February 28, 2020
How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet

How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet

I’m Mic, and today: how your body transforms over time on a vegan diet. Now, I could just flash some success stories like how Tammy lost 70 pounds in two weeks on a vegan diet. Those stories are out there, but instead I want to be a little more intellectually honest and look at about eight clinical trials in Several other studies on Actual Vegans, not just sort of plant-based people, and see what happens to your body, and when. Now, quick disclaimer: This is not what WILL happen to you if you go vegan, everybody is different – Everybody has varying levels of disease and unhealthy diets that they’re coming from, and I also want to say that know if you eat 300 calories a day, or 5,000 calories of beer and potato chips on a vegan diet this also will not happen. Most of studies in this video are going to be using a diet that is recommended by virtually all of the main plant-based doctors like Esselstyn, Campbell, MacDougall, Barnard, Craigger, etc. And I’m sorry that is not a diet based around processed foods. It’s a more balanced vegan diet. All right, let’s take a look at what happens on the first couple days of going vegan. If your previous diet included drinking cow’s milk then, you will no longer have mammalian hormones manipulating your own hormones. As this study showed, after drinking milk, less than the USDA’s recommended daily amount by the way, we see a 25% increase in estrone, which is an estrogen and about a 20% drop in testosterone. Another thing that will stop is the almost instant animal product inflammation after a meal – here is a study showing an inflammatory response just two hours after eating sausage and egg muffins. So you can kiss that reaction Goodbye, and I do want to touch on a fear that people have with the first couple days of a vegan diet, which is understandable with bloggers like this, who ate Beyonce’s vegan diet for four days, and all she got was gas. No, I don’t doubt that this is possible I mean your fiber intake is going from maybe the 15 gram a day US average, all the way up to 30 or more grams a day, and there are studies on an increase in fiber, particularly beans which will be eaten more on a vegan diet – you may have heard “beans beans, the more you eat the, more you fart” but in reality it’s more like “beans beans, 3% of you might fart more for a couple of days, but then life will be better”. No, that’s not going to become a playground favorite any time soon. As this study mentioned, with an increase in bean consumption, only a small amount of people, the green bar, notice any increase in gas. The giant red bar, that’s no symptoms at all and as this other study mentioned, those symptoms were shown to fade at about 48 hours anyway. You can then go on to reap a lifetime of benefits from legumes which, as this study mentioned, were the one food most associated with survival and elderly populations across the world. And it’s important to know that this first week on a vegan diet, this isn’t just your stomach getting used to vegan food, this is a shift in enterotype, a shift to a vegan gut biome, which means less flesh eating, potentially pathogenic bacteria, and more protective species, as this study mentions, specifically from a more Bacteroides dominated enterotype – Bacteroides feeds on animal proteins and fats, like what we are made out of, which might be why it’s more associated with colon cancer – Shifting to a Prevotella dominated enterotype, which feeds on plant material and is more protective. Here’s one that demonstrates this vegan gut shift. Those from a vegan diet had higher levels of short chain fatty acids, like propionate and butyrate, which are highly protective, and those who didn’t adhere to a vegan diet had higher levels of trimethylamine oxide. As the study mentions: Eggs, beef pork and fish are major sources of carnitine and choline which are converted by the gut microbiota to trimethylene, then oxidized in the liver and released into circulation as trimethylamine oxide, which is linked to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders. Now getting to seven days in, I think it’s fair to say that most people’s digestive systems will have adapted by this point, and I want to address the myth that you will poop seven times a day, as some bloggers have said: as this massive oxford study found – yes, this was studied – vegans only poop about 7% more than vegetarians, and are three times more likely to be regular than omnivores. Alright, moving right along to week three – we are reaching our first clinical trial which demonstrates putting a group of people on a vegan diet, and then measuring the changes – Dr. Esselstyn’s Trial of about 200 people going on a vegan diet, with cardiovascular disease, demonstrated clearing of arteries at this point. Here is a before shot of blood flow, shown in red, using a radioactive tracer, showing largely blocked blood flow in one of the patients, and here is much higher blood flow in the same patient, three weeks later. Essentially normal blood flow. Alright, moving on to week four, um, this is where you die of a protein deficiency. NOT! Actually, vegans were shown