November 17, 2019
How to reverse diabetes type 2 – the video course

How to reverse diabetes type 2 – the video course

Is type 2 diabetes
a reversible disease? We are told that this is a chronic
and progressive disorder. That means that once you develop
type 2 diabetes, you’re going to have it for life
and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re going to be on medications,
you’re going to be on insulin and then you’re going to develop
the complications. Blindness, nerve damage,
amputations, heart attack, strokes, kidney damage, dialysis… The whole works… it’s inevitable. But is it really? Imagine a world where type 2 diabetes
is a simple reversible disorder where a simple dietary maneuver can reverse
your diabetes in a matter of weeks. The American Diabetes Association
of course disagrees. They say right on their website
that it’s a fact that for most people type 2 diabetes
is a progressive disease. So you might as well forget about it. Don’t even try to get better,
it’s hopeless. They’re telling you there’s no hope. But we can look
at certain examples and we can see that this
is actually not true at all. Let me give you some of these examples –
bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is also called
weight loss surgery or stomach stapling. What they do is they take your stomach
and they cut it to the size of a walnut, so you really just can’t eat. Because you’re not eating,
you’re going to lose a lot of weight. But what happens
to the diabetes? Well let’s look at this study here. In this study they randomized
two groups of people. One group of people stayed
on their medications and got the best medical therapy
available. The other group got
weight loss surgery. On the horizontal axis
is time over 12 months. On the vertical axis is the number
of medications that these people were taking. You can see that the number
of medications that people took while doing the best medical therapy
available, really didn’t change. They kept taking the same number
of medications, they’re really no better
than they were when they started. Than they were at the end. But look at the weight loss
surgery group. Very quickly within a matter of months they’re coming off all their medications
and it keeps going. By 12 months many of these people
are off of all their medications and their blood sugars
are completely normal. That’s amazing! Wasn’t this a chronic
and progressive disorder? Wasn’t this a disorder
where there’s no treatment and there’s nothing you can do,
it’ll get worse? Well not really,
not according to this study. It looks like diabetes
is a disease that’s reversible. But better than that,
it’s quickly reversible. And even other types of weight loss surgery,
such as gastric banding, have the same benefits. Gastric banding is a procedure
where they put a belt inside your stomach and tighten it so you can’t eat. And again what you see here is that the diabetes very quickly reverses
and it stays gone. So this is not a chronic and progressive
disorder, this is a reversible disorder. I’m not saying that gastric banding or weight
loss surgery is the answer for everybody, but it simply points to the fact
that the situation is different and this is a reversible disease. Let’s look at another example. We can look at fasting. Fasting is a dietary maneuver where you don’t eat anything
for a certain period of time. I had this patient here, Richard,
who came to me for treatment of his diabetes. He had been diabetic for 10 years,
he was taking about 70 units of insulin and he was developing complications. He was getting eye disease,
he was getting kidney disease. So we changed his diet,
we put him on a low carbohydrate diet and we gave him some simple tips and we included some intermittent fasting
in his regimen. Over a period of months
he lost about 50 pounds. And his diabetes got incredibly better. We took him off all of his insulin,
we took him off all of his medications and his blood sugars are normal. Even two years out now
he is still on no medications and his blood sugars
are doing amazing. So in fact this is
a reversible disease. Fasting seems to lead
to a reversal of his diabetes. And this is not a new finding. In fact, if we go back almost 100 years, Dr. Elliott Joslin, perhaps the most famous
diabetes specialists in history, wrote this in the Canadian
medical journal… “That temporary periods of under-nutrition
are helpful in the treatment of diabetes “will probably be acknowledged by all after these two years
of experience with fasting.” So what happened was that
he had been using fasting for two years and he thought it was
so amazingly great that it’s going to be obvious,
everybody is going to know this. There were a few problems
of course. At the time he didn’t differentiate
between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Well, it’s very beneficial for type 2 diabetes,
it really doesn’t impact type 1 very much. And with the discovery
of insulin a few years later all focus shifted to insulin and everybody forgot
about these dietary therapies. Recently in the United Kingdom Dr. Taylor performed a study
called “The counterpoint study” and there he put people
on very low calorie diets. Well, it’s not fasting,
it’s very close. And look at these results. In this group the blood sugars
went from 9.6 to 5.9 in seven days. Seven days! His sugars have gone back to normal. What happens with this idea
that it’s chronic, it’s progressive, you’ll always be on medication? It’s simply not true. There’s another example we can give. We can look at the example
of very low carbohydrate
diets, or so-called ketogenic diets. Let me give you a case – I had a 27-year-old graduate student,
she was actually studying physiology and she was recently diagnosed
with type 2 diabetes. Her hemoglobin A1c was 10.4%. This is a three-month average
of her blood sugars. The diagnosis of diabetes happens at 6.5%,
so 10.4% is very high. Her doctors were very concerned
of course and started her on three medications
right away. Being only 27 she didn’t want to stay
on medications for the rest of her life. So she looked on the Internet and decided
that she would follow a ketogenic diet. Well, she very quickly lost
about 20 pounds and at her three-month checkup,
her hemoglobin A1c was 5.5%. Well within the normal range
and clearly not diabetic. Better she had taken herself off
of all the medications as soon as she started. So in this case it looked like
her type 2 diabetes was essentially cured. Wow! That’s not what we are told.
Right? But we all know this is true. We all know that the type 2 diabetes
is completely reversible. For example if somebody comes up to you
and says, “You know what? I lost 50 pounds
and my diabetes went away.” You’d say, “Wow, that’s great!
Terrific, good for you!” You wouldn’t say to them,
“No, you’re lying to me. “The American Diabetes Association
says it’s chronic and progressive. Get back on your medications!” No, of course not. So, it’s immediately obvious
that this is just a lie. Type 2 diabetes is not chronic
and it’s not progressive. It’s reversible. But what about all the cases
about people on medications? Do you ever hear people say, “I started my insulin
or I started my medications and now I’m so much better,
I took myself off”? No, not really. If you take medications,
you’re generally on it for life. Right? But what about the standard
low-fat diet? Nobody ever comes up to me and says, “You know, I went to my dietitian,
I started a low-fat diet and now I’m so much better,
I’m off all my medications.” I’ve seen thousands of patients
and that doesn’t happen. So in those cases the diabetes
is not cured. So actually there are treatments
that lead to a cure and there are treatments
that do not lead to a cure. So those that lead to a cure – bariatric surgery, fasting
and very low-carb diets And these treatments
do not lead to a cure – insulin, other drugs,
a low-fat diet. You’ll never guess of course
which direction all our current treatment protocols
and research are heading to. They’re all heading
towards the path of no cure. And that’s why, they tell you –
it’s a chronic and progressive disease. But it’s not. This is amazing news. This is amazing because type 2 diabetes is in fact
a curable and reversible disease. The fact that treatments exist,
means that there is hope for all of us. Drugs however cannot cure
a dietary disease. The cure must be a diet. The right diet.

