February 21, 2020
How To Keep Young And Healthy

How To Keep Young And Healthy

do you struggle with how you feel
physically do you feel age is creeping up on you and your feeling old
and down and low and you feel that maybe where’s your life going and what’s the
purpose of it if you do then stay tuned hi I’m Jeff and welcome to think your
happy we are the think community and we’re
here to change your mind to create the success and happiness that you deserve
and need in your life so this video has really come about from experiences in
health and social care and also with people I know and I’ve studied
psychology and people’s behaviors for many many years and it’s something this
I think is really important to focus on so this video is is really do not let
age determine your health so really it’s about that age is just a number some
people get so hung up on how old they are they get depressed they get low on
each passing decade they hit their 20s the 30s their forties or fifties and
sixties and so on and it’s almost like um another nail on the coffin or another
chink on your tombstone and I think it’s so unnecessary and it it can impact on
your mental state and it impact on how feel physically and what you do with
your life and how you move forward and and the sort of chances you take and
the experiences you take and how you move forward in your life so I want to look a little bit that today and look at look at changing your minds about that
now I think a lot of it comes from people I know I work with and in the
community and hospitals and hospices even and people I know just from
friends and family a lot of it comes from how they see themselves and their
biological age a lot of it comes down to you get the people who say oh I’m too
old to do that or I can’t do that I’m over 50 I can’t do that or
no so I don’t go out anymore I’m I’m 35 now it’s it’s too much for me
I don’t do late nights or I don’t do this I don’t drink anymore because yeah
I I just can’t cope with the hangovers anymore I used to when I was 19 but now
I’m 23 I can’t do it anymore people who get into their 70s and 80s and think oh
no I can’t go dancing I can’t go out to that like I can’t do parties now I’m too
old that mentality is is speeding you towards an early grave or at least a
very boring life until you do shuffle off the earth and it’s creating a
negativity in your life which you don’t need you don’t need to have those
thoughts in your head because those thoughts impact on how you feel
physically and how you’ve you function in your life so what do you do how do
you change that around well I’m gonna look at that with you a bit more so
people saying I’m too old I can’t do this I can’t do that age is just a
number yes you have impacts of health and sometimes it’s very serious diseases
and I understand that but it’s how you approach that disease I’ve worked with
people who have got some very awful diseases but how they approach that
disease is quite different some of them in their 30s and 40s and 50s 60s but how
they approach the disease changes the game for them I’ve had people with
Parkinson’s disease living with Parkinson’s it can shut down the body at
various parts of the day and it can be really debilitating it can really affect
people’s ability to function but at this one woman many years ago she’s sadly
passed away now and she had Parkinson’s for many years for a long time actually
I think about 10-15 years which is quite a long time for anyone with a disease
really but her frame of mind was positive she was proactive and she never let her
age or her disease stop her from doing anything she travelled the world
she went to parties she wore nice dresses she went out and socialized and
she did the best that she could do within her own situation
now as she thinks she was in her mid 70s when I met her and didn’t look it
she was very vibrant very youthful she wore nice clothes had a hair done had
people put makeup on for her and she looked really good and she her energy
was really positive likewise my grandfather he was 102 when he passed away and he was really really age was not really a number for him he
used to dwell on it sometimes when he had a few aches and crakes and his
fingers he said to me Oh Jeff I can’t do what I used to do
it’s like hundred hundred years old and I said what what did you used to do
grandad that you want to do now well I want to do things and this in the
office in the garden and I wanted to do things in my workshop and make things
and and used to make stuff he made some bird boxes when he was 101 and painted his Gnomes and his mind was brilliant that kind of thing, his frame of mind was brilliant. he liked young people to be around he he didn’t see
himself as an old person him and his wife my nan who was who died a bit
younger than him but both really sprightly for their age fully independent
hardly having any support really I mean we supported them as a family but it
wasn’t a heavy level of sort of putting to bed getting them washed and dressed
kind of support it was a more lighter support with sort of emotional support
and sort of shopping and things but they kept themselves active they kept myself
young they kept themselves interest in the world and interested in the world
what to know we were involved with it as grandchildren and as children
there was no and the reading things and looking at quizzes and knowledge and