to have higher levels of blood protein than omnivores, which was statistically significant, and Possibly linked to their lower inflammation Alright, now we’re going to fast forward a few weeks – all the while, changes are happening, But we look at a few clinical trials that measured those changes at the end, starting with one at 12 weeks – this randomized control trial showed that if you have diabetes, it is possible to have your blood sugar lower by 28%. This one at 14 weeks showed that if you are obese, you can see a 13 pound weight loss, a 3% body fat loss, better gluten tolerance and insulin Sensitivity. At 16 weeks, this study put people who had migraines on a vegan diet and 88% of them showed improvement in their headache pain – and the number of people that needed medication for their headaches lowered by one-third, and let’s not forget the potentially life-saving 22 point drop in total cholesterol. And now another trial, this time on office workers, which is especially relevant cause they’re normal people, and not selecting for disease they found that they had an 8.5 pound weight loss and their blood work improved across the board. Now to 22 weeks out, with a larger diabetes trial – 43 percent of these type 2 diabetics were able to lower their diabetes medication, and again we saw about a 30% lowering of blood sugar levels, as well as a massive lowering in LDL, or bad cholesterol, and a 13 pound weight loss and a couple inches off their waist gone. And now another 22 week trial – Another office worker trial, again looking at normal people. Of the statistically significant findings, they found that: “the vegan group reported improvements in general health, physical functioning, mental health, vitality, and overall diet satisfaction, compared with the control group”. Counter to the myth: “the vegan group also reported a decrease in food cost”, though to be fair: “increased difficulty finding foods when eating out”. But most impressive of all, the vegan group reported a 40-46% decrease in health-related productivity impairments at work. That was based off how many days of work they missed for health related impairments, and how much time at work they missed for them as well. And that means that no matter what you’re trying to do in your life, a vegan diet can help you get that done without having a health related impairment. Perfect example: I, in all the times on my YouTube channel, have never had a sniffly nose or missed making a video due to some flu or cold, and I probably just jinxed myself, but it’s true. And a quick reminder: all of these studies will be linked in the description below, if you want to take a closer look at these numbers. Alright moving on to 6 months, even a low carb vegan diet will lose you 12 pounds and lower your LDL, or bad cholesterol, by 18 points. So you can eat a variety of vegan diets and still see these benefits. Okay, let’s look a little bit further down the line to one of the longest vegan trial follow-ups – back to Dr. Esselstyn’s cardiovascular disease study – after 12 years, those who stuck with their vegan diet only had a 0.6 chance of having heart attack or stroke, and those who fell off the wagon had a 60% chance, 100 times more heart attack and stroke. Now once you get past the length of Dietary trials and are officially a long-term vegan, then you can glean some insights from population studies, and with that I want to mention a point that you really can’t expect all of the results that you’ve seen earlier in this video, while still eating a lot of processed foods. But if you take your previous omnivorous or vegetarian diet and eat the same proportion of processed foods that you did then, in your vegan diet, you will still see benefits. And I say that statement based off these population studies on vegans who eat a standard vegan diet, and still see massive benefits like 63% lower incidence of hypertension or high blood pressure, 62% less diabetes overall, 16% less cancer, 15% lower mortality, 10% less heart disease, a normal BMI average, 10% less hypothyroidism and more. But if you want to go all the way to ditching processed foods, I do have a video on a whole food vegan transition, and I will link it below with a lot of other, better resources for doing that. In conclusion: though It’s really impossible to know exactly what changes will happen, and when, for you, we can gauge from the clinical trials in other studies that you will most likely lose weight if you are overweight, lower your blood sugar if you have diabetes, clear out your arteries if they are clogged, lower your cholesterol, have a better healthier microbiome, increase your productivity and mental health and ditch those hormones that manipulate you in dairy products, and those inflammatory animal products altogether. And last but not least: a clear conscience, because you are not eating those cute, cuddly animals which you love – I know you love them. Alright, that’s it for today, but I do want to quickly mention that this was a request video, as one of you was trying to go vegan, and needed a little bit more motivation, so feel free to request what you want to hear me talk about. Alright, thank you for watching and feel free to subscribe, if you don’t want to miss the next one.

