December 8, 2019
How to help Scalene Pain

How to help Scalene Pain

Hi it’s Michele with Body Ache Escape Massage
Center. Today Iwanted to talk to you about the scalene
muscle. If you grab onto this big, think part that’s
the sternocleidomastoid. The scalenes lay right under that on the neck. They assist in neck flexion and they are main
muscles for lateral flexion. So if your scalene muscles are tight, you
will not be able to take your ear to your shoulder very well. It will be restricted. One way that you can test if you have trigger
points in the scalenes is you take your head and rotate it to the side then dip your chin
to your chest and if you feel a pain or cramping int he side of your neck that probably mean
you have scalene trigger points and you need a massage. Another way you can test it is you make a
fist and then you straighten the first joint and you want your fingers to be touching. The top of your fingers to be touching the
bottom of your fingers. If they can’t and you’re like this then you
have scalene trigger points. When the scalenes are tight, you might have
pain down into your chest or down into your arm and even into your thumb. It can also cause pain on the inside of your
shoulder blade. Ways that trigger points can get into the
scalenes are playing a violin where you have to pinch your chin to your chest, pulling
because the scalenes stabilize the neck, breathing because the scalenes are activated a lot. Also carrying large heavy objects because
the neck muscles help to support that. When someone has trigger points in the scalene
muscle, they will probably say they have shoulder pain and rub the top of their arm. They will also probably need to sleep in a
recliner in a somewhat propped up position because it will hurt laying down and disturb
their sleep. When someone has scalene trigger points, they
will probably notice swelling of the hands especially in the morning. They will probably also have tingling in their
hands and will have a tendancy to drop things unexpectedly. Now, when someone has scalene trigger points,
some good stretches and you want to do this frequently is to sit in a chair and do 3 different
angles of stretches. You’re going to pin your hand under your lap
and you’re going to take your head straight to your opposite shoulder and then you’re
going to look up a little bit and then you’re going to look up a little bit more and that
will stretch the scalenes out. One way to tell if you have scalene trigger
points is if you get relief when you raise your arm over your head especially when you’re
laying down. So when you go to sleep, this is the way you
should lay. You may want to raise the head of your bed
up because that will give you some relief and also when you lay on your back, you want
to take the pillow and pull it down by your cheeks so that it lets your head rest back. When you’re on your side, you want to make
sure the pillow is shoved a little bit down bunched up between your shoulder and your
ear. There’s your tip of the day.

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