December 13, 2019
How to Deal with Emotional Pain

How to Deal with Emotional Pain

How to deal with emotional pain. Welcome to this video. You are going to learn
and highly specific method for relieving yourself of emotional pain. So whether that pain has
been built up over time you’ve been carrying on to something, or in the last more present
more right now in the last couple of weeks whether you let something go is going to help
you. So here you are in this document represents
what goes on in your mind. Fundamentally there are three main things that go on in your mind.
There is inner dialogue that you can hear the sound of your own voice, in your own mind.
And if you’re saying what voice is he talking about? that’s the voice that I’m talking about
in your mind. So there’s inner dialogue there’s images. If I say imagine in your mind close
your eyes and imagine a pink elephant pink trunk and the team bodies and pink legs in
a jungle. You can imagine that image in your mind. Thirdly and lastly there are emotions. This
is what we’re working with know there are actually over 6000 words to explain what we’re
feeling at any given time. These are the things that we sense when we get a feeling about
something. They’re sort of ambiguous, it is less would you agree it’s less concrete and
a sound you can hear an image you can see in your mind. The motion is not something
that you can see or hear but is there and is very significant. I want to tell an important
story before we get into this a while back there was this movie I robot with Will Smith.
And Will Smith plays this Chicago detective who is investigating the apparent suicide
of a scientist. And the scientist invented a certain line of robots because it’s in the
future and robots exist you know they could peoples groceries and they babysit and whatever
things that humans want to delegate robots do it this time. So will Smith as his rummaging
around the scientist office he finds this little device which emits holograph, and you
can see if the holograph of the scientist. And because the holograph is a computer program
when will ask the scientist questions and responses are limited, scientist says something
like my responses are limited and you have to ask the right question. So after asking
a bunch of fairly general questions, he finally asked one very specific question to which
the robot responds the scientist responds, that detective is the right question. So sometimes in life were looking for the
answer but more importantly, what question are we asking to find the answer? When you
say what let’s just look at emotions like a sack of potatoes when you see how to deal
with emotional pain was actually saying? It’s kind of like attempting to push around the
sack of potatoes with you. It is managing them and that’s good is a good strategy in
emotional management. And there something more effective that would like to share with
you. You’ve heard the saying change in language change your life. It’s true and what were
going to do is were going to take this how to deal with emotional pain, which is language,
and we just switch it around where now going to look for how to improve emotional pleasure. So really get this right now and see this
in your own mind right now. I’m looking to improve my emotional pleasure. How to improve
emotional pleasure. Doesn’t that feel better? Is that something that you want to find. You
don’t want to deal with emotional pain like you’re dealing with some screaming child in
a grocery store. You want to learn how to improve your emotional pleasure. I know it’s
simple it’s very simple. But instead of pushing around the sack of potatoes you’re looking
to clear, dissolve, resolve, or solve the emotion. Looking to have it fundamentally
changed so he no longer has this beautiful grasp a new, this hurtful embarrassing grasp
that he just keeps on happening. So just change that language. That detective is the right
question. So that’s an example of inner dialogue. We’ve
switched from how to deal with emotional pain from that to how to improve emotional pleasure.
Now due to time restrictions we Going to the other side. We do have a free course @
I think in the description you can click on the link go there or just type this in your
URL. How to feel with the number two. And the write barrier going to have a
full course. It explains the four step system that will enable you to dissolve resolve and
solve those emotions. Being able to clear them more of a poor little more fundamentally
this is one tip that you got in this video. But there is like that of even know there’s
at least 10. Just solid information. There is a PDF download an audio download it’s a
full course four days. 15 minute videos with downloads there. So hopefully this has been
helpful please like, comment, and share this video. This helps us not only help more people,
because it makes information more available to them, but it gives us really quality information
for cells to be able to improve the next video. Want to thank you, hope that you got something
from this, and while it’s still fresh in your mind go get your free happiness e-course right
now, and we will see you on the other side. Take care.

36 thoughts on “How to Deal with Emotional Pain

  1. Thanks for the video on how to deal with emotional pain. It is the internal dialogue and you provide an effective solution. Great Work.

  2. I feel like I have a knife going right through my heart at the thought of being with a beautiful girl ….. I've felt this exact way since I was a kid with my first interaction with a girl in kindergarten… but today may have been the worst experience… it actually caused me to lose my breath and I teared up a bit… I have no reason to feel this way :/ ……… I must've been screwed over pretty bad in a past life I guess lol

  3. I mean… i do like this video and it helps… but it's still just to hard for me to go through all of this crap and i have been abused in 3 different kinds of ways by many people, and i watched somebody physically abuse my mom. its over but the problem is that i can't get it out of my head no madder how hard i try. Plus, my other grandma (not this one with the profile) always abusively argued with me emotionally. I don't understand why she always forces me to let her keep on arguing when its better to let it go. And she still always fights with me. But on the bright side, i know its mot my fault when we argue since she has done it to many, many people especially my dad. my dad always had really bad issues like stress and anxiety from her. that's the same with me. everything i go through makes me feel like somebody is putting a hole inside of me. sometimes i really really hate my life and i always feel like none of my friends understand and when i go to school, i feel like something bad is going to happen if i talk to people about it. i just wish i could relax and be a kid. seriously, i don't think its normal for me to be going through things like this. although, the video really does help me in a lot of ways. thank you for posting it.

  4. This is it.

    Ok, 1 hour ago my crush asked me how I feel about her and me. I told her that I want to be more then friends.

    Now just as this video started I recived a voicemessage on whatsapp. I am gonna to listen to now.

    That message will either give me massive emotionsl pain or will give me the best day and the best upcoming days in my life.

    50/50 if I am gonna die inside in some seconds…

  5. Not sure i like this technique because it sort of aviod dealing with pain and focus of shifting your attention to something else so it seems like an indirect way of dealing with pain and not using a more direct way.

  6. I don’t know if this might work but I’m trying it and I think you should give it a shot too. Every day for a week write down everything your feeling. And when the week is up send it to all the person who have something to contribute to you feeling that way

  7. This video was so wonderfully simple but I never thought that way. I downloaded the first lesson. I cried. It always seems to get well you need money to get well. Everyone needs to make a living. We all need some sense of wellness to work and have money. Thank you 🙏🏼 giving the first lesson.

  8. That sack of potatoes… does this mean I have to make the potatoes into french fries and eat them? Because I eat to feel better

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