selections of papers or abstracts. For example, in the November issue, you will see a very interesting collection of abstracts that appeared in our journal over 2012 and half of 2013, on the very novel topic
of renal denervation, the new methodology to treat
resistant hypertension. We also had a review that summarized the best papers published in Hypertension
in the selected topics. And again the resistant
hypertension was summarized very beautifully by Dr.
Bob Carey this year. So we introduced these new innovations to help our readers to get the big picture of what hypertension research, both clinical and basic
science is all about. We also increased the clinical
content of the journal and we have done it steadily over the last couple of years, and we have both more submissions from our clinical community but also more papers are
accepted for publication that have clinical character
that directly help patients. So I think Hypertension is thriving, it’s a great journal, it
will grow in strength, but it needs your help. It needs the help of the readers, reviewers, associated
editors, guest editors, consulting editors, entire community, so let’s help to keep
Hypertension where it belongs as the best hypertension
paper in the world. (upbeat music)

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