100 thoughts on “How to reverse diabetes type 2 – the video course

  1. how about diabetes and slim people? I dont want to loose any weight as I am very slim and i just found out i have type 2. I try to read and listen to everything about it, but everyone is seems to be talking about overweight people and how loosing weight helps them. Anyone has the same problem?

  2. I was diabetic type II patient with extremely high blood sugar over 30 mmol/L and extremely high cholesterol. I even needed to get into ICU for a few days. I cured myself 2 times in 3 months after losing weight of 30 pounds quickly and controlling my diet on reducing carbs plus controlling calories, intermittent fasting and more exercises. But you must keep yourself doing the right things, otherwise, the diabetics will come back.

  3. This guy better be careful and check his car before he drives the pharmaceutical industry will be red flagging him.

  4. I've been a type 2 diabetic for 15 years and on the onset my doctor stated that type 2 diabetes is reversal. I applaud Dr. Fung, but it's not the medications or surges that reverses diabetes it is the person's eating and lack of exercise. Like alcoholic and drug addicts people who have type 2 diabetes getting off of sugar and carbs is hard as hell. Medications and surgeries (at least for very large individuals) are tools to help people.

  5. Patient is male hispanic 6ft. 180lbs. Has been diabetic for 14 years. Type 2 diabetes. What do you recommend . His very thin and is worried and doesn't want to lose more weight. Please help.

  6. Can this work with a complete plant based diet? High in green leafy Vegetables & cruciferous vegetables, Moderate Seeds, Nuts and Legumes , Low Fruit and NO grains?

  7. Does he mean only insulin cause insulin resistance and that fat have nothing to do with it? Only sugar, fast acting carbs etc.?

  8. What i want to know is how you get off the meds . While doing this beacuse they just put me on insulin my sugar was in the 300 plus one time 568

  9. Before long time ago humans were on paleo diet. Natural sugars meats was all we ate until we evolved and made our own existent

  10. I’m in my early 50’s and just got diagnosed diabetes I already was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine now my doc says that I better up the amounts so my arteries don’t clog up more than they Altreajhgy are

  11. I burned out nerves in my feet, from high sugar consumption.. then got depressed, quit craving sweets, and now I feel my feet again

  12. A million thanks to Dr Fung.

    So those that lead to a cure – bariatric surgery, fasting and very low-carb diets

    And these treatments do not lead to a cure – insulin, other drugs, a low-fat diet.

