September 19, 2019

37 thoughts on “How to Relieve Your Sciatica Pain When Sitting-3 Fast Options -Herniated or Bulging Disc Problems

  1. These guys are the best,hands down.They are really into their line of work and they have a genuine care for people.Ive gotten more out of their videos than any orthopedic I’ve been to!!!

  2. Docs I'm in excruciating pain daily from my scoliosis and spinal Stenosis..tell me how to relieve this pain.
    I'm gonna buy these cushions you showed us here. I usually end up laying on the floor rolling my spine on balls or something to push on my back

  3. Can sacroiliac joint dysfunction also cause sciatic pain? I was told by a chiropractor that I had a disk problem and by my pain management doctor that I have SI joint dysfunction. I'm kind of wondering if it's more SI joint related since my MRI came back totally looking normal.

  4. I talk to you sometime ago about sciatica pain going down my leg and that I was going to a chiropractor and got no relief. You advised me then if I got no relief after four visits to look elsewhere. After eight months I left that chiropractor and discovered that it wasn’t my back but my hip and that I had complete obliteration of my left hip. Had a total hip replacement and the pain is gone and I’m doing well. Thanks for the advice!

  5. Why is it that I get a spasm after sitting? In the buttock. Intense Scitica. I'm fine while sitting. I have a herniated L5-s1 disc 8mm.

  6. I’m a truck driver few months ago my sciatica is very bad due to long time sitting. I’m am continuously watching your videos and they helped me a lot ….thanks for these wonderful videos

  7. Love you guys!Any chance you can do a video for toddler back?Ive hurt my back holding my little one not sure how I can hold her better.Thanks guys 🙂

  8. Yesterday ,I subscribed to your channel and liked your FB page as well..I was supposed to join Indian Air Force but due to disc bulging I gotta try next time..I really appreciate you guys ,I'm watching each one of your videos ..BTW I tried the 3 best exercise for sciatica n felt a little relief as well..Just have one doubt ..can I do push ups and cycling??

  9. Thanks for Great Advice…………..I think I have to give this one a Big Thumbs Up…………….Jackie from Canada

  10. Hello there Bob and Brad…the most famous Physical Therapist's on the internet. First off your vidoes helped me so much. Second… I'm from Canada, and I wanted to order the pillow you show in the above video. I tried to order one, but do not ship to Canada. Would you happen to know where in Canada I could purchase one from? I am recovering from two herniated discs…among many other back issues stemming from my neck. I'm currently under Chiropractic care. I really think this pillow could help change my life. Thank you so very much in advance Brad and Bob. Thanks for being there through all my rough days.

  11. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I have been following the two of you for the past few months and anticipate all your informative vids. You really break down the hows and whys of chronic pain issues which often opens my eyes to more than the obvious as it relates to causes of pain. I also love the almost deadpan humor! Keep it up guys! Love you!

  12. I'm self diagnosing, but I believe I had a massive Sciatica issue when deadlifting. This is helping me a bunch thanks

  13. New subber. Great videos. Wonderful public service, I so appreciate your contributions to humanity! May I humbly make a suggestion regarding clothing? Your business trousers (or even basketball baggy shorts sometimes) & blousy shirts obscure the correct poses/form of the exercises. Maybe something similar to Olympic male gymnasts would be professional but more illustrative. (Female leotards/gym wear is so much more form fitting it makes the postures much easier to mimic.) Even business shoes combined with loose pants flapping at the ankle obscure foot positions in certain videos. Know what I mean? Thank you for being open to comments and keep up the good work! 🏋️🤸💪🏽

  14. Good stuff. I played basketball at the park earlier this year and felt great, but the mattress at the hotel was too soft so I slept on the floor. The next morning I could barely walk. The sciatica moved around over the next 6 weeks. One day it was on the left, the next day it was on the right and so forth. It was really painful. I only took 2 hydrocodone when I broke my finger, but I had to take half a pill every night for a week with the sciatica just so I could sit/sleep without the deep, dull pain. After 2 months it was completely gone. I just played ball again yesterday and feel fine today. It was the weirdest thing.

  15. The best solution is to use a medicine ball for sitting, when i tried this, i had no pain and it was amazing, first time i was pain free , definitely try a medicine ball for sitting, of course take regular breaks


  17. Great videos guys, thanks. How long should sciatica last for? I have had bilateral sciatica since Christmas Day and it isn't getting better, I can't sit still for more than a few seconds without having to move. It's so painful. My doctor referred me to orthopaedics but the waiting list to be seen is 18 weeks! I am unable to take painkillers and the pain is unbearable. I am really struggling, any suggestions as to what I can do? Thanks so much.

  18. Thanks really this exercise videos helped me to stand for more time and want to know if its possible to fix this pain. I just brought your book in amazon. Hope it helps better to understand what to do in proper to fix this sciatica pain.

  19. You people are best. I have great benefits from your tips. Quality of sound recordings need immediate attention please so that more help is available by fully understanding you people.

  20. After some hours of standing and when the pain in my lower back and hips start, im scared to sit down because the nerves start to flare in my lower back above my buttocks and i cant lean to the right cause it gets even worse

  21. The link to the seat cushion is not accurate. It brings you to the large bed wedge cushion. Tried looking through your list of items you recommend and still was unsuccessful locating it. Please update link..

  22. Me: feels bad laying down to work instead of sitting even though sitting hurts so bad and laying down feels so good

    Me: goes to sit

    Bob & Brad: “sitting is bad for sciatica”

    Me: dives back into bed

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