November 19, 2019

100 thoughts on “How Well Does Cooking Destroy the Cyanide in Flax Seeds?

  1. As a Swede I have been waiting for a video like this ever since the regulators came out with this recommendation and basically all supermarkets stop selling flaxseeds in ground up form..

  2. So many things that I once thought healthy are horrible! Hibiscus tea, flax, cider, too much kale, rosemary…

  3. It's not really 'until now',, given that this paper was published in 2015. In any case, here it is if anyone doesn't want to wait for MG to read it out for them:

  4. I guess there is no problem, else Dr. Greger would warn us right now and stop his own recommendation ! 😛

  5. Well, this explains the inexplicable spate of European commenters asking about flax seed toxicity a few months ago. TFP!

  6. Yesterday I was wondering why a doctor was concerned about the fact that there was glyphosate (a herbicide) in the urine. Does it tell us anything if we find something in the urine? I mean, it is better to have nasty things in the urine than in our bodies. I am just wondering, not an expert.

  7. In my household, which never misses an episode, there is a collective effort to try and beat Doctor Gregor to the punch whenever we sense there is a "Unnnnntillllll NOW" coming, LOL. Anyone else do this? 🙂

  8. For those who literally cannot wait 0.075 mg/kg body weight (cyanide), 15g ground flax seed (about 2 tbsp) has 3.3mg cyanide. To make it easy, a 100kg person can eat 5~ tbsp (about 35g~) ground flax seed in one meal (up to 3 meals a day with at least 1 hour between meals but safest levels were at 2 hours). For a small person, 50kg, that's about 2.5 tbsp 3 times a day, 2 hours apart each is safe. Considering most people only eat 2 tbsp once a day, it's impossible to get any real side effects, according to the study at least.

  9. im eating oatmeal right now with a tablespoon of ground flax cooked in it… if I don't comment on the next video, I have died

  10. To those of you who do not want to wait for the next video (although I recommend watching) here a part of its conclusion by Abraham et al "However, this is a very

    high amount of linseed hard to ingest quickly (caloric content 370–380 kcal per 100 g), and in order to meet worstcase conditions, it has to be eaten on an empty stomach

    directly after grinding by a machine (chewing of the hard

    seeds is not effective enough and very time-consuming),

    without consumption of other foods. In Sweden, the highest daily dose was reported to be 80 g ground linseed, given

    as “fibre shock” in a private health spa (Rosling 1993).

    Usually, high doses are up to 15 g three times a day in case

    of traditional herbal medication to treat or prevent constipation (EMA 2006), and this dose is safe with respect to

    possible acute toxicity of cyanide. "

    My interpretation is that it's safe when eaten in normal amounts and preferably not on an empty stomach.

  11. I've never noticed any effects when eating flax seed in the current quantities I do, so I'm going to assume it's safe unless you eat over a certain threshold determined by body mass. I wait until your next video to either debunk my current hypothesis or confirm it.

  12. If you look at the paper he is mentioning in the end, you can see that about 5mg cyanide consumption is limit for a 70kg person. 50gm linseed have about 11mg cyanide. So, I guess 2 tablespoons of flaxseed (20gm) a day would not cause cyanide toxicity. But I would listen Dr Greger's next video on same topic again.

  13. My grandmother had an apricots tree , we ate 20-30 kernels at a time, few had very bitter taste which we simply spat it out. Saying apricot kernels are toxic is same as saying almonds are toxic

  14. Not duped by flax nonsense, and you shouldn't be by the climate hoax nonsense either! Use the same science you use on food to decern the truth!

  15. I’m from Sweden and when I searched about cyanide in flax seeds it just made me scared to even try it. I’m so happy that this video could clarify what I’ve been wondering for a long time.

