December 13, 2019

39 thoughts on “How to Massage Your Foot Pain Away, SIMPLE Self-Massage

  1. You guys have helped me tremendously in the past few days. I fell, sprained my neck on the left, and broke rib #7 on 18 April. The pain in my upper back and left arm were making me really sick, causing scary weight loss. I thought I was on the way out. You taught me how to take the pressure off the nerve. Now I’m getting better. Thank you!

  2. I hurt my muscle in my shoulder and was put on muscle relaxers ive taken a few but I don't like taking stuff like that do you byave a video or advice on how to help

  3. all of these massages techniques, i can get them intuitively.. i do not know how, but i love massaging. massaging is a stress reliever for me.

  4. Hey what about some massages for someone who have damage nerve pain.(nerve damage on the left foot from the knee to the ankle.!??

  5. 👑 Your Eminence👑

    Another helpful and hilarious video. Liz and Marcus doing a great job as usual.

  6. You two are great! Thanks for all your tips, they really do help, and for your positive attitude and humour 😀👍

  7. Hi B&B, love this vid. Thank you. Also, would you consider moving the SM plugs to the end of your videos? I know how to find and follow you as do your "minions". With some videos having the plugs at the beginning I don't think you would lose any body. I bet most of us are skipping to the 2:30 mark, BTW.

  8. Haha. Love the comment about Brad's wife giving a foot massage. Ha. You have to earn it Bob. Do a barter. There must be something special she will trade for that foot massage you want? Or you can move to southern California. SO cheap to get 30 minute foot massages everywhere there, on every corner. Heavenly! Love you both! THANK YOU. Great tips.

  9. You guys are awesome. Can you show some exercises/massage for carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes?

  10. to make everything easier, I just roll my feet over a golfball while sitting in a chair. it's also more sanitary than touching your own gross feet after a long day at work

  11. Hi! Have you done a video on Plantar Fibromas? Couldn't find one, would love to hear your info about these.

  12. I know this is going to sound odd…but have you heard of using a car buffer with the sheep cover for massaging the arch of the foot and also the I-T band?

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