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  1. the link for the migraine study does not work anymore. leads to PAGE NOT FOUND.

    16 Week Vegan Migraines Study:


  2. If a vegan diet is so great why does Vegan Gains take supplements because his memory is going to shit? Why does BiteSizedVegan look like something out of a horror movie? Why is Freelee batshit crazy? Why are vegans saying that crushed apples and bananas are AMAZING? Why are they eating 12 meals a day and shitting all the time? Why is Yurofsky a neurotic terrorist?
    Because veganism is just about malnutrition based on sunken costs and self-delusion

  3. Mic, this hurts my heart, metaphorically. My husband, after a liver transplant, had serious heart disease. After multiple operations, 13 stents, a quadruple bypass, and a gastric bypass, he literally dropped dead in front of me just over two years ago. We (I thought) kept a lacto-ovo home, but I have found packaging of processed meats since he died. It hurts so much knowing he brought meat into our home, against my religious vow, and against our relationship trust. He was 56. I am struggling to make it to vegan. You make it easier.

  4. Stop being cynical about food. Wanna lose weight? Exercise! Vegetables can not provide all the nutrients your body needs. You ancestors from the most remote to the closest ones, all ate meat!

  5. I've been vegan for a week now and I have been 💩💩💩 a lot lmao and I feel so much better and I lost 3 LBS this week. Best choice I ever made. For me AND for the animals.
    (Mostly for the animals)

  6. Going vegan, unfortunately I just filled my freezer with meat I payed good money for. Luckily it's just a fridge freezer. Cutting meat consumption in half till gone. Then switch. But so far cutting meat in half and cutting out milk I feel amazing so far. Vegan whoot whoot. Take that keto carnivore bitches🖕😁🖕

  7. I don’t understand how people can dislike Mic’s videos which are based on scientific studies and are simply the TRUTH!

  8. Nothing against veganism or vegans but, lets be honest being a vegan is very trendy right now…..now i get it nothing is wrong with wanting to live a more healthier lifestyle but who's to say who's healthy or not…based off of whos standards..all i hear is vegan vegan vegan everywhere i turn. Ppl tend to fall into traps of what society say we should be….im 34 yo, eat what i want, work out constantly and just fast from such foods when necessary. And i feel great, Its about discipline ppl, do your research on real environmental vegans. You'd be surprise how their lifestyles is not just about what u eat. But about being an activist against the harming of animals, leather, wool, chinchilla, polyester, bedsheets, soap products, candy, hygiene products, etc etc. I could go on and on so u tell me when we dont eat meat or drink milk are we truly 100% vegans???

  9. How come the Atkins diet people say that carbs increase inflammation and you guys say meat increases inflammation? I'm confused.

  10. What do you make of this Mic?


  11. The age at which a person transitions to vegan affects your overall reaction to it. With me, I was mostly vegetarian for years but then I'd slip up and revert to eating meat because I could not adequately explain to my family why I was being in their words "so difficult". But reverting even though I refused dairy as dairy makes my joints scream in pain, on this I would not budge and as my husband would try vegan ice cream and figured it was not all bad, he conceded. After his cancer surgery, I asked him, "Doing it your way got you cancer, and if you don't change at least some of what you do, you can pretty well figure that cancer will attack another organ." (He had prostate cancer). When I cook, he eats vegan at home as I won't cook meat. I won't eat it when I am out, getting serious about it, I lost 55 lbs., all without being hungry ever.

    But I did have such frequent BMs that getting sore was an issue. This lasted for about 2 weeks and had I taken pro and prebiotics, would have lasted less time. Now I make it a habit to eat fermented foods like sauerkraut 2 or more times a week. No more problems except from beans. What I have noticed that when I eat cooked pintos and rice at the same meal, I do not have gas, before it was embarrassing to say the least. But I was determined.

    My friends all tell me how much better and younger I look and how much nicer my skin is. My husband had lost 45 lbs. (so he says) but whereas I went from a size 18 to a size 8 to 10 in ladies' jeans, he is still wearing most of his old pants. But I was like 65 lbs to 70 lbs. overweight and he was like a 100+ lbs. overweight. But it is when we eat out that he will not behave himself and he has really stalled his weight loss if he is losing at all. All I can say is that when you do the research for one's self instead of being nagged into it, you get better results. If I died tomorrow, our kids could expect their father to eat himself to death within 3 months. I believe in doing this for my health as at my same age, my mother and sister were dying of breast cancer and my father and grandmother where getting Alzheimer's disease.