  16. Here's the answer to the cliffhanger: 100G (2/3rds cup) may be too much if it's all you eat, but < 80g (1/2 a cup) is fine (from the paper he cites at the end, quoted below)

    "The relatively slow release of cyanide after ingestion of freshly grinded linseed results in a lower hazard potential. Indeed, no reports on cyanide poisoning after consumption of linseed were found in the literature. The ingestion of dif-ferent doses of the study linseed (7.5–100 g) by test person No. 5 resulted in peak levels of cyanide overproportion-ally increasing with increasing doses (Fig. 3), caused by the constant metabolism rate (at higher doses) and occur-ring despite increasing tmax values allowing more time for detoxification. With the highest dose, the cyanide peak level of 42.3 μM reached may potentially be associated with first clinical signs of toxicity. However, this is a very high amount of linseed hard to ingest quickly (caloric con-tent 370–380 kcal per 100 g), and in order to meet worst-case conditions, it has to be eaten on an empty stomach directly after grinding by a machine (chewing of the hard seeds is not effective enough and very time-consuming), without consumption of other foods. In Sweden, the high-est daily dose was reported to be 80 g ground linseed, given as “fibre shock” in a private health spa (Rosling 1993). Usually, high doses are up to 15 g three times a day in case of traditional herbal medication to treat or prevent consti-pation (EMA 2006), and this dose is safe with respect to possible acute toxicity of cyanide."

    Abraham, K., Buhrke, T., & Lampen, A. (2016). Bioavailability of cyanide after consumption of a single meal of foods containing high levels of cyanogenic glycosides: a crossover study in humans. Archives of toxicology, 90(3), 559-574.

  17. Excellent information. Being from Sweden I have been confused about the government recommendation for quite a while now. So glad you cleared it up for me.

  18. This is a fake problem. And I'd venture to guess that these cyanates are many orders of magnitude more toxic to cancer cells than healthy ones. Eat flax, it's good for you.

  19. Anyone else heard "dun dun DUUUUNNNN!!" at the end in their head? no? just me? I swear, if the next episode doesn't start with "Previously, on" LOL

  20. omg the cliffhanger… dr greger I need to know if im putting flaxseeds in my oats/smoothie tomorrow or not!!! lol

  21. My grandmother on her farm has eaten flax seeds every day since my mom was a child. Still alive, well, and still eating flax seeds….

  22. I've eaten "flax porridge" before where I'd mix up about half a cup ground flax with almond milk, blueberries, vanilla, cinnamon, and a bit of maple syrup and microwave it for a few minutes to heat it up. Guess I maybe shouldn't be eating that anymore?

  23. They banned the ground flax in the stores here, so i have to ground ot myself.
    When i tell people i eat flax every day they always ask " Arent you afraid the cyanide?"

  24. For everyone who cannot wait for the next video, here's the study he'll be covering next:

  25. Don't keep us in suspense! I'm poised about to sprinkle ground flaxseed on my breakfast!! 😬

  26. I'm Swedish and commented about this on one of your flax videos 2 years ago, and now you still leave me hanging? 😂

  27. I would buy a packet, grind them up and eat them like most people eat cereal. However I did notice declined sexual function so I stopped and the problem went away. I thought it was due to the phytoestrogens.

  28. I have been consuming freshly ground flaxseed for over 20 years … It was my understanding that cooking flaxseed destroyed much of the benefits. Would you please address this also , when you get around to the next vid on flaxseed

  29. Wow, a cliffhanger. You and George R.R. Martin should hang out. You could share your mutual love for cliffhangers.

  30. Now I can't wait for the next video. Thanks for the cliffhanger. I'll think about it dat and night now 😂

  31. I take 2 tablespoons flax oil daily. I ain't dead yet. I call BS. Flax seed is good for you.

  32. Quorn Products: Is there any way you can do a video on Quorn products and other plant based substitutes. Im a 220 mail and body builder struggling to get enough calories consistently on a whole foods plant based diet. I love these products, but am concerned about their long term and short term effects. A video would help guide many of us who love the products and use them to boost calories.

  33. A doctor told me flaxseed can cause cancer. I kept feeling nauseous and thought I was pregnant. It was my body reacting to the poison in the flaxseed. I only had one tablespoon but I hadn’t eaten yet. I googled and found out the poison is there to kill worms in the body and can make you nauseous.