    Type 2 diabetes is in fact a curable and reversible disease.

    The fact that treatments exist, means that there is hope for all of us.

    Drugs however cannot cure a dietary disease.

    The cure must be a diet. The right diet.

  13. I recently finished a book on medieval food culture and it was mentioned in the book that medieval physicians knew about and successfully treated type 2 diabetes. They would taste urine to see if it was sweet and, if sweet, would heavily restrict carb intake while increasing vegetable and meat consumption. If the medieval were successful, how much more should we be?

  14. I use between 25 to 28 cc of insulin a day type 2 diabetic but i dont want to use insulin because its starting to progress slowly my # r creeping up HELP

  15. I have been diagnosed with pre diabetes before 4 month since that i cut out all carbs, sweets, starches, fast food, fruits, bakeries ….. etc i was walking every day 4 kilometer doing some exercise in the home and i lost 30 kg in 3 month but i didn't find any improvement in my blood sugar my pre diabetes is the same …… but i will not give up i will continue this regimen system till reach my ideal weight which should be 75 kg my weight now 105 kg it was 135 kg , i hope when my weight becomes 75 kg pre diabetes goes away for ever .

  16. Ty Dr. Fung for tremendous studies . I’ve already begun the fasting process. Was diagnosed w/type 2 diabetes last month . Since then I’ve lost 40lbs with water fasting an Keto !

  17. I have been worried for a while that i may have diabetes will go and speak to my dr now very useful video

  18. Doc you keep saying cure. I lost 59 pounds from 195. I am still a diabetic. Yes my sugars have dropped. But I guess I’ll always be diabetic.

  19. I also want to reverse from type 2 daibeties but is it possible???

    In Nepal ….no solution
    Plz share the details to reverse from daibeties

  20. Three months before my a1c is 15% now after three months of fasting and ketogenic today my a1c is 5.2 alhamdulilah

  21. Which is worse? TAKE INSULIN OR BLOOD SUGARS OF 200? 61, healthy keto eating and IF for 2 years now, lost 70#, but still diabetic.

  22. As a kid me and my sister naturally fasted til lunch. Ate brunch around 4, and then dinner 8. We ate alot of fat and meat and carbs, i hated fruit and nuts and vegetables, would never eat a banana if it wasnt green, i probably never could go between meals if i ate 'healthy' salads. And we were very skinny and healthy

  23. Thanks Dr. Fong. I'm 71 years old and type 2 diabetic. I was told the very lie you described in York video. I was a drug rep for many years and and saw how much tunnel vision there is in the medical field. I discovered the keto diet from my children and have begun doing it. I now have hope of living better and way cheaper than currently.
    I want to thank you for having courage to speak up and out about the myths around diabetes. You are a true hero. Bless you.

  24. Love this video, everything you just said is exactly what I'm doing now, and I'm down 32.5 pounds, all with diet, no sugar , steak and sweet potatoes and eggs…

  25. Thank you Dr for giving all of us hope. Not taking Metformin prescription, decided to go on a Diet low on Carbohydrates (less than 20 grams a day). Have lost close to 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Looking forward to lowering my Ac1. Blood glucose is averaging 125.
    Moving forward and not looking back.

  26. Let something be clear to all truth seekers: complex carbs, also called good carbs is the primary source of fuel for the body. Diabetes is insulin resistance and reversal can only mean carbohydrate tolerance. Blood sugar management can be achieved with or without reversing insulin resistance. Keto and fasting can both bring blood sugar low.

    Diabetes reversal=removing insulin resistance=good carbs tolerance.

    Its a fool's errand to talk of diabetes reversal without passing oral glucose tolerance test, OGTT.

  27. Ive noticed the symptoms disappear when i eat at home and normal portions, but i never last eating home, i still crave soda and fast food. Ironically enough when i eat at home i eat mainly carbs, pinto beans to be exact, a keto diet is very expensive to me, meats and proteins are expensive

  28. Refusing to consider intermittent fasting and/or ketogenic diet to reverse diabetes is a crime against humanity, as far as I am concerned. The American Diabetes Association should be dismantled if it can't get with the program. And it is about time we abandon these stupid high carb low fat diets. Ten thousand years ago, humans were striving and there was no refined sugar, no bread, no pasta… They lived mostly on meat, fat and the occasional fruits… Why can't we see that our so called "balanced diet" did not exist before the 1950s which coincides with the start of the diabetes and obesity epidemics we know today…

  29. Does anyone know……does the American Diabetes Ass'n receive kick-back for keeping us on meds? Does Big Pharma fund the ADA? Do doctors get moneys or other favors for prescribing diabetes drugs….like they do other drugs? I'd sure like to hear from someone on these questions.

