February 28, 2020
How To Fix Foot Pain!

How To Fix Foot Pain!

hello everyone my name is Heena Patel I’m
here from performance physical therapy so I wanted to talk to you two about
foot pain as the holidays come around we see a lot of patients who come in with
foot pain it’s usually due to spending a lot of time on their feet just from
shopping cooking baking or if they have company over so I wanted to show you a
quick technique on how to relief your foot pains all you need is a tennis ball
you can have a seat in a chair I’m gonna take my shoe off so where I place the
ball I place it right around the heel pad and between right around that facha
area usually that’s where you will notice most of the pain so I’m gonna
take that ball and just roll it I’ll do that for two minutes just to kind of
loosen up some of those stress in that muscle and reduce that pain if you have
any further questions you can feel free to contact us thank you very much

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