September 19, 2019
How to Reduce & Relieve Headaches : How to Reduce Headache Frequency

How to Reduce & Relieve Headaches : How to Reduce Headache Frequency

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and and
on behalf of behalf of Expert Village today I am going to talk to you today about how
to recognize and how to treat and live with the pain of headaches. Now in this clip we
are going to talk about one of the ways that you could help to reduce the occurrence or
the frequency and if you are actually experiencing the headache pain how to live with the pain
of headaches. Now one of the ways we could look at it biofeedback. Now there are many
biofeedback techniques out there that you could go and find out yourself either through
books or on-line websites and one particular very good one that I could recommend is the
Biofeedback Certification of America or they have a website, where you can
go on-line and you can find out all the different types of biofeedback techniques that would
be helpful that you could lean to help you deal with the headaches that you experience,
whether it’s tension, cluster or migraine headaches. So biofeedback methods are just
techniques to help reduce some of the physiological and biochemical affects that your body undergoes
that causes the headache. For example, stress and anxiety are major causes for a lot of
tension headaches that we experience in this population. So, if we can find ways to reduce
your stress, find ways to relax and reduce anxiety in your body that would also help
you to reduce at least the intensity or duration or the occurrence of headaches. And some of
these techniques are like I said, you can do visualization techniques where you can
place yourself in um, visualize yourself in some kind of calming environment, you use
all these images in your head. For example put yourself in a very calm place, quiet place
and imagine that you are on a beach, and you can imagine the sand and the smells and that
would help you reduce the stress or the anxiety at that moment you are experiencing and especially
if you are going through the pain of the migraine at that time. And, so these are some of the
ways of biofeedback that you could use to help you deal with the pain of headaches.

3 thoughts on “How to Reduce & Relieve Headaches : How to Reduce Headache Frequency

  1. This is the most ignorant shit I've ever seen. Anyone who's suffered a migraine knows the difference between that and a tension headache.

    No amount of biofeedback, even in prodromal migraine aura, will stop the full onset. If wishing it away and attempting self-suggestion to relax were that easy, some of us wouldn't lose a week or two of our lives to blackout-inducing migraines every year.

  2. Here's a better suggestion: take a hot bath to relax the tension, or, if you're stuck at work, and no one will help you to massage your neck and occipital ridge, or you're just too sensitive…

    Take a naproxin. Or a nap. Biofeedback is a *horrible* suggestion.

  3. And one more thing: This woman claims to have studied/worked with UCLA's DRI and the "Yip Head and Neck Cancer". What the hell is "Yip"? And why is *any* Google lookup for such coming back to Jewell's eHow profile?

    If we're talking about Helena Yip (closest UCLA reference I can figure out for "head and neck cancer")… she was a Regent's Scholar (undergrad!!!) until graduation in 1996. Wasn't even a doctor until 2006. So I smell doodoo, bogus accreditations.

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