    Gee, eating Vegan isn't bad and I am not forgetful to the extent that is anymore than other people I have known. My blood glucose A1C is 51, my BP is 104/66, my cholesterol is down within normal range, actually the low normal now.

    If you "own" your veganism, you will get the best results, you will be able to figure out how to order at restaurants and what you can eat and not feel tempted. You just have to know that you don't have to visit your former body parts in the hospital medical waste site. And you won't live out your days in diapers and not knowing even how to write your own name. Is this not worth eating Vegan? If you think not, are you not seriously addicted and acting contrary to your own best interest? I grew a backbone past age 65 so if I can do this, anyone can.

  12. I have one problem with your video, when you talk about diabetes. All diabetes is is your blood cells soaked in bad fat disabling sugar from entering your cells for normal sugar use. carbs are GOOD, and actually give you energy. so saying, "X" percent less blood sugar. has a terrible message to me. sugar needs to be absorbed and used which a animal based diet disables. careful what you say.

  13. All the brainwashed vegans look at the poor guy in this video and think he looks healthy. It is a form of mass psychosis.

  14. I’m new to this channel and have been a vegetarian for over a year after watching documentary ‘earthlings’. I gained weight as a result assuming because of increase of carbs. I’m currently doing intermittent fasting OMAD and attempted to do low carb vegetarian when eating but think I now want to eliminate dairy too but struggle with what to eat and finding it unsustainable. Have about 15 pounds to lose. Anyone please have any advice on this subject?

  15. just delete unsuitable comments that are contributing your word, we both know now who's right ;))

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  17. Just peel your beans!!!
    At least that is the cooking tradition where I come from. No gas problems afterwards. True, it's time consuming but way better than letting all that gross fiber rot in your gut for hours and days on end.

  18. That's the one thing scares most people away from veganism. Looking at what the transformation does to them. It's a nightmare.

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  20. Being 95% plant based has turned my poop into one long solid dookie with no wiping even necessary. At the same time everyday.

  21. Legit content. Veteran vegan here for 10 years. Videos like this is what we need, instead of the silly drama. Content like this reflects well on a the vegan diet.

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  23. Been vegan for a month and a half now, loving it!…except every time i have black beans or pinto beans I get incredibly bad gas for the next ~24 hours! 🤢

  24. Here's how your body transforms. In 2000, H. Jay Dinshah, founder of the American Vegan Society died of a heart attack at age 66, after a life of promoting veganism and the ethic of ahimsa, dynamic harmlessness. The International Vegetarian Union (IVU) memorialized Dinshah in their IVU News issue of October 2000.

  25. I was 11 years vegetarian and the last 2 i was vegan, those last two were the sickest years of my life. I am a meat eater now.

  26. You’re just used to easy women😆😂! Stop looking frail and sickly though! #narissistictraits #ha #trustdenied At least exude some masculine energy for a change and not too much feminine energy more than an actual woman though!!…Grow some #character and #integrity…

  27. I became vegan for ethical reasons..I also now eat purely organic..non GMO foods..not perfect yet..but grateful I have made the transition of not eating animals

  28. When you guys say you’re a vegan, do you mean as in the lifestyle or just the food? Because if it’s just the food, then you are on a plant based diet.

  29. Vegan or is a death diet. We are all carnivores, yes, even raw. Vegans always ruin their bodies trying to be something they're not. Every single human is a full carnivore and need no plant foods. The human body cannot digest plants and furthermore they're are no nutrients in plants worth eating them. Meat and animal organs has 100% everything the human body needs and was created for and digests animals with ease. Veganism is for dumbed down slaves who can't think for themselves. Vegans might feel good at first but it's only running their bodies on animal fat stores from the past that will keep them going for a bit until their body begins cannibalizing themselves. This video is all a lie. Plants do not have all the full nutrients that the human body needs.