  30. Thank You Doctor Fung. Let’s fight the Pharm Mafia! Thank you for proving Us Value Information!!!

  31. In 3 months I bring down my a1c from 15% to 8.3% and the 3 months I want to bring it to 5 % all do is change my diet. Am on the insulin and want to came off it coz it make me putting on wait.

  32. I agree w you but if u don’t stay on a low car diet for rest of your life the weight comes back plus more. Very hard to stay on a low carb diet for long. I find. Thanks

  33. The Good Doctor. Better watch his back. Going against the medical syndicates could be very, very dangerous. During the last few years over FIFTY holistic doctors(including the late great Dr. Sebi )have met their ends very mysteriously. God protect him.


  35. Get his book, 'The Diabetes Code'! In two weeks of eating ONLY between 10am and 6pm, my blood sugar has dropped 20 to 30 points BEFORE AND 2 HRS. AFTER MEALS!

  36. The pharmaceutical companies & the sugar industry is in bed with the American Diabetes Association & The American Heart Association.

  37. How do you explain older Asians who ate a diet of 90% white rice and yet had virtually no diabetes or heart disease and much lower levels of cancer?

  38. Hi doctor. I just found out that i am type 2 diebetes with fasting reading 12. Since then i have read and listen to a lot of articles from doctors around the world and all of them said that diebetes cannot be reversed. It will only delay. Is it true doc?

  39. Thank you ever so much for Intermittent fasting Dr. Fung. My HBa1C was 43 and I've now reversed it to 40 (UK). I will continue IF and low carbohydrates, so this terrible disease doesn't come back.

  40. Thank you, Dr Fung. I have been a diabetic and have suffered with complictions for over 11 years now. The fun began when I was put on insulin plus meds. Have been hospitalized numerous times from valley fever, pneumonia, DVTs, pulimary embolism out of controll blood sugar 600 a1c 14.7 amputations and neuropathy. I finally checked into the Mayo Clinic, a highly rated diabetes clinic in Mar.2019. The Endocrinologist, told me that I was in the last stages of the disease and that I would have to keep using fast acting insulin along with slow and Victoza. I started to search for answers and tried all types of diets including the Mayo clinic recommends. Poor results. Until I started listening to your you tube videos. As of today I lost 50lbs, my last A1C Was 6.1 may be lower because I'm using a freestyle Libra device. No more meds stoped taking insulin with readins 103 average last 2 weeks. I've been sharing this info to friends and clinitions. Much gratitude,, you changed my life

  41. Early 70s my mom had diabetes and her doctor cured it. That was in Austria. I had a thyroid not working it was cured in one year with proper diet then it worked. On this continent America the money is in sick people selling drugs for a short lifetime , the goal is not to pay retirement money

  42. I had a really hard time sticking to keto, but have continued IF because for me it's not as complicated, since you don't have to buy special food, just control when you eat. I have taken up a more healthy lifestyle, i.e. less sugary things and zero soda, of course, I just still have carbs like fruits and veggies, and the occasional bread or pasta. It has helped SO much! At 5' 2" I was at 300 lbs and borderline diabetic, and so far I'm down 20 lbs and my blood work had gotten a bit better, and it's only been 3 months. I'm sure my progress would be faster if I combined the IF with keto, but like I said, it was too hard for me. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing myself a year from now! 🙂 PS: Dr Fung's The Obesity Code is a scientifically sound must-read! Gin Stephen's Delay, Don't Deny is a much easier read and very encouraging, although not as "science-y" as she would say. Still a great read with lots of references in the appendix.

  43. My sugar goes high in the morning and after dinner. I have cut sugar out of my diet years ago but even with a small amount of fresh fruit my blood glucose goes sky high. I fast from 6:30 pm till 12 PM the next day. I eat only two meals a day lunch and dinner, no sugar and sometimes a few slices of fruit. What do I do now?

  44. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in May 2018 @ Glucose (mmol) 18.1. My doctor put me on Metformin and Linagliptin. About 9 months later, my glucose still wasn’t good though with the medication.

    By chance, I came across some videos by Dr. Fung on YouTube. I took his advice on a low carb diet and intermittent fasting.

    Last month I did a blood test and my fasting glucose was 3.9 and HBA1C at 5.3. My doctor took me off all medication totally!

    I just want to say a very big Thank You to Dr. Jason Fung !!!

  45. Sir, next month will make it a year that I stopped meds and started IMF with low carb foods ,it was a hard and frightful struggle for me, but I gained confidence gradual at what I was doing. But sincere people are concerned about my weight loss and are advising me to start taking supplement to boost my immune system. They suggests celgevity, celstem supplements. Left for me I don't have ideas on which take .

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