  34. But doesn't heat destroy the alpha linolenic acid and other omegas which are the reason we're eating flax seeds is the first place?

  35. May be the reason we can safely eat small amount of toxins such as some cyanide is that these toxins are in the seeds of some fruits; for example, cyanide in apple seeds does not harm us because seeds also have a tough protective coating that allows them to mostly survive our digestive track. Another example is tomato seeds that mostly survive our digestive track because not only they have protective cover, but also they are hard to bite on! The seeds are toxic because, in our symbiotic relationship with fruit trees, we are not supposed to eat the seeds, and in cases where we have no choice but eating the seeds (cucumber and tomato for example) the toxin does not harm us. In cases where the seeds are not supposed to be eaten (in apples for example), the apple seeds taste bitter; they are telling us: hello, not the seeds dummy! Just because our body can handle some toxins, it does not mean we should eat more of it! Our body can get rid of some cholesterol, but I would not eat ANY of it. I have never been able to find scientific proof that humans are naturally designed to eat seeds, grains, or root vegetables; all I have heard is that humans have been eating them and survived to be healthier than meat eaters (which is true); or that our saliva contains amylase, so that we eat potatoes! Again, the reason for amylase is that in case fruits we eat are not ripe, we can handle some starch. But, does that mean we are evolved to eat seeds, grains, or potatoes? I think the answer is no. I stay away from all seeds, grains, and tubers (of course, also animal products, extracted sugars and oils, no controversy about how terrible they are for us, not on this site!), and have cured my diabetes and a number of complications caused by it; I do not feel or tested like I am in need of anything grains, seeds or tubers can provide me. Last time I even had a common cold was in March 2014 (I record them)! I admire what Dr. Greger does with his site and books; this is just a "graduate" level comment for those who have kicked their addiction to animal products and processed crap advertised as food by "food" industry!

    (The symbiotic relationship I described above I first heard from Loren Lockman's site)

  36. How is plant-based better for the environmental when the world’s main vegetable and fruit suppliers take up so much ground with forced agriculture of all the vegetables, grains, and fruits?? All of our food is created by 10 main manufacturers who have destroyed billions of animals in areas where there was previously no agriculture in nature. But now it’s all full of pesticides and sugary fruits and vegetables.

  37. So this may explain why raw flax seeds have been effective in curing cancer, especially breast cancer. It must be the cyanide, the same reason bitter almonds have been effective in curing cancer. Flax seeds actually seems like a better alternative anyway since we can fine tune the dosage easier as it contains a lower dosage of cyanide.

  38. Bake the flax seeds whole in your oven at 275 for about 30 min stirring every 10 min, cool and freeze until ready to fresh grind a small batch,,,,,,80% cyanide gone and they taste so much better. After listening to Paddison Program on YouTube and heard his Rheumatoid Arthritis was much better after switching from flax to chia, I changed from all flax to half chia……..much better.

  39. Since you were talking about the Swedish health regulation guidelines it might be interesting to know that you can buy bitter almonds in Sweden. They are used in some traditional cookies.

  40. The only risk eating ground flax seed is when it is cooked or when it is not freshly ground. The omiga 3s turn rancid or become trans fatty acids with very little exposure to heat light or oxygen
    Eat only raw flax within minutes after grinding.

  41. Cliff hangers … it's what he does you twits, you know that. I was never worried about minute quantities of arsenic in rice and flax seeds, although got a bit paranoid about leaving cold brown rice in the fridge for more than a day or two, god knows where this paranoia comes from — in the absence of data, just play it safe…… but this is really interesting. At the UofT (Toronto Canada) a cancer researcher wrote a respected paper that correlated 4 tbps of ground flax seeds in patients with breast cancer with a significant shrinkage of tumours pre and post operative.

  42. PS what are bitter almonds? /when I still ate sugar, I loved marzipan. Must Google. Thought they were the kernels of apricots

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