  30. I definitely hit the bathroom way more often than when I was eating SAD, except for those times when I ate cow dairy, which meant living on the porcelain throne. Maybe not seven times a day on a WFPB diet, but damn near close. It's higher if I eat more raw veggies, I notice.

  31. I'd love to become vegan but to be honest my washing machine keeps breaking down and I like having the physical strength to move it

  32. I developed sixpack abs and i don't even exercise. also these veins popped in my arms that i never seen before. i look more muscular and i don't even work out. weird how eating whole vegan foods transformed me. very inspired and motivated to actually exercise now so I can enhance this because I see my body as a template now. I bought a pull up bar to put in the door way to make exercising more convenient.

  33. This is all true. Been in vegan diet for almost 3 months now. My co workers who were meat eaters are the once who usually get sick, and were absent at work. As for me, I lost 24lbs since starting vegan diet. And it cost less to eat veggies. I walk from home to work and it does gives me a lot of energy. I feel young and I sleep well at night. 😊

  34. Plant based diet made my life difficult as my libido skyrocketed, but my wife is happy. And I had to buy new clothes because I lost 10 kgs. Cant see any more advantages, except my higher energy levels and increased creativity and and and …. End of irony… Folks, go plant-based!

  35. Hey Mic, check out "DEBUNKED, THE PAPER STRAW SCAM" by Louder with Crowder. Steven talks "FACTS" about Vegans. My wife and I would love to see your feedback. We love your work btw, keep it up!

  36. i’ve been vegan for almost 5 months now i won’t ever go back it’s had such a huge impact on my life and was the best decision i’ve ever made. in the beginning i did feel a lot more energetic but then everything just started to feel normal again. i do feel/am a lot healthier now tho and i have noticed some changes on my face like it was a bit chubbier before i mean it still kinda is but less now lol and when i eat a lot and feel bloated it’s like a satisfied bloated not a omg i feel so fat and disgusting bloated. a lot of people think it’s really hard being vegan but honestly the longer you go on for the easier it is and turns into a lifestyle 🙂 so just gotta push yourself for those first couple weeks and research to prep meals

  37. Wait is all those people in these studies already healthy? Well where’s the study with a sick person going vegan and becoming healthy!

  38. Day 7 for me and I feel great lost 8lbs and don’t feel sluggish at all… however I did have wine this weekend I mean it’s grapes right😂😂

  39. Well mic after debating it for 2 years I’m finally going vegan tried it for 2 weeks I liked it so here I go at 24 years I start

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  41. Global warming is a hoax… Sad that the face of veganism is always liberals. Wish there were more vegan Republicans speaking out.

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  44. i cannot eat grains for example. and also legumes cause me problems. when I only eat fish meat and eggs, I feel good. I don t say i am right and others wrong. i just ask you. because i am very very confused in nutrition. why i don t feel good if i start eating these vegan foods? i tried!

  45. I should show this to my mom. She refused to watch What the Health so maybe she'll be willing to watch a shorter video that highlights the health benefits of a vegan diet.

  46. I started my vegan diet yesterday and honestly I feel great. A little constipation, gas, and bloating but that's normal of course. I went from eating junk food and take out every week to eating lots of fruits, veggies, and lots of wholegrains.

  47. Me:Quits dairy and goes from being ovopescaterian to pescavegan in the hopes of being vegan

    Also me:Dad shows up at my dorm room with 60 eggs in the name of "eggs are a quick meal seeing as you shouldn't have time to cook"

    My life💔🙁😒😭

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  49. pick and choose whatever articles you want… i believe we are supposed to eat meat.. point made by nature..mixed with healthy greens makes up a good diet. evolution made us what we are, but civilization has corrupted our diet. hunt, fish, and farm..peace

  50. What i've learned in 3 years as a vegan:
    – make sure to eat a BIG VARIETY OF DIFFERENT FOODS
    – Try to get protein from beans, lentils, peas etc and not only soy
    – drink enough water
    – exercise regularly
    – try to eat only a small amount of processed food (most things can be home made easily, such as plantmilk or seitan)
    – get your fats in (variety of nuts, avocado, seeds)
    – make sure you eat ENOUGH CALORIES!! undereating can lead to a skinny-fat physique and tiredness.
    – eat intuitively
    Good luck💪🐤💕🍃

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