going out and moving about and an age was never an issue for them they never said oh I’m 100 now I can’t move I’ve got to stay in my bed all the time they thought no
I’m a 100 I’m so lucky to be alive I’m gonna go out there and live it and enjoy
a life for what it is near the end of his life the last month or so he had
a bad stroke and that’s the only thing that stopped him nothing else stopped
him his legs not being so good his arthritis he lived on his own
independently fully independent really often the support that myself from my
parents my partner gave a cleaner coming in but nothing
major it wasn’t major stuff it was light stuff really although at the time it
felt a lot but the thing I’m trying to get at is it’s it’s how you speak to
yourself how you tell yourself you’re going to be at any certain age keeping
yourself young you know if you’re feeling down if you’ve got hair go and
have a haircut go and get a massage join the gym exercise stretching is really
brilliant and if you see my sort of sort of methods are keeping yourself fit and
active keeping yourself stretched doing some yoga fitness eating well lots of
water lots of vibrant foods alive foods kefir it’s very good natural probiotics
for stomach vitamins and things keeping yourself live and healthy and well can
affect how you feel about your life and who you are so I think that’s really
important to focus on and focus on what you can do and not what you can’t do
that’s quite important don’t say I can’t do this because I’m so and so
forget that say I can’t it because I don’t want to do it
or because I physically can’t do it because of an issue not because of your
age not because if you can’t do it because of your age declining see
declining in age as not an option keep yourself focused to keep yourself
young keep a focus on being young don’t tell yourself you’re 70 years old tell
yourself you’re 35 years old tell yourself you’re 55 I don’t know whatever
age you feel happy at going ahead I am I am 35 I am 25 I have whatever age you
feel you are tell yourself that I think you can rethink your youth you can
rethink who you were at that time if you’re happy with who you were at that
time you can focus on things you liked to do when you were younger
interests hobbies people you met re-engage with some of that we find your
youth if you’ve got children or grandchildren engage with them play with
them have fun be silly dress up and be an idiot
I don’t know have a dressing up box and run around with a wig on your head and
a pair of big glasses and a dress if you feel so inclined
anything you can do join some groups join activity groups meet people talk to
people read watch blogs watch vlogs anything you can do try and get people
involved and get people involved in your life really and enthuse you to to be
active and to be exciting you can reprogram your mind I think
definitely by saying those things to yourself and seeing yourself in a
different way have pictures of who you want to be if you’re going to get if
you’re say 55 and you’ve put weight on you’re not feeling so great
tidy yourself up have an aim of a picture of who you want to look like if
you’re male I know Jason’s Stratum if you’re female
I don’t know maybe Sandra Bullock put a picture of them on your on your wall
start dieting eat well eat healthy as I said before exercise try and get to a point where you
feel better about yourself get some new clothes
keep trendy keep fashionable take a young person out with you and look at
what looks good on yourself and try different things try new foods try new
music anything really there was an experiment in the UK a
couple years ago when they took a group of older people who were in a care home I
think they were and they put them in a situation which made them relive parts
their youth the teenage years I think they had sort of memorabilia and music around
which was looking at recreating their youth and they brought young people in
to be with them and what they showed from that research was that that input
that mental and psychological input into the brain reprogrammed them and they
become younger both mentally and physically they did tests like age test on what sort of mental age you and what physical age you are and they did say
significant I think it’s like five or ten years difference in how they were when
they started the experiment and that’s amazing this is science it’s been proven
this but there’s research out there about this sort of stuff so I think it’s
really important that you you do take that on age is just a number you don’t
have to be the age that you are it’s all in your mind
even if you’re living with an impairment of some kind you can you can live the
best that you can within that impairment you can change things around
and you can you can focus on what is in your life what exciting stuffs in life
don’t focus on what’s missing don’t focus on the negatives don’t focus on
what you can’t do focus on what you can do what you have in your life what
brilliant things you have in life and live your life live your life and you’ll
feel younger you’ll feel more vibrant you’ll feel better about yourself and
you’ll live the best life you can and be happier that’s all we want for you in a
think community I hope this has been a good for you give us a thumbs up if you
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as well take care thanks for watching and